Take Lewis Hamilton To Have More Points Than George Russell

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Take Lewis Hamilton To Have More Points Than George Russell

So, Formula 1 fans, we are still 2 1/2 weeks away from Round 4 of the 2023 season at Azerbaijan. In the meantime, the Formula 1 2023 Season Bets take over! Online Sports Betting peeks at some more potential wagering possibilities. Las week we took a gander at some constructor title chances. Below we have more Formula 1 2023 wagering options for this exciting, season.

  • WHAT: Formula 1 2023 Season Bets
  • WHEN: From April 11th to November 26th, 2023
  • WHERE: From Azerbaijan and ending in Abu Dhabi 

Formula 1 2023 Season Bets - Everyone Wants To Know About Shifts

The 2023 Formula 1 season continues with that changeable Azerbaijan track on April 30th. It is hard to believe, but we are in the middle of basically an almost one month break for Formula 1 Racing. These in-season Formula 1 online betting options are fun because there have been some changes to the mix. Everyone wants to know about any shifts.

Now, what are some of those changes? The bad news is that with a certain Grand Prix was canceled yet again. Yes, the Chinese Grand Prix was nixed way back in December. Now, it became official that no race would replace the event. So, that is four years in a row that an extended break has been placed into a season.

Charles LeClerc and George Russell returned to lines similar to what Bovada originally posted just after Christmas in their season bets. Yes, matchups via Bovada and BetOnline have been intriguing despite what feels like another Red Bull err Max Verstappen dominated season. Some numbers are below.

Formula 1 Season BetsBovadaBetOnline
George Russell+200+175
Lewis Hamilton-150-125
Carlos Sainz+130+135
Charles Leclerc-170-175
Guanyu Zhou+450+425
Valtteri Bottas-750-725

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Formula 1 2023 Season Bets - Verstappen Out, Hamilton In

Yes, this new season means seeing Max Verstappen locking down a third straight title with ease. Even his season matchups have been taken off the board. With the Formula 1 2023 Season Bets squashed for him, that means finding another ways to capitalize on the other action still with us. After all, would you bet Verstappen at -3300 over Perez at this point? The answer is no. Honestly, the idea would be to wait, hope for something to happen, and then bet when the numbers shift to the better.

2023 setting up well for the Belgian-Dutch driver is not a surprise. So for now, Verstappen is out and a driver like Hamilton is in. Even the Lewis Hamilton car carries a ton of risks. Mercedes always seems to have something wrong with that car. It never seems to be on equal footing with the Red Bull and sometimes even the Ferrari or Aston Martin. However, when it is somewhat on, Hamilton gets the most of that race car each and every single time.

So, where a driver like Mad Max takes risk, George Russell does too and often to less than stellar results. He races the car too hard. Even though Russell arguably has the "A" car for Mercedes, it is Hamilton who has been getting better outcomes. That feels like a trend which could continue.

Hamilton stayed steady in the -125 t0 -150 range which is still not bad. The chances he goes into the positive seem minimal right now. Now, the only way that changes is if Hamilton endures a couple of DNF's. That might shift err move the numbers around. Currently, Hamilton remains the better driver. He is a seven-time world champion (arguably eight) for a reason.

Lewis Hamilton To win over George Russell

Formula 1 2023 Season Bets - Sainz or Leclerc?

Can Carolos Sainz or Charles Leclerc drive us any crazier in the Formula 1 2023 Season Bets? Here is the dilemma. Testing indicates that both of these drivers cannot get out of their own way when it comes to bad luck and self inflicted wounds. Sainz has had pit and on-race violations while Leclerc has endured car troubles once again.

While Sainz seemingly can stay on the track better, does his aggression get the best of him? Now, the same question can be pointed straight at Leclerc too. The French driver cannot be happy with all the mistakes Ferrari seems to make on a race-by-race basis.

Carlos Sainz getting angry with Ferrari is a good thing. He does not do so if the Ferrari team does not deserve it in some way. It is true. This Italian team has made quite a mess and while Charles Leclerc seems content to privately sulk at how his championship hopes are going up in smoke, Sainz seems outwardly ticked. Let's see what that does going forward.

Again, looking at those 2023 Formula 1 Picks has us going for Sainz at +135, but for how long? In the meantime, if form from Sainz rises, there is that +2500 long shot title bet still to be made. However, Leclerc is around that level too. Yes, this is how good the Red Bull has been early.

Carlos Sainz To win over Charles Leclerc

Let Us Look At One More

Formula 1 2023 season bets let us look at one more betting possibility. Again, this is probably our flier in the group. Maybe, take this with a grain of salt and toss a few dollars on this. Do not waive a $100 bill into the sportsbook and drop it on this one.

Again, I like Guanyu Zhou. His aggressiveness is controlled and he has a little faster car. Valtteri Bottas may start to peel off results wise as the season goes on. It does have the feeling like Zhou and his performances could get better as the season half rolls along.

Hey, it's an alternate to being let down by some of the other outrageous season bets. Take Zhou on the long shot.

Guanyu Zhou To beat Valtteri Bottas in points

Our Advice

Parlay Hamilton and Sainz to win their season matchups and make a little profit.

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