Formula 1 Mexico Bets On Verstappen Again

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Formula 1 Mexico Bets On Verstappen Again

Hola, Formula 1 fans, we're heading down to Mexico this week! Online Sports Betting looks at the Mexico Grand Prix from the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City, Mexico. The race will be televised on ESPN. It begins at 4:00 PM ET. ESPN+ via Sky Sports will carry streamed pre-race coverage. Below we have Formula 1 Mexico bets for the Sunday afternoon race.

Formula 1 Mexico Bets - Grand Prix Numbers

The Formula 1 season moves to the last weekend in October with the Mexican Grand Prix. This weekend's Formula 1 betting options are attractive because we have extra twists for this race south of the border.

The first weekend of October brought us a deluge on the Japan track. With the world and constructors' titles clinched, we now want to see whether Max Verstappen will go for win 14. Now, it is time to ponder the latest 2022 Formula 1 Grand Prix numbers for the contenders heading to this Mexican track.

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Formula 1 Mexico Bets - There Are Three Races Left

With so much of the 2022 Formula 1 Championship decided, bettors must understand there are three races leftOkay, now what? Most did not expect Verstappen to win last week, even with -225 to -275 odds. Sadly, the numbers cannot account for a driver as driven as the Belgian. Even with a bungled pit stop, the Red Bull driver found a way to win last week. He passed Lewis Hamilton with a few laps to go and then pulled away from DRS.

Okay, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez features the black layout. What do we mean? It is an intermediate circuit (2.674-miles around) and features 17 turns. The Mexico track features one long straightaway that is more than 3/4 mile. Turn 17 is one of the fastest on the entire Formula One circuit. Those figure to be two of the prime passing zones on Sunday afternoon. There are a few other passing zones (Turn 3 to Turn 4 and Turn 11 to Turn 12).

So, this 71-lap race may see some pit strategy wrinkles. It does seem like, this time, the weather will be cooler. Remember, these drivers will be driving at more than 7.000 feet. Aerodynamics will be hampered. The race will come down more to, yes, driving.

Formula 1 Mexico Bets - Can Verstappen Do It Again?

Can Max Verstappen do it again in the Formula 1 Mexico Bets? Here is the problem. As mentioned above, he has won 13 races and been on 15 podiums this season. What else does he have left to prove? There are three more races. At the start of the season, no one thought of the world title or the constuctors' title. Last week was a win for one of his mentors and close friends. This week, it may be just for fun. Verstappen wants to win every time he is on the track.

Last year, Verstappen held off Lewis Hamilton by more than 16 seconds, with Sergio Perez (Mexico) just behind in third place. At least Texas was closer, with the Belgian fending off Hamilton by just a few seconds. Hey, it was progress. By the way, Charles Leclerc held on for third and a spot on the podium.

Max Verstappen still holds court over anyone else. The -225 is not so attractive right now, but it is not a surprise opening for the Formula 1 odds. Yes, he did not win the pole in 2021, but numbers are off the board for qualifying. Look back later in the week.

For other wagers, consider taking Verstappen early on for 2023 Formula 1 Futures. Yes, those numbers are out. The Belgian comes in early at -150. With his 13th win, the two-time defending champion has some exciting props. A 14th win is almost certain. How about a 15th or even a 16th? Verstappen sweeping the final three races rolls in at +200. Even the -190 for 15 wins is not a bad bet. Even both Red Bulls on the podium at +110 is a solid option. That is what happened last year.

Max Verstappen To win the 2022 Mexico Grand Prix

Then There is Sergio Perez And Pierre Gasly

Betting on Charles Leclerc is possible on Sunday, but what fun is that? Formula 1 Mexico Bets looks away from Charles Leclerc a bit. The Ferrari driver finished third at Texas but barely held off Sergio Perez. Considering the Mexican driver had some misfortune in one of his pit stops, third might have occurred. Now, think that this is Perez's home country. He wants to win, but another podium would be solid.

Time was on his side during qualifying, where he finished fourth but felt he could go faster in the Red Bull. Perez's race runs last year were as quickly as Verstappen's after the first pit stop. Would it surprise anyone if Perez went up a rung or two in his home country? Absolutely not. Perez has won twice already this year. A third would be a crowning achievement. That +450 is not too shabby, either.

That appears plausible. The feeling is that Leclerc may end up just behind Perez. Ferrari did seem to have some issues later in the race last year. Carlos Sainz fell late to sixth, and the Frenchman down to fifth. That may happen again. The question next is, what about a driver like Pierre Gasly?

Of the drivers mentioned in our table and Gasly, Gasly is by far a ridiculous long shot at +100000. That is no misprint. However, he did finish fourth last year in Mexico. If there is a lot of attrition, anything is possible. It is more likely than a Perez on Lewis Hamilton wins over a Gasly.

Sergio Perez To win the Mexico GP

Our Sunday Choice

Formula 1 Mexico Bets choose Verstappen holding off Perez for Online Sports Betting.

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