Formula 1 Title Bets - Pick Verstappen And More

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Formula 1 Title Bets - Pick Verstappen And More

Hi Formula 1 fans, this week we take a look at the 2022 Formula 1 Title Bets updated for August. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting top picks for the rest of the season.

Formula 1 Title Bets - Math Getting Clearer?

The Formula 1 season has a couple more weeks off until the Beglgian Grand Prix. Let us dig into that Formula 1 online betting approach to look a bit into the crystal ball. Also, the math may be getting clearer when it comes to the Formula 1 Title Bets.

This year has been abnormal one for bettors. We are somewhat intrigued with how Max Verstappen (Mad Max) approaches the final part of the season. Now, it is that magic time to look at 2022 Formula 1 numbers for some of the top racers heading into the Fall stretch.

Also, please remember one can do some betting MotoGP online style with the points race there tightening up as the season continues onward. Can Fabio Quartararo repeat or will he lose his once insurmountable lead to another racer unexpectedly? In the meantime, let's get back into the Formula 1.

When betting on the Formula 1 title, the reality is Max Verstappen. When Verstappen is on, no one comes close at this point. Is there a time to wait, pivot, or take a risk on the longer shot?

Always, shop around to browse through our top-notch reviews of the prime online sportsbooks. They will give you the Formula 1 betting sites to examine further as the racing heats up again along with some other potential wagers.

Formula 1 August Update - What Is With These Numbers?

There are reasons why wagering on auto racing can be so maddening. Unfortunately, everything starts bad from the beginning. Yet sometimes, it almost all works out too. Now, the Formula 1 August update tries to figure out what is with these numbers. Could that change things as we head to Belgium on the 28th? On the surface, it can simply because Max Verstappen does not just want to win. Verstappen wants to put an exclamation point on things now!

Once more, Max Verstappen now has eight wins and double digit podiums for the season. What has that done to the numbers? Apparently, quite a lot. Last year, the numbers flipped between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen more times than any person could count. This year, other than the first month or so, it has been all Verstappen all the time. Early in July, Verstappen was a reasonable -300 to -350 favorite. Those odds have since ballooned, with the Belgian as the clear favorite to claim his second championship title in 2022.

Again, there is an argument that this is all but academic now. That may very well be true so as always there is a contingency plan of sorts here at OnlineSportsBetting. One of the best things is to have a look at other potential Formula 1 Title Bets to be made. After all, sometimes "you cannot have just one".

Formula 1 Title Bets - Verstappen's Title To Lose?

As, August rolls along, this loses even more value since Max Verstappen is now around -1200 is at best worth a tiny wager as "The Repeater". Why? Verstappen just keeps outpointing his closest competition in Charles Leclerc. It also seems that Red Bull has a few less problems when it comes to strategy compared to Ferrari. By rough math, Ferrari has potentially lost anywhere from 50 to 75 points in the title race because of poor decision making. Some pundits expect that to continue.

Verstappen does carry one inherent risk. Like we mentioned above, this is a driver that will pit just to gain the fastest lap late in races. There is a bit of an ego in the competitive drivers' DNA. There is not necessarily anything wrong with that. On the other hand, that may open a door if an incident or two occurs. It is Verstappen's title to lose.

Mad Max's "reputation" still has him up on Leclerc and company by 80+ points. Honestly, it was quite a jolt to see him at around -1200 in the title picks this week. Usually, this handicapping is indicative that bookmakers feel this is done. Yes, that has happened in August already. Simply, keep with Max Verstappen in the Formula 1 Title Bets. For those that had Verstappen to win the title, we hope you cashed in early with this title wager.

Max Verstappen To win the 2022 Formula 1 Title

Charles Leclerc Or Charles Leclerc?

This will be an unexpected part of the title chase. Formula 1 Title Picks looks at Charles Leclerc or Charles Leclerc. The latest installment of the secondary Ferrari-Red Bull battle might have a twist or two involved.

In the past month, Leclerc has only fallen further behind. In the 2022 World Title quest, the French driver from Ferrari has now seen his numbers move from +200 or +300 all the way to +750. That is a huge shift considering there are several months to go in the Formula 1 season.

Does Ferrari find a way to turn it around? That's one question. Now, there are nine races left and at this juncture, value may be at its best for Leclerc. He is the one driver that can challenge "Mad Max".

Charles Leclerc To win the 2022 Formula 1 Title

What About A Formula 1 Title Parlay?

Okay, what about a Formula 1 Title Parlay again? For value, a title pick is not enough. Let's get into title and constructor options too.

Why? That -1200 is not ideal. There are some slightly more appetizing options. Red Bull is up 97 points in the Constructors' race over Ferrari. What if one chooses that wager? Red Bull holding off Ferrari is only at -700 with Verstappen winning. Now, if one wants to take a larger risk. Here is this.

Trying Charles Leclerc with Ferrari overtaking Red Bull in the constructors pays out at +1600. One could maybe wait on Verstappen and Red Bull winning but again there is decreasing value.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull To win the 2022 driver-constructor Championship

Our Formula 1 Top Choice

For Online Sports Betting, our Formula 1 Top Choice remains Max Verstappen to repeat. Good luck!

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