Verstappen Almost Early Lock For Third Straight Formula 1 Title

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Verstappen Almost Early Lock For Third Straight Formula 1 Title

Yes, Formula 1 enthusiasts, we are another almost two weeks away from another exciting race at Azerbaijan. Now at Online Sports Betting, we look at the Formula 1 World Title Bets! Are there any other potential wagering points for 2023? Pre-race coverage on April 30th begins at 5:30 am ET. ESPN+ via Sky Sports. Once more, we look at what has happened and what could occur over the next seven months.

  • WHAT: Formula 1 2023 World Title Bets
  • WHEN: From April 30th to November 26th, 2023
  • WHERE: Resuming in Azerbaijan and ending in Abu Dhabi 

Formula 1 World Title Bets - Update Time

The 2023 Formula 1 season began with Bahrain on March 5th. It is hard to believe, but we are on an extended break for Formula 1 2023 World Title Bets. These updated Formula 1 online betting options saw some significant changes to the mix.

Now, we get to the changes in a minute. Obviously, with no Chinese Grand Prix (AGAIN!), there is a four week break between races. Azerbaijan, at Baku City Circuit, is our next race on April 30th. It will feel more like months between events at this point.

Charles LeClerc and George Russell stumbled in the early going so far which has changed their numbers from February. Then, there is Carlos Sainz, who has endured his own bundle of misadventures through the first three events. As a matter of fact, Sainz dropped off the top six altogether.

Formula 1 2023 Early FuturesBovadaMyBookieBetOnline
Max Verstappen-800-1000-900
Sergio Perez+1400+2000+1800
Fernando Alonso+2000+2500+2200
Lewis Hamilton+2500+3000+2500
Charles Leclerc+5000+6000+5000
George Russell+5000+6000+5000

So, clearly we accelerated from a few solid choices to one almost lock. Is there any way to gain a little more leverage on the betting market?

Formula 1 2023 World Title Bets - Max Verstappen Locking In

Yes, three events into the season has us anointing Max Verstappen as an almost lock err locking in to three-peat. With the Formula 1 World Title Bets, that means scouring for more options besides the normal boring bet. Verstappen was -140 at the start of the season and +115 for Bahrain. If one bet that early, a +250 parlay is likely in your future. Now, at Online Sports Betting, creativity comes into our future quickly.

2023 so far has been great for the Belgian-Dutch driver. The 25-year-old craves that three-peat. After all, three races saw Verstappen go three-for-three in podiums with two wins. His 69 point total likely is one of the most optimal scenarios the Red Bull driver could have hoped for. Verstappen carries a 15-point cushion over teammate Sergio Perez in the race for another world crown.

Granted, Mad Max does not have this 2023 season completely locked down. However, he was set as an early -250 to -300 favorite to win on the 30th. Last year at Azerbaijan, the No. 1 car coasted to a 20+ second victory over Perez. Honestly, it was no contest as Verstappen went wire-to-wire. The Mercedes were far behind and the Ferrari's well, let's not talk about the Ferrari's. Only ten cars ended up on the lead lap.

Betting bonuses and even more online promotions help as hockey and basketball playoffs are also on the docket. These give us the ability to craft some more Formula 1 bets. Here are several reviews of the best online sportsbooks. Formula 1 betting site most ideal for Formula 1 Azerbaijan and beyond are always primed to go. Until, someone tops Verstappen more than once, it is hard to see anyone besting Verstappen come season's end.

Max Verstappen To win his third consecutive title

Formula 1 World Title Bets - Perez And Team Orders?

Can Sergio Perez bucks the team orders in the Formula 1 World Title Bets? Here is the dilemma. Strategy seems to get the best of Perez a little too often but among overall car total speed, Perez has ranked right up with Verstappen on two of the first three tracks. The Mexican driver got the best of Verstappen at Saudi Arabia and also has two podiums on the young season. Perez started out at +2500 and has shortened to +1400.

Digging into the prop bets was fun, the higher amount of wins for Perez on Bovada is at five (-120). This goes directly in contrast with one driver prop which lists Verstappen at a staggering -200 to win 15+ races. Perez avoiding mistakes is paramount to having a shot. The deficit is not insurmountable by any means.

It does feel like the only way to beat a Red Bull is to drive a Red Bull. Though, the other cars are somewhat close, it seems errors and strategy seem to plague Mercedes and Ferrari.

Alas, 2023 Formula 1 World Title Bets has us taking one shot at Perez at ? In the meantime, if form stays from the talented driver, he can be worth taking a flier at +2000 on MyBookie. There is an intriguing double if Perez reverses the 1-2 result. Check this out. By the way, Perez winning with a Red Bull title parlays in at +1600. This illustrates how much the Constructors' Race is all but sewn up. The H2H matchups are almost off the table.

Sergio Perez To win the 2023 title

A Few More Choices

Formula 1 2023 World Bets looms as we present a few more choices. Again, Mercedes for the Constructors' Championship looks to be at +135 without Red Bull. If Ferrari ever gets it together, that +300 number (sans Red Bull) feels like a bet to think about. After all, titles are titles. Even Aston Martin could be interesting, but the thought process is that Fernando Alonso may need five or more wins.

Again, there is that without option. What if Alonso can win say three or four times? Will that, with consistent results, be enough to nail down second in the points race? It's a great question and yet another alternate method to get some leverage in Formula 1 wagering.

Hey, it's an alternate to being let down by Leclerc or even Mercedes at this point.

Fernando Alonso To win the title without Verstappen

Want Another Parlay?

Parlay Charles Leclerc to win 2+ races at +175 for a tiny fraction bet.

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