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Formula 1

There is a lot to unpack about the Formula 1 season. The one question everyone is asking, though: Who will win the Formula 1 Drivers World Championship? 

Fortunately, we have an answer. And not only do we have a Formula 1 championship pick, but we've got insight into who will win one of the most important upcoming races.

First, let's take a look at the latest Formula 1 Drivers Championship betting odds, courtesy of Bovada:

Championship PickBovada
Lewis Hamilton-250
Max Verstappen+300
Valtteri Bottas+1200
Sergio Perez+1600
Daniel Ricciardo+4000
Charles Leclerc+ 5000
George Russell+6600
Lando Norris+6600
Fernando Alonso+8000
Sebastian Vettel+8000
Carlos Sainz Jr.+15000
Pierre Gasly+15000
Lance Stroll+20000
Yuki Tsunodda+25000
Esteban Ocon+30000
Kimi Raikkonen+50000
Antonio Giovinazzi+200000
Mick Schumacher+300000
Nicholas Latifi+300000
Nikita Mazepin+300000

As always, make sure you're double-checking these Formula 1 futures prior to making any decisions. The lines will be shifting in the coming months. We will also be discussing the Bahrain Grand Prix and the Constructors' Championship.

Formula 1 Betting Breakdown

We'll begin with the Formula 1 Drivers Championship.

For those who don't know, this is awarded every year to the most successful driver, which is determined through the points-based system that is calculated on a running basis throughout the season after each Grand Prix.

F1 Drivers Championship Pick

Choosing the Formula 1 champion in advance has become a rather boring endeavor. Many already know where this is headed.

Lewis Hamilton (-250) has been crowned king in each of the past four seasons. He's also racked up six of the last seven championships. 

Lewis Hamilton

There is little reason to expect that he will, ahem, slow down this year. The 36-year-old is still at the peak of his career. It isn't just that he's fast—mind you, he's ridiculously fast. But he's also super under control. He knows how to pass opponents on the inside and out in his Mercedes series car, and very few are as adept at protecting leads later in races.

Feelings of inevitability don't often make for profitable investments. Hamilton returns far from even money in a sport that's supposed to, statistically, favor the field. If you're going to bet on him, be prepared to unload the financial clip to really feel the victory.

Of course, if you're in the market for a stab-in-the-dark option, this year's slate of drivers offers somewhat interesting alternatives.

Some will flock to Max Verstappen (+300) of Red Bull Racing. He has registered as Hamilton's greatest rival over the past half-decade or so. If you're looking to up the ante, we really like Sebastian Vettel at +8000

The Aston Martin driver has garnered criticism for his lack of confident maneuvering in recent test runs, but this is a drastic overreaction to his 13th place finish last year. Everyone was out of sorts in 2020. Vettel isn't that far removed from 2019's performance, during which he consistently placed in the points throughout the season and ranked sixth overall in the standings.

Alas, that's not enough to make him our final pick.

Lewis Hamilton has a hold over the rest of the sport until the results suggest otherwise. Unless you think he'll suffer through an early-season slump and see his odds creep closer toward even money, we suggest selecting him now, lest your potential return only worsen.

OSB F1 Championship Prediction

Lewis Hamilton To win the F1 Drivers Championship

Bahrain Grand Prix Pick

Here are the latest Bahrain Grand Prix betting odds from Bovada:

Lewis Hamilton+165
Max Verstappen+150
Valtteri Bottas+450
Sergio Perez+700
Daniel Ricciardo+2500
Charles Leclerc+6600
George Russell+50000
Lando Norris+3300
Fernando Alonso+10000
Sebastian Vettel+5000
Carlos Sainz Jr.+10000
Pierre Gasly+5000
Lance Stroll+6600
Yuki Tsunodda+6600
Esteban Ocon+10000
Kimi Raikkonen+25000
Antonio Giovinazzi+25000
Mick Schumacher+300000
Nicholas Latifi+200000
Nikita Mazepin+300000

Anyone tempted to pounce on Lewis Hamilton (+165) has the right idea. Anytime you can get him for nearly a 2-to-1 payout, you're snagging fantastic value. It's also worth noting that he's won each of the past two Bahrain Grand Prix runnings.

Another recommendation: Steer clear of Max Verstappen at +150. He's the odds-on favorite, but he's never actually won this race.

Sebastian Vettel at +5000 intrigues us more. He has four Bahrain Grand Prix titles to his name, including victories in 2017 and 2018. People will again point out that he's working off a down year and hasn't done well during his exhibition drives.

Still, superstars in F1 don't just fall off as starkly as he did last season. A rebound year is possible, and he's historically held up well in this race.

f1 driver

OSB Bahrain Grand Prix Prediction: Sebstian Vettel (+5000)

Sebastian Vettel To win the Bahrain Grand Prix

Constructors' Championship Pick

Here's a look at the latest Constructors' Championship odds from Bovada. As a reminder, this title is given to the company that turns in the best collective performance over the course of the Formula 1 season:

Red Bull+300
Aston Martin+6000
Alfa Romeo+150000

Below is a list of every constructor that has taken home this title since 2014:

  • Mercedes

That's it. That's the list. Mercedes (-500) has won each of the last seven—yes, SEVEN—constructors' championships. And there's no point betting against them now.

Lewis Hamilton's dominance is part of the equation. But he's partnered with Valtteri Bottas, who has finished second in the Drivers Championship standings in each of the past two seasons, behind only Hamilton himself. Bottas also hasn't finished outside the top five since 2016.

Feel free to tempt yourself with Red Bull (+300) or Ferrari (+1400). But we're not bothering.

OSB Constructors' Championship Prediction: Mercedes (-500)

Mercedes To win the Constructor's Championship

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