Max Verstappen Expects Formula 1 Win At Australian Grand Prix 2023

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Max Verstappen Expects Formula 1 Win At Australian Grand Prix 2023

Here we go again Formula 1 fans. We head down to the land down under for the third race of the 2023 season! Online Sports Betting takes a look at the Australian Grand Prix from Albert Park. Pre-race coverage begins at 11:55 pm ET. Now, ESPN+ and ESPN via Sky Sports carry the pre-race and then ESPN comes aboard fully at 1:00 am ET. Below we have Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix bets for the Sunday race.

  • WHAT: Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix
  • WHEN: Sunday, April 2nd, 2023, 1:00 am ET on ESPN
  • WHERE: Albert Park, Albert Park, Australia

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Bets - A Numbers Game

The 2023 Formula 1 season rolls into April with the Australian Grand Prix. This weekend's prime Formula 1 online betting choices alter little from what we have seen the first two races.

2022 saw Max Verstappen conquer all from about race four or five. Now, this season has seen Red Bull dominate from a podium standpoint. First, Verstappen triumphed at Bahrain and then Sergio Perez held the two-time champion off at Saudi Arabia. First, it is again that magic time to peek at the 2023 Formula 1 Grand Prix numbers for the contenders heading to the warm sun in Australia.

Formula 1 2023 Australian GPBovadaMyBookieBetUS
Max Verstappen-300-325-300
Sergio Perez+400+450+400
Fernando Alonso+900+950+900
Charles Leclerc+1800+1800+1600
Lewis Hamilton+2200+2400+2500
Carlos Sainz+4000+3500+3300
George Russell+4000+4000+4000

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Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Bets - Red Bull Gives You Wings?

Yes, the 2023 Formula 1 Championship has seen two races come and go. Naturally, bettors see there are so many races to go. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain got completely dominated by Red Bull. It was not close that Max Verstappen took the opener and then Sergio Perez snapped up the victory at Saudi Arabia. Those consecutive 1-2 finishes were not by luck. Abundantly clear was the skill by the Red Bull Team. Mercedes cannot even get by the Aston Martin of Fernando Alonso.

Now, Albert Park utilizes a Grand Prix Circuit. What do we mean? It is an intermediate circuit (3.28-miles around) and has 16  turns. The track itself features shorter straightaways with some more gradual turns. Turn one and two always has its own brand of fireworks. Track reconstruction showed that last year, the approaches to turns (particularly in 13) made for some easier passing and more spots to advance in terms of position.

So, this 58-lap race will see fewer weather issues. Sunday afternoon temperatures expect to be in the mid 60's. Tires should be less of an issue. Power boxes and sun glare may be a bit of an adventure at times though. Will the Red Bull give you wings this time or do they have issues like last year?

Avoiding The Albert Park Repeat - Can Verstappen Keep Calm?

Can Max Verstappen keep calm in the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Bets? Here is that question again. Will Verstappen avoid self-inflicted issues at Albert Park? Red Bull wants to avoid a repeat desperately. Remember, the Belgian-Dutch driver locked tires, spun, overheated, then sprung a fuel leak all in 38 laps in 2022. Even Sergio Perez had some pit issues with a slight fuel leak problem from the cell last year too.

Last year, Leclerc was just so much faster when pushed. He rode the clean air to a 20+ second victory over Sergio Perez. Now, Red Bull tested better at Australia than in 2019 and 2022. It becomes interesting how that translates to qualifying and practice. Ferrari regressed a bit even falling behind Mercedes at times. A year changes things so dramatically. Add in two very moribund races from a winning standpoint and the numbers spread out fast.

Max Verstappen has never reigned supreme here. The -300 number seen this week rises from the fact that no one appears poised to challenge Red Bull at this point. Barring unforeseen problems, it is difficult to argue with that theory. Verstappen and Perez gained tons of time in each sector over the Aston Martin and the Mercedes' cars. Ferrari was again left to its own issues which keep cropping up.

For those reasons, that is why we implored bettors to take advantage of the 2023 Formula 1 Futures. The Belgian started at -150, and now is around -500. The outright is nicer to take than the future only because Verstappen had all those issues last season in Australia. He corrected at Bahrain. Expect the same at Albert Park.

Max Verstappen To win the Australian Grand Prix

When Everyone Not Red Bull Is A Longer Shot

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Bets wonders when everyone not Red Bull is a longer shot. That is sobering but the numbers do not lie. Some of these are eye-popping for the third race of a season.

Charles Leclerc won last year in Australia leading every lap and yet is +1800. If not Red Bull, Leclerc probably has the best chance of winning especially if either Verstappen or Perez have issues. Can the French driver and his team stay on the same page? So far, this has been a persistent issue since the halfway point of last season.

The Aston Martin of Fernando Alonso (+950 on MyBookie) rides very fast and he has been third in each of the first two races. A penalty kept him from the podium at Saudi Arabia, but Alonso has the skills to pounce on either Red Bull. There lies a little value here especially if Mercedes still is far too slow.

Of the drivers mentioned in our table, Sergio Perez is still +450 to win another race. However, the tendency here is to take a small wager on Leclerc all the way at +1800.

Charles Leclerc To win the Australian Grand Prix

Our Down Under Pick

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Bets pick Verstappen down under on Sunday.

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