NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 Betting Odds and Predictions

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NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 Betting Odds and Predictions

Initially, it looked like the NHL would see the Stanley Cup Final end in a non-competitive series sweep. The Tampa Bay Lightning jumped out to a 3-0 lead over the Montreal Canadiens and then, after scoring two late goals in regulation, forced an overtime showdown in Game 4. As it turns out, though, Montreal had more fight left in them and was able to pick up a win and live to fight for a Game 5.

That's great news for us, because now we get to drop NHL Stanley Cup Final Game 5 betting odds and predictions.

Here are the latest Stanley Cup Final betting lines, courtesy of BetOnline:

Always make sure you're rechecking these NHL odds prior to deciding on a wager, as the lines will move at the top online sportsbooks between now and the start of Game 5.

Latest 2021 NHL Stanley Cup Predictions

Believe it or not, there's more to bet on than just Game 5 between the Lightning and Canadiens. Sportsbooks are still offering series prices for those who might want to double-dip on Tampa Bay—or who believe Montreal might make history.

We'll tackle those options in due time. But first: Our Game 5 predictions.

Tampa Bay Lightning (-202) vs. Montreal Canadiens (+180)

All indications at the beginning of the Stanley Cup Final pointed toward a Lightning repeat. The reigning NHL champions not only entered with the best postseason goal differential, but they were facing a Canadiens team that had actually been outscored in total by their opponents over the first three rounds.

Still, even by those standards, the 3-0 hole Montreal ended up falling into was a surprise. Like, they weren't even close to stealing one of those games. Tampa Bay outscored them 14-5 in regulation over those first three contests.

montreal canadiens odds

The Canadiens' performance in Game 4 isn't much of a silver lining either. They held a 1-0 lead for much of the night but saw their edge disappear and were put in some fragile positions down the stretch. Team captain Shea Weber was sent to the penalty box with the score tied at two and just 65 seconds remaining in regulation. His four-minute stay also left the Canadiens shorthanded for the first three minutes of overtime.

Fortunately, Montreal's goalie, Carey Price, came to play in a big way. He stopped 32 of the 34 shots that came his way and did an excellent job navigating shorthanded minutes all night. If they gave out an MVP award for each game, he'd have won it in this one.

Granted, that doesn't necessarily erase his struggles in the previous games. He held a lackluster 86.7 save percentage entering Game 4. On the flip side, that's not all his fault. The Lightning have put tremendous pressure on the net by carving up the Canadiens' defensive line. Price needs more help from his teammates when it comes to limiting Tampa Bay's opportunities.

Better defensive play isn't hard to imagine on the Canadiens' behalf. They flashed it in Game 4. Their offense is the bigger concern. They are shooting under seven percent for the series, a relatively low number that pales in comparison to the Lightning's 13-plus-percent shooting.

That doesn't give us a ton of faith in Montreal ahead of Game 5. At the same time, they were more methodical with their offense in this victory. They shot 14 percent on 21 looks. Taking 13 fewer shots than the Lightning overall isn't a great harbinger, but the puck movement and shot locations were much improved overall.

Call us bonkers, but Montreal seems due for a more complete offensive performance in this series. We're not saying they have a chance to win this series. We'd argue they don't. But this feels like a Game 6 situation.

OSB Game 5 Prediction: Canadiens (+181)

Canadiens To win beat the Lightning

Series Length Prediction

Check out the latest odds for how long the Stanley Cup Final between Montreal and Tampa Bay will last:

  • Five games: -220
  • Six games: +325
  • Seven games: +600

There is some great value to be had here if you believe the Canadiens can snag a win in Game 5. Our initial prediction for this series was Tampa Bay in six. By Montreal forcing a Game 5, you'd be looking at a 3.25-to-1 payout. And if you believe they can steal two wins in a row, you can net $600 for every $100 you wager.

We're going to stick with six games. It was our initial expectation, and we have Montreal grinding out a victory in Game 5.

OSB Series Length Prediction: Six games (+325)

Six games Length of Stanley Cup Final

Stanley Cup Final Series Prices

Here are the updated series prices on the 2021 Stanley Cup Final:

  • Lightning (-3000)
  • Canadiens (+1500)

These odds are presented as a formality. We wouldn't suggest investing in the Lightning at -3000 unless you have extremely deep pockets. This is more about anyone looking to throw long-shot money on the Canadiens. A 15-to-1 payout is pretty lucrative if you have the expendable funds to take a stab in the dark.

tampa bay lightning odds

Then again, for a team down 3-1 and struggling as much as they've been, we'd like to see that number creep up around 20-to-1.

OSB Series Prediction: Lightning (-3000)

Lightning To win the Stanley Cup

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