How To Bet The 2022 F1 Miami Grand Prix

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How To Bet The 2022 F1 Miami Grand Prix

For the first time ever, Miami hosts a Formula 1 race on May 8. It’s a history-making event AND there’s money to be made betting on it. Read this for a complete guide to betting the 2022 Miami Grand Prix!

Top-rated Formula 1 betting sites have gone all-out on the race, offering numerous betting lines for the Grand Prix. For now, let’s take a look at the current odds to win the Miami GP. It’s the usual suspects favored once again, as seen below:

Max Verstappen+100+100
Charles Leclerc+150+150
Sergio Perez+900+900
Carlos Sainz+1200+1200
Lewis Hamilton+2500+2500
Lando Norris+4000+4000
George Russell+4000+4000
Daniel Ricciardo+8000+8000

2022 Miami Grand Prix Preview

Since this is a first-time event, we need to offer an overarching preview of the Miami Grand Prix. We mean, no one’s ever raced here so it’s not like we can make betting picks based on recent history. Everything is a clean state this weekend.

The track is officially dubbed the Miami International Autodrome. The course is built around Hard Rock Stadium — where the NFL’s Dolphins play games. This will become the 11th site in the United States to host an F1 race, and will be a reoccurring venue in the season for the next ten years.

F1 has said little about the track besides that it’s going to be fast — but then again, they say that about most courses. They’ve also hyped up the overtaking opportunities presented throughout the layout, especially in the two long straightaways. Like the rest of us, teams and drivers are largely in the dark about what to expect until qualifying on Friday.

As a general word of advice when wagering on the Miami Grand Prix, it might be a good idea to temper the size of your bets. There’s just too much unknown to be throwing around huge sums of money on bets. Instead, take a more measured approach. Like we said before, Miami will be an F1 staple until 2032 so you have time to bank on this track later on anyway.

Best Bet To Win 2022 Miami Grand Prix

So far in the 2022 F1 season, the winning sports betting strategy has been taking either Charles Leclerc or Max Verstappen to win outright — each has two victories apiece. Not surprisingly, you’d be wise to follow that strategy this weekend when betting on the 2022 Miami Grand Prix. But since both are under +150 odds to win, you can really only wager on one driver if you still want to end up profitable. So who’s it going to be?

We’re choosing Verstappen. Red Bull is confident they’ve fixed the reliability issues that led the reigning world champion to DNF two times this year (the same times Leclerc would end up winning). So when you think of it, when Verstappen has finished a race, he’s yet to be defeated. That’s a scary proposition for the rest of the field.

But here’s one more reason to take Verstappen: there’s a chance it rains on race day. Storms are not out of the ordinary for South Florida this time of year and if it indeed happens, and to his advantage, Verstappen might be the most qualified wet-weather driver in the whole circuit. We’d keep an eye on the weather report in that case, but either way, Verstappen is the smart betting choice in Miami.

Max Verstappen to win fastest lap at 2022 Miami Grand Prix

Best Bet To Win Fastest Lap at Miami GP

Like we said before, there’s a whole range of different Miami GP bets available, far beyond just who wins. The prop betting market is especially heavy-handed at bookmakers, but one of our favorite options is the bet to win the fastest lap at the Miami GP. Here are the current odds:

Max Verstappen+120+120
Charles Leclerc+125+125
Sergio Perez+650+650
Carlos Sainz+600+600
Lewis Hamilton+4000+4000
Lando Norris+5000+5000
Fernando Alonso+6600+6600

As you can tell, these odds somewhat mirror the outright winner lines. That’s because, once again, Leclerc and Verstappen have been the lone drivers to actually win in this category. Leclerc took the fastest lap in the first three races, but Verstappen ended that winning streak by taking it at the most recent Emilia Romagna GP. So it makes sense to wager with one of the two here, as well.

While Verstappen is our pick to win, we’re taking Leclerc for the fastest lap. Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto recently said that they will bring some new car parts to Miami — but none will qualify as a major upgrade to their current package. That’s a smart approach since the season is still so young and this track is a wildcard. Regardless, Ferrari’s car should be the fastest at the track and as we’ve seen all season long, Leclerc prefers to start off quick, which should help his cause here.

Charles Leclerc to win fastest lap at 2022 Miami Grand Prix

How To Bet On F1 Miami Grand Prix

We just gave you two betting picks for Sunday’s big race. The question is, are you fading or tailing our picks? Either way, you can make your bets on the Miami Grand Prix at one of the bookies listed underneath. These sites are carrying the full gamut of F1 bets for the weekend — and offering them at bettor-friendly prices too. Reference the table below to pick a sportsbook that suits your needs. For your convenience, we’ve listed up-to-date sportsbook reviews and details on current bonus offers to make your choice easier.

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