Formula 1 Top Bets - Mad Max Again

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Formula 1 Top Bets - Mad Max Again

Hi Formula 1 fans, this week we look at the Austria GP from Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting top bets for the Sunday race.

Formula 1 Top Bets - Some Austria Numbers

The Formula 1 season treks to Austria for the Austria Grand Prix. Let's work into that Formula 1 betting approach for this weekend.

This year has really kept bettors on their heels. We are quite fascinated with this race and whether Max Verstappen (Mad Max) can bounce back after last week. First things first dictate to let us peek at the latest 2022 Formula 1 numbers for some of the top racers heading into this latest race.

Also, please take a look at our prime NASCAR betting options. The NASCAR season enters into a crazy time where there are just eight races until the "playoff chase". Racers drive differently this time of year which creates excitement. Meanwhile, let's get back to the Formula 1.

When betting on Formula 1 races, the reality is this. Watch Max Verstappen as he wears his heart on his sleeve like few other drivers in this era of driving. One knows what is right and what is wrong very quickly with him.

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Formula 1 Top Bets - What Happened In Britain?

There is a reason why betting on racing can be such a heartbreaking experience. Who are we kidding? Sometimes, everything goes off the rails. Sometimes, the beat just goes on. Now, Formula 1 Top Bets tries to figure out what happened in Britain. Could that change things for Austria this weekend? On the surface, it might just because Mad Max is ticked off!

Once more, Max Verstappen was winning early last week despite things some little issues. By the end of the race, the Red Bull racer finished seventh more than 18 seconds behind the winner on Sunday. Carlos Sainz Jr. was able to hold off Sergio Perez and win by almost four seconds. Lewis Hamilton rounded out the podium again as the seven-time world champion has looked very good once more. However, Hamilton is still outside of the top five when it comes to overall points.

Again, that Verstappen seventh-placed finish was just the second time in the last seven races he finished outside the podium. He won the other five outings. The odds he runs over a piece of debris just the perfectly wrong way on Sunday is likely minute at best. Mad Max will also benefit from a track where Red Bull tests very well.

Formula 1 Top Bets - Take Mad Max Sunday

Alas, this loses some potential, but Max Verstappen at -120 is worth a small wager as "The Favorite". Why? Verstappen has an ability to bounce back after unfortunate incidents at Silverstone. He did it last year. The expectation is that the Red Bull driver goes mad and does it once again.

Verstappen did gain the multiple tenths of a second per laps during the final laps at Silverstone. That helped him gain a few spots and move up from 11th at one point to seventh. That does not sound like much but his Red Bull car finally shook the problems that plagued it during the middle portion of the British Grand Prix.

Mad Max's bad luck dropped Verstappen's lead back to 34 points. Honestly, it was a bit of a surprise to see him at EVEN last week. Usually, this type of wagering illustrates that someone can put together a better race. Yes, that happened. Our primal instinct is to stick with Max Verstappen in the Formula 1 Top Bets. The Dutch racer is a moody sort but no one can question his will to win. There is a reason why his nickname sticks but winners are winners after all.

Max Verstappen To Win The Austria Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc And Carlos Sainz Jr. - The Ferraris

This will be another fun part of this weekend. Formula 1 Top Bets looks at Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. The latest installment of the Ferraris raises more questions than answers sometimes. How these teams make decisions some times can be downright infuriating.

Last week, Sainz benefitted from the poor decision making by Leclerc's pit crew. Sainz never looked back, pulled away and won at Silverstone. Meanwhile, Leclerc fell back to fourth more than 8.5 seconds back of his teammate.

Does that poor decision help Leclerc this weekend? Leclerc is desperate for a result err win but maybe too desperate. That may pose a problem where Sainz is a little more composed. The better decision may still be Sainz even though a driver like Sergio Perez may be a backdoor choice. Stay tuned.

Carlos Sainz Jr. To win the 2022 Austria Grand Prix

What About Lewis Hamilton Or George Russell?

One of the more surprising performances from Montreal and Silverstone was how close Lewis Hamilton came to winning - particularly at Silverstone. A poor pit decision likely saved his podium but hurt his chance to win.

Now, the problem with Austria is that Mercedes has not tested well going into this race there. This is a "Red Bull" track and though Mercedes is improving, that may not be good enough. George Russell has typically had the faster Mercedes but that was not the case last week. Hamilton is improving and driving better than ever with an underperforming car. Hamilton is better recommended for maybe a podium and win.

Lewis Hamilton To win the 2022 Austria Grand Prix

Sergio Perez Our Dark Horse

Sergio Perez is our dark horse to win at +1000. If something should again befall Verstappen, Perez tested just as well at Austria and could win.

Our Sunday Top Bet

For Online Sports Betting, our Formula 1 Top Bets for the Sunday race features Max Verstappen. Good luck!

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