2022 Olympics Predictions: Who will Win Men's and Women's Curling Tournaments in Beijing?

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2022 Olympics Predictions: Who will Win Men's and Women's Curling Tournaments in Beijing?

Have you submitted your 2022 Beijing Olympic bets for the men's and women's curling tournaments? Because if you haven't, you should. And yet, if you haven't, we've got you covered. For our next batch of 2022 Olympics predictions, we're trying to figure out which team can win the curling tournaments in Beijing.

Like usual, we have picks for both the men's and women's side of the coin. Let's begin by having a look at the 2022 Olympics betting odds for men's curling:

Pick to Win Men's TournamentBetNowBovadaMyBookie
Great Britain+200+175+225

As always, you will want to make sure you recheck all 2022 Olympic betting lines prior to settling on any picks. All odds on the 2022 Olympics are subject to change right up until the start of every event, and the next set of curling action will take place on Wednesday, February 9. Also, don't forget to factor in the time difference where you're living; all scheduled events will be unfolding on Beijing time.

When dipping your toe into Olympics bettings odds, we strongly recommend browsing through our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. They can help you identify the best 2022 Olympics betting sites, without fail. And finally, all of our 2022 Olympics curling predictions follow the moneyline model. Check out our explanation of moneyline betting if you're not familiar with wagering on outrights.

Can Great Britain Win Gold in Men's Curling?

Oddsmakers have billed Great Britain (+200) as the most likely winner of the men's curling tournament at the 2022 Olympics. This does make some sense. They have two of the top-10 ranked curling players in the world, including Bruce Mouat, who has a 14-4 record when going up against opposing top-10-ranked teams, and a 24-6 record when expanding that criteria to top-25 teams.

Still, the 2022 Olympics team isn't exactly dripping with experience. David Murdoch, who was a silver medalist for Great Britain at the Sochi Olympics, is now the head coach of the roster. Meanwhile, the team's second-best player, Ross Whyte, has struggled during past matchups against the world's top squads.

To be sure, Great Britain is a gold medal contender. But bet on the favorite with caution.

Great Britain To win 2022 Men's Olympics Curling Gold Medal

Official Gold Medal Curling Prediction for Men's Division

As you may have already guessed, we're not inclined to predict a gold medal victory for the odds-on favorite. Canada (+215) is catching out interest instead.

With three top-10 players on the roster, including the No. 1 ranked curler for the men's division in Brad Gushue, they have the makings of a powerhouse. Sure, they have some cracks as you move past him. Their second-ranked player, in Brad Jacobs, has committed errors in key events against top-10 nations previously. That's not enough to draw us away from a team that has experience playing with one another and winning at extremely high levels.

OSB Prediction: Canada (+215)

Canada To win 2022 Men's Olympics Curling Gold Medal

Should Canada be Favored to Win Gold in Women's Curling?

Here are the latest odds on who will win the 2022 Olympics gold medal in women's curling:

Pick to Win Men's TournamentBetNowBovadaMyBookie
Great Britain+350+350+350
South Korea+1400+1500+1200

Team Canada (+275) owns a fairly significant hold on the top spot in the lead-up to the women's curling tournament. Not only are they led by Tracy Fleury and Kerri Einarson, two of the top three women's curlers in existence, but they're dominating most win probability charts at DoubleTakeout.com, the official home for advanced curling metrics.

If there's anything that concerns us, it's Canada's collective performance at the 2018 Olympics. They were unable to live up to their potential then and suffered from plenty of miscues around the button and tee. It also hasn't helped that other countries have recently invested more in their national curling teams, making for stiffer competition.

Canada To win 2022 Women's Olympics Curling Gold Medal

Official Gold Medal Curling Prediction for Women's Division

Make no mistake, Canada is an excellent bet when trying to handicap the gold medal winner for 2022 Olympics curling in the women's division. In various interviews, they've expressed how they refocused their training to account for what went wrong in 2018.

At the same time, we can't shake the feeling that Sweden (+300) has plenty of value to offer. While they only have one top-10 ranked player, in Silvana Tirinzoni, she also happens to be the world's No. 1 ranked female curler. And beyond that, her supporting cast mates have shown a great deal of improvement when it comes to capitalizing on the hammer throw, which is effectively the last attempt of any round.

Frankly, we're betting on some upside here. Sweden's curling program is up-and-coming. We're counting on the higher-end ceilings of their supporting cast forcing Canada into the silver medal race.

OSB Prediction: Sweden (+300)

Sweden To win 2022 Women's Olympics Curling Gold Medal

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