Formula 1 Singapore Bets Verstappen

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Formula 1 Singapore Bets Verstappen

Hi Formula 1 fans, this week we look at the Singapore GP from the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The race will be televised on ESPN. It begins at 8:00 AM ET. Pre-race coverage can be streamed on ESPN+ via Sky Sports. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting best bets for the Sunday race.

Formula 1 Singapore Bets - Grand Prix Numbers

The Formula 1 season roars into October with the Singapore Grand Prix. Let's get into Formula 1 online betting mode for this weekend.

This year has been quite different and for the first time, there are scenarios where the world title can be clinched this weekend. Unfortunately, the race for the championship is all but over. We want to see whether Max Verstappen can keep on winning honestly and how many points he can win the title by. Now, it is time for us to take a preview at the latest 2022 Formula 1 numbers for the contending racers heading into this race.

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Formula 1 Singapore Bets - Marina Bay Is Back

Sadly, it has been three years since the Singapore GP took place. Due to COVID restrictions, the 2020 and 2021 races were ultimately cancelled. Sebastian Vettel then of Ferrari won it last in 2019. Things are a lot different now as Vettel is about to retire and Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is about to start his own potential dynasty. Formula 1 Singapore Bets attempts to look ahead to Marina Bay. The 3.146 mile circuit is a welcome sight for many racers. Simply, Marina Bay is back.

Again, Singapore is one of the slowest tracks on the Formula 1 circuit. The proximity to the walls makes this quite a dangerous event. It is great for the fans and spectators though. Typical qualifying times were around 96 seconds before the pandemic. It will be interesting what racers like Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc can clock in now.

So, with this 61 lap race there is always pit strategy and early tactics. It does seem like the weather will cooperate. The course does not feature much room for passing except for in the first sector. The runoffs from the straight here are quite short for Formula 1 standards. With such cramp quarters, a driver has to win on his experience and skills more here than on most any track.

Formula 1 Singapore Bets - Why Take Verstappen?

Okay, so some 1-2 bets this weekend could be too volatile, but betting Max Verstappen Sunday is worth a modest wager. Why? Verstappen is up to 11 wins and 13 podiums on the season. Winning at Singapore can potentially clinch a second consecutive world title for the young Belgian driver. Also, he turns 25 this Friday. It would be quite a birthday present.  So, why else take Verstappen for Sunday?

Charles Leclerc, for most of the season, has been outsmarted by Red Bull and particularly by Verstappen. Though Leclerc has more experience on this course, it has again been three years. Remember now there is that two hour time limit. This plays into the hands of Verstappen. Also, the Red Bulls have carried the most speed in the pivotal sectors including the passing zones in sector one. Verstappen could snag the pole and fastest lap too. Space is at a premium on this track more than most.

Verstappen holds all the cards over Leclerc. The extra week off due to the cancellation of the Russian Grand Prix only helps "Mad Max" more. Frankly, the -250 is a bit longer going into Sunday's race. Usually, this type of betting points to more wiggle room. Could the Dutch driver move out to -275 or even -300? Yes, that is slightly possible. Our simple instinct is to keep betting Max Verstappen in the Formula 1 Singapore Bets. The Red Bull racer smells another title close at hand.

For other wagers, considering taking Verstappen versus the entire field at a tidy -180.

Max Verstappen To win the Singapore Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc And Ferrari Chances?

Charles Leclerc's has six races left in the season for him and Ferrari to mount momentum heading into 2023. Formula 1 Singapore Bets looks at Charles Leclerc and Ferrari chances. Leclerc does have a bit of an experience edge and did win the pole for the 2019 race. He also finished in second, one spot ahead of Verstappen that time.

Leclerc and Ferrari were a hair faster in some testing runs but then slower in others. Keep in mind, the French driver does not want to see Verstappen clinch yet. Does he feel the pressure to prevent that from happening too much? There is a marginal chance but two scenarios exist. The magic number this weekend is 138. Basically, Leclerc would have to finish tenth or worse without the fastest lap (ninth with it). Then, Sergio Perez would have to end up fourth or worse.

Can Leclerc or Carlos Sainz postpone that from becoming reality? That likely answer is yes for now. However, could either one win on Sunday? At +350, Leclerc has a little value based on past experience but it would be nice if that number lengthened some.

Charles Leclerc To win at Singapore

What About The Longer Shots?

One of the other longer shots for Sunday's race has to again be Lewis Hamilton (+1200). He knows the track well enough and is the last active driver to win in 2018.

Our Sunday Wager

For Online Sports Betting, our Formula 1 Singapore Bets for Sunday is Max Verstappen. Take our Sunday wager and maybe tie it in with a prop or two. Good luck!

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