2022 F1 Spanish Grand Prix Betting Prediction

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2022 F1 Spanish Grand Prix Betting Prediction

F1 returns to Europe, kicking off a long stretch of races in the continent. First up is the Spanish Grand Prix on May 22. For expert betting predictions on the 2022 Spanish GP, you’ll want to read this. We have two pieces of betting advice you don’t want to miss out on!

Top Formula 1 betting sites have a wide range of Spanish GP odds available right now. However, we have our eyes dead set on the race-winner wager. At the moment, the following drivers have the best odds of winning the upcoming event:

Max Verstappen+100+100
Charles Leclerc+125+125
Carlos Sainz+1100+1100
Sergio Perez+1600+1600
Lewis Hamilton+2500+2500
George Russell+2500+2500
Lando Norris+8000+8000

2022 Spanish Grand Prix Preview

Traditionally, the Circuit of Barcelona has been the go-to track for teams to implement major upgrades to their cars. We’d expect that again this year — if not more than usual. That’s because this track is a familiar one for all teams (it’s been an annual occurrence since 1991), it’s near most of their headquarters, and this race officially kicks off a European stretch of competitions. All these variables set up an intriguing Friday practice, which as bettors, you should have a close eye on because it’ll be a great preview of what may lay ahead at the 2022 Spanish GP.

Both Alpine and Aston Martin have confirmed major upgrades are coming for this race. Ferrari has also openly mulled making a change this weekend — which you almost have to believe they will, considering Red Bull has won the last two races rather convincingly. That ended the season-long streak of Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc exchanging wins. Now, it seems like Verstappen is the driver to beat after an impressive outing at the last Miami Grand Prix.

Though, Leclerc still leads the world championship leaderboard at 104 points. Verstappen, thanks to a pair of DNFs, is second at 85 points. The Constructors’ standings are much more neck-and-neck, with Ferrari holding a slim six-point advantage over Red Bull. A third consecutive victory from Red Bull in Spain could flip those standings, though.

Best Bet To Win 2022 Spanish Grand Prix

All five F1 races up to this point have been won by either Leclerc or Verstappen. Therefore, you have to back one of them in Barcelona, which we most certainly are. However, we do have another “backup” bet we think is worth taking a risk on. Allow us to give you our two best bets to win the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix:

Max Verstappen

Can we officially say Red Bull has the speedier car than Ferrari? We believe so. In each of the last two races, Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s maximum velocities were faster than Leclerc and Carlos Sainz through the speed trap. That same speed translated over to competitions when Verstappen overtook Leclerc not once (the Imola sprint race), but twice (Miami GP) to take points.

But another reason why Red Bull has edged Ferrari as of late is tire management. Heck, Leclerc has made it abundantly clear in interviews that this has been the actual difference-maker. Pair that with the natural speed differences between the cars, and all the momentum is on Red Bull’s side, heading to Barcelona.

This is why we say Ferrari needs to make a car upgrade right now. Their vehicle is clearly lagging behind Red Bull’s, and they can’t afford to continue relinquishing their title leads race-to-race. But as a bettor, you just don’t know how a change (if it happens) will affect them come race day. It would be foolish to assume an upgrade suddenly makes them the fastest car. That’s something you need a few races to confirm or deny.

Therefore, we’re sticking with Red Bull — the proven commodity at this point. It appears Verstappen’s reliability issues are behind him, and he’s won every race he’s finished this season. It’s tough to wager against that, hence why we’re not. Take Verstappen as the betting favorite.

Max Verstappen to win the 2022 F1 Spanish Grand Prix

Carlos Sainz

Ah, yes, we think it’s worth betting on the home country kid, Sainz. Born and raised in Madrid, the Ferrari driver should have massive backing during the whole weekend. But a partisan crowd is only half the reason to make a secondary wager on Sainz. The other reason is, well, because the guy can flat-out race.

For the first time in his career, Sainz is behind an elite car that can actually contend for wins (no offense to Renault and McLaren). And he’s done exactly that most of 2022. Sainz has placed on the podium every race he’s finished. The issue is there are two races where he DNF. That lack of reliability is where the risk comes into play with this wager.

But that’s why this should be an alternative bet — not your main one. Most of your bankroll should be on Verstappen, but throwing spare money at Sainz isn’t a bad idea, given this will be a “home” race for him. The one-two combo bet is a perfect winning betting strategy this weekend.

Carlos Sainz to win the 2022 F1 Spanish Grand Prix

How To Bet On 2022 F1 Spanish Grand Prix?

There’s no better place to bet on the 2022 F1 Spanish GP than one of the bookmakers listed underneath. That’s for two reasons. The first is you’ll find every F1 betting line you can think of here. But two, there are lucrative betting bonus offers to take advantage of at these sites too. The below table details what deals are available right now!

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