Take Francesco Bagnaia To Win In The Home Country Sunday

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Take Francesco Bagnaia To Win In The Home Country Sunday

We head into the sixth race of the season, MotoGP fans. This week we gaze at some early Italian Grand Prix numbers for this upcoming Sunday. OnlineSportsBetting's 2023 MotoGP Italian Bets for the upcoming event should be something else.

  • WHAT: 2023 MotoGP Italian Grand Prix Bets
  • WHEN: Sunday, June 11th, 2023 at 8:00 am ET
  • WHERE: From Mugello Circuit in Florence, Tuscany, Italy

2023 MotoGP Italian Bets - Some Early Numbers

The MotoGP Grand Prix starts in Italy on Sunday morning in the United States. Meanwhile, opening numbers surfaced from the books. Let us grind into MotoGP online betting Italian bets. Quite a few changes could occur between now and the weekend. Honestly, that is more the expectation.

These MotoGP races keep upping the excitement level for this season. We enjoy the shakedowns, the tests, practices, and even the new sprint. It helps us adapt our wagers when we may or may not be off on certain aspects. Can some teams surprise us enough to change our picks? Now, here are the latest 2023 MotoGP Italian numbers for the upcoming Italian Grand Prix on Sunday.

MotoGP Italian NumbersBovadaBetOnlineMyBookie
Francesco Bagnaia-175-150-125
Marco Bezzecchi+300+400+350
Johann Zarco+700+850+800
Jorge Martin+900+1000+1050
Brad Binder+1100+1100+1100
Marc Marquez+1200+1300+1400
Fabio Quartararo+1600+1400+1500
Aleix Espargaro+2000+1800+2000

Online betting sites like Bovada often come out with numbers the fastest. Now, the good news is that a few others often follow suit with openers as we call them. The MotoGP season keeps featuring more and more twists. Also, Marco Bezzecchi, for those wondering, is not going away after that win at the French Grand Prix. That makes betting on MotoGP futures fun. After all, did anyone have Bezzecchi this close this soon? Exactly!

Finally, do keep an eye out for those reviews of the best online sportsbooks. They will give you solid MotoGP betting sites as the season roars along including a few who feature season-long matchup bets.

2023 MotoGP Italian Bets - Why Things Keep Changing?

So much can change with the passage of time. Now, the 2023 MotoGP Italian Bets attempt to figure out which teams improved and worsened heading to the Mugello Circuit. What changed from testing during the Spring? The problem is what we have seen from race to race. Alas, the Italians appeared to be fast in the Ducati and then could not handle the race pace in France. As a result, we had another Bagnaia DNF but a Bezzecchi triumph.

Our theories on betting for the Italian race involve looking at weather and track conditions. Mugello features 15 turns on a 3.259-mile course. The calling card for the Tuscany track is its 0.71-mile long straightway. Speeds can easily reach around 200 mph in ideal conditions. The weekend weather calls for thundershowers at times. Simply, track conditions could be very changeable which makes odds move around that much more.

Even Enea Bastianini will race this weekend after missing an extended time due to injury. It appears Miguel Oliveira is in for Italy as well. Again, that is another reason why things keep changing. Bastianini figures to be rusty which can affect the field. Look at how things were when Marc Marquez came back. Yes, there were a few more DNF's than usual. Needless to say, this Italian race may become a 25-lap war of attrition.

So, if one bets in smaller increments, that would be understandable and almost prudent at this stage given the uncertainty of the track this weekend.

Francesco Bagnaia - 2023 MotoGP Italian Bets Relief Or Pressure?

Francesco Bagnaia goes up and down for the 2023 MotoGP Italian Bets. In the last month, early futures indicated he was on the plus side then a few weeks ago, he was tilting toward -250. Now, that number backed off into the -125 to -175 range which some indication he may end up EVEN or in plus territory by Friday. So far, Bagnaia has held the line well enough.

Debatably, this season the Italian has been more up and down than even last year. The Sprints helped Bagnaia keep a slim one point lead on Marco Bezzecchi in the standings. However, both riders coming home this weekend may be more pressure than relief for "Pecco". The relief comes in the fact that Bagnaia won here at Mugello last year. However, that was in dryer conditions. Conditions are likely to be wet and potentially stormy.

With the conditions the way they are, the hope for some bettors is that Bagnaia numbers lengthen. Then, if the weather brightens a little, that creates some value. Riders like Brad Binder and Jorge Martin excel at the slicks but do not underestimate Bagnaia completely. Hence, wager a few dollars on Bagnaia anyway on Sunday. The Italian figures to carry enough speed. He just needs to harness it and stay on the track.

Francesco Bagnaia To win the 2023 MotoGP Italian Grand Prix

The Marco Bezzecchi Express Rides Again?

2023 MotoGP Italian bets asks does the Marco Bezzecchi express rides again? With his French Grand Prix win, Bezzecchi has crossed the finish line twice now and has three podiums. If not for a few poor performances in the sprints, Bezzecchi would be leading in the points again.

From early season-long data. Ducati is dominating the standings. Four of the five top riders are on Ducati bikes of some form. Brad Binder has done a masterful job in his KTM staying near the top. However, Marco Bezzecchi has shown a maturity beyond his years. His ability to stay in front in France netting him a more than four second victory that looked even easier.

Meanwhile, the biggest question looms for Sunday. Can the young Italian keep it on the track at Mugello? The crowds will go nuts with several Italians potentially in contention. Does Bezzecchi rise above the pressure to feel relief?

Marco Bezzecchi To win the MotoGP Italian Grand Prix

What About Wet Shots?

Okay, what about wet shots? Alright, Brad Binder in the wet for the win is quite possible on Sunday especially if the weather worsens.

Brad Binder To win the 2023 MotoGP Italian GP

No Slip In Italy

There lies no slip in Italy as Francesco Bagnaia is our pick. 

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