Houston Astros set to complete World Series win at Minute Maid Park

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Houston Astros set to complete World Series win at Minute Maid Park

Could match 6 of the 2022 World Series final be the last match of the season, or will the Philadelphia Phillies fight back at Minute Maid Park on Saturday and take us into a seventh and deciding match on Sunday? Here we take a look at match 6 and let you know what we think with our free MLB World Series betting picks.

The Astros won a real nail-biter 3-2 last night. They now lead the final 3-2, and it’s the first time Dusty Baker’s team have been in front in the 2022 World Series. Along with the previous night’s 5-0 no-hit win for the Astros, you have to wonder what the Phillies have left in the tank. The series now has a feeling of inevitability about it.

2022 World Series final winner betting

The best MLB betting sites also think that way. At the moment, Bovada has the Houston Astros at -600 to win the 2022 World Series, with the Philadelphia Phillies at +450 to win the last two matches and with it the series.

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Can the Phillies come back from this hammer blow?

At the time, the Astros 5-0 win in match 4 could have been the turning point. After match 5, I’m pretty sure it was. On the back of winning 7-0 in match 3, the Phillies - with two home fixtures to follow - could have been forgiven for thinking they were well on their way to getting the job done. Not a bit of it.

The Astros didn’t just fight back with a win in match 4; it was a record-breaking win, as they became the first team in history to throw a combined no-hitter in a world series final. At this stage, the Phillies must have wondered what had hit them.

And so it proved. The Phillies did battle in match 5, but ultimately, try as they did, they just couldn’t turn a tight match in their favor. The 3-2 defeat last night, probably made all the sourer by Phillies supporter Chas McCormick’s superb catch to help Ryan Pressly throw a five-out save in the ninth innings, saw the Astros go into the series lead for the first time, and probably the most crucial time.

Phillies couldn’t cash in when on top

The Phillies have been ahead twice in the series, once after winning match 1 with an astonishing turnaround from 5 points down, and then again after they thrashed the Astros 7-0 in match 3.

It can’t be said the Phillies haven’t given their all. They clearly have. But when you’ve had wins like that and your opponents just keep coming back harder, you must feel there is little more you can do to turn the situation around.

The Phillies must not give up hope, though. They’ve had massive wins in matches 1 and 3, so why can’t they do that again? They aren’t out of the series yet, and while there is still a chance, they have to believe. And when we look at the odds for match 6, it’s obvious the online MLB betting sites still give them a chance.

2022 MLB World Series Match 6 BettingBetOnlineBovada
Houston Astros (Moneyline)-140-140
Philadelphia Phillies (Moneyline)+130+120
Houston Astros (-1.5)+160+160
Philadelphia Phillies (+1.5)-180-180

Match 6; Astros vs. Phillies

As you can see from our MLB World Series odds table, the best online sportsbooks haven’t written the Phillies off. The odds of +130 on the moneyline aren't the odds of a team with zero chance. The best price of Houston getting the job done at the first attempt is -140 with both our recommended bookmakers.

  • What; 2022 MLB World Series Final Match 6 - Houston Astros vs Philadelphia Phillies
  • Where; Minute Maid Park, Houston, Texas
  • When; Saturday, November 5th, 2022
  • Time; 8.03 pm ET

On the handicap line, the spread as always, is 1.5 points. Going in favor of the Phillies, they are -180 to win with a start of 1.5 points. In match 5, they would have won the bet as they only lost by 1 point. But in matches 2 and 4, they would have lost the bet as they lost 5-2 and 5-0.

Starting with a 1.5 points deficit, the Houston Astros are +160 to win on the handicap. As I’ve just alluded to, they have beaten that spread in two of their three wins so far in the world series.

The final market is total points, where the spread is set at 7. This total has only been bettered once, in match 1. It was equaled in matches 2 and 3, but in matches 4 and 5, only 5 points were scored. For the record, over 7 is +100, and under 7 is -120.

Astros v Phillies Betting Picks

I’m obviously aware that a bet on Houston on the handicap last night was lost. But on two other occasions, Houston has beaten the handicap. I’m not convinced this final hasn’t got another twist in it, but my sane and rational thinking head just thinks the Astros will win.

And if the Astros do win, I think it could well be a convincing win. The Phillies have thrown everything at them, and it hasn’t worked. Therefore I’m going for a win for the Astros on the handicap for my MLB betting pick.

Astros (-1.5) to win on Handicap Astros v Phillies

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