NHL Draft Prop Bets - The Wright Stuff

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NHL Draft Prop Bets - The Wright Stuff

NHL Draft Prop Bets For July 7th - The Wright Stuff?

Check out our NHL Draft Prop Bets for the top pick as the draft starts on Thursday night. This year, it comes from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada starting just after 7:00 pm ET!

With the draft coming closer and closer, it never hurts to start looking back at betting futures from last season to get an idea for next season. Anyway, here are the numbers for "The Wright Stuff" and more.

NHL Draft Prop Bets - When To Invest?

Bluntly, there are times on when to invest in the 2022 NHL Draft Prop Bets. The lines are starting to tilt currently, and this could be one of the times to pull the trigger. Timing is critical and essential with betting on the outcome of a series. If one misses by even a few hours, that can mean a dramatic difference in the payout.

Our plan is to strike a little now and maybe even closer to the NHL Draft itself. The dilemma with this draft will become when does it clear Montreal plans to pick "The Wright Stuff". Shane Wright is believed to be the top prop choice to go number one overall but Juraj Slafkovsky has gained some notoriety over the past weeks leading to Thursday night's draft.

It is paramount that you double and even triple-check these odds on the NHL when waiting to place your bet. These NHL betting lines shift a good deal and can even in the hours before the draft. After all, this is the final stretch. By next weekend, everyone will be focused back on the "free agent frenzy". That is just how hockey is.

This NHL Draft is not all that deep either. The 2023 version appears to be at this time. Kindly remember the best NHL online betting sites for 2022, and beyond. This goes along with the sportsbook bonuses and promotions.

Is This A Shane Wright Lock?

It is almost unfathomable that any other player could get in the way of the Shane Wright lock to Montreal. Is that a correct take? Well, the numbers had wobbled around during the NHL regular season even into the early stages of the playoffs. As June came and went, it became clear again that Wright was indeed the favorite to land with the Montreal Canadiens. Not only that, the Canadiens get to host the draft while making the number one pick.

The last time the host drafted number one was in 1985 when the Toronto Maple Leafs selected Wendel Clark. Montreal last held the top pick in 1980 when they chose Doug Wickenheiser. As one can see, it has been a long time since the Canadiens were in this position. This is a very pivotal pick for the franchise. There is little doubt that Montreal possesses scant depth and scoring creativity at the center position.

Montreal advanced to the Stanley Cup Final in 2021 losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning. However, their fortunes fell dramatically in 2022. Not only did they finish with the worst record but as a solace, Montreal won the draft lottery and the first overall pick by virtue of their league-worst record. With Martin St. Louis as their coach, their second-half fortunes did improve. Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton seem to have the franchise heading in a better direction as well.

On the other hand, one wrong draft pick can change the franchise much like one great pick can too. The decision-making process points more and more to Wright being "The Wright Stuff". That is why the pivot is our NHL Draft Prop Bets favorite to go number one.

Shane Wright To be drafted number one by the Montreal Canadiens

Juraj Slafkovsky Makes A Splash

It is unbelievable that the Montreal Canadiens could be pondering a different direction. However, one is never certain of these drafts. Look at the NBA when Paolo Banchero went number one almost unexpectedly. Again, anything can truly happen. Now, Juraj Slafkovsky makes a splash and he did that at the World Championship along with a couple of other international events -- like the Olympics. The concern with Slafkovsky in our NHL Draft Prop Bets may be consistency.

The key is potential with Slafkovsky. The 6-foot-4, 220-pound left-winger checks off a ton of boxes when it comes to size, speed, power, etc. However, again, the word risk keeps coming up. While Shane Wright is a polished product that can improve more, Slafkovsky may have more upside but has more downside as well.

Slafkovsky Versus Wright

This boils down to Slafkovsky Versus Wright. Montreal is thin at center and Wright can be a balanced playmaker-scorer while Slafkovsky can light up the goal sheet. Again, the ups and downs of the Slovak are well documented. Wright's consistency plus upward trajectory and the coaching of Martin St. Louis feel like a great fit. If Kent Hughes and company are reading, they probably know where they are going with this pick.

Now, looking back at Cale Makar who just won the Stanley Cup. He was not even near the top two when it comes to the 2017 NHL Draft. However, hindsight is 20-20 here. That is partly some are saying go for the high-risk, high-reward scenario. However, the Slovak is plus-money which makes him an NHL Draft Prop Bets possibility.

Juraj Slafkovsky To go number one in the 2022 NHL Draft

Other Draft Angles For NHL Bettors

What other draft angles exist for NHL Bettors? Again, what does New Jersey do with the second overall pick? Do they keep it or do they trade down? That is not known at press time. Right now, Juraj Slafkovsky is a -165 favorite to be chosen by the Devils. However, that can change.

Now, NHL Draft Prop Bets figure to shift a good deal. BetUS has props all the way from first to third and include Over/Unders on draft position. Monitor those daily till draft night and good luck!

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