2022 NHL Picks: Can the Edmonton Oilers Make a Stanley Cup Push?

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2022 NHL Picks: Can the Edmonton Oilers Make a Stanley Cup Push?

Strap into your seats, hockey fans. The 2022 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are almost here. We can tell by how many teams are tracking the standings, and by how often betting odds to win the 2022 Stanley Cup move on a daily basis.

The best part about the end of the regular season? Even when there aren't many games to watch, you're still bound to have some high-stakes affairs on the docket. That's exactly what we're dealing with on Friday, April 22.

The most important of these games would be the Edmonton Oilers vs. Colorado Avalanche. Edmonton is looking to prove they're a viable Stanley Cup contender and clinch a playoff spot while Colorado is trying to make sure they don't take their eye off the eight-ball like they did last season.

Before we go any further, here are the latest NHL betting odds for all of the games on Friday night:

Columbus Blue Jackson-170+140Ottawa Senators
Minnesota Wild-220+195Seattle Kraken
Colorado Avalanche-125+105Edmonton Oilers
Washington Capitals-205+155Phoenix Coyotes

Like always, you will want to double-check these betting odds on the NHL for accuracy before making any decisions. While the odds shouldn't move much, all hockey betting lines are allowed to shift right up until the opening faceoff.

You should also browse our reviews of the top online sportsbooks prior to placing any wagers. With all of the information we've compiled, we know you'll be able to find the best NHL betting sites in 2022.

Can Oilers Clinch Playoff Spot vs. Avalanche?

After yet another season in which they explored every inch of both their peaks and valleys, the Oilers may be finding out they're making their run too late. Though they have won three straight and climbed to second in the Pacific Division, they are not guaranteed a playoff spot and could seriously use a victory against what many feel is the NHL's best team.

Here's the good news: The Avalanche don't have anything to play for, except for Stanley Cup Finals home-ice advantage. Colorado has already clinched a playoff spot and the best record in the Western Conference.

This should prove huge for the Oilers. Their offense is unstoppable against the best of them, but the Avalanche's own scoring machine has very much been in cruise control lately. This is great chance for them to cement their postseason odds—and for you to pick up a nice payout.

OSB Prediction: Edmonton Oilers (+105)

Edmonton Oilers To beat the Colorado Avalanche

Will Ottawa Stay Hot vs. Columbus?

Later in the NHL season, we find that linemakers place too much stock in year-long performances. It doesn't always make sense to default toward the teams with better records in head-to-head matchups where the stakes aren't even.

We have one of those cases here, with the Ottawa Senators and Columbus Blue Jackets.

While the Blue Jackets are technically the better team, they have decided to maximize their draft lottery positioning as the schedule wears on. Ottawa, another non-playoff team, has gone the complete opposite direction and continued to deploy its best players and lines without playing-time limitations.

Led by left-winger Formenton, the Senators have quietly been above .500 since the start of April and displayed a real uptick in their playmaking and scoring. If this were the middle of January, they would deserve these underdog odds. But it's late April. They can win this game playing like they've been in recent weeks.

OSB Prediction: Ottawa Senators (+140)

Ottawa Senators To beat the Columbus Blue Jackets

Minnesota Should Roll to Victory Over Seattle

Don't confuse the Minnesota Wild clinching a postseason cameo as proof that they don't have anything for which to compete. They are locked in a tight battle with the St. Louis Blues and the Calgary Flames for the second-best record in the Western Conference.

As it stands, the Flames control the honor. But the Wild trail them by only one point in the standings, which should incentivize them to roll out their regular rotations against the Seattle Kraken and an offense that doesn't shoot a high percentage on goal or competently take advantage of their power play minutes.

OSB Prediction: Minnesota Wild (-220)

Minnesota Wild To beat the Seattle Kraken

Washington Should be Super-Mega-Heavy Favorite vs. Phoenix

After already clinching a playoff spot, the Washington Capitals could theoretically take their foot off the gas. And you know what? We wouldn't bet against it.

We will, however, always bet against the Phoenix Coyotes.

The Coyotes have almost pulled off the rare feat of ranking as the NHL's worst team on both sides of the ice. They are dead last in goals scored per game and second to last in goals allowed. Washington shouldn't have any trouble scooping up the victory here.

OSB Prediction: Washington Capitals (-205)

Washington Capitals To beat the Phoenix Coyotes

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