2022 Winter Olympics Betting: Picks for Men's and Women's Snowboarding Runs

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2022 Winter Olympics Betting: Picks for Men's and Women's Snowboarding Runs

If you haven't already started betting on the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, now is the perfect time to begin. And what better way to dive right in than to focus on one of the winter Olympics' crowning sports: snowboarding.

Three key events will be taking place on Wednesday, February 9 that command our attention: the men's halfpipe tournament, the women's halfpipe tournament, and the women's snowboarding cross. For our latest look at 2022 Winter Olympics betting, we've got picks for all three of the men's and women's snowboarding runs.

Let's begin by reviewing the latest Olympics betting odds for the men's snowboarding halfpipe event:

Pick to Win Men's Snowboarding HalfpipeBetOnlineBovadaBetNow
Ayumu Hirano (JAP)+220+250+250
Scotty james (AUS)+300+400+300
Shaun White (USA)+450+500+500
Yuto Totsuka (JAP)+550+750+750
Ruka Hirano (JAP)+800+1000+750
Jan Scherrer (SUI)+900+1000+1000
Kaishu Hirano (JAP)+1400+1500+1500
Andre Hoeflich (GER)+2500+2200+2500
Valentino Guseli (AUS)+2500+2500+2500
Patrick Burgener (SUI)+2500+2500+2800
Taylor Gold (USA)+2800+2500+2800
Lucas Foster (USA)+4000+5000+5000
Chase Josey (USA)+4000+7500+5000
David Habluetzel (SUI)+5000+7500+5000

Always remember to double-check these odds on the 2022 Olympics before settling on any of your predictions. All Olympics betting lines are subject to change right up until each event starts. We also recommend checking out our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. And for those new to Olympics betting online, it's likewise a good idea to read our detailed explainer on moneyline betting, so you can understand all the 2022 Olympics odds you're seeing here.

Will Odds-On Favorite Ayumu Hirano Take Home Gold in Men's Division?

While no one is an even-money-or-better favorite entering the Men's halfpipe run, all eyes are on Ayumu Hirano Japan (+220). He is being peddled as the statistical favorite, in large part because of his clean, oft-mistake-free style that's considered judges-friendly. However, he's also the boarder with the most novel trick in his bag; we are of course talking about the vaunted triple.

Once considered an impossible move, Hirano has made it part of his regular arsenal. He most recently landed it, according to Forbes, at a competition in December. It was the first time anyone ever landed the triple in an official snowboard competition. Complete this trick, and you're virtually a gold medal lock.

But Hirano isn't the only snowboarder with the triple in his arsenal. Both Yuto Totsuka (+550) and Ruka Hirano (+800), who are also from Japan, landed the triple recently in a training-camp show. 

It is also Totsuka, in fact, that's considered to be the more technically sound athlete when in the air. He's simply more risk-averse, which can cost him when it comes to this event. For our money, though, we like taking a chance on him at 5.5-to-1.

OSB Prediction: Yuto Totsuka (+550)

Yuto Totsuka of Japan To win the 2022 Men's Halfpipe Snowboarding Event

Should USA's Chloe Kim be Favored in Women's Halfpipe Event?

Here are the latest odds on the women's halfpipe snowboarding event:

Pick to Win Women's Snowboarding HalfpipeBetOnlineBovadaBetNow
Chloe Kim (USA)-300-250-250
Cai Xuetong (CHI)+800+750+750
Queralt Castellet (ESP)+900+800+1000
Sena Tomita (JAP)+900+1000+1000
Mitsuki Ono (JAP)+1400+1200+1400
Ruki Tomita (JAP)+1400+1500+1400
Liu Jaiyu (CHI)+2500+2000+2000
Maddie Mastro (USA)+2500+2500+2000
Kurumi Imai (JAP)+3300+3000+3500
Elizabeth Hosking (CAN)+6000+5000+5000

Oddsmakers aren't messing around when it comes to Chloe Kim of the United States (-300). The second favorite in the women's halfpipe event is Cai Xuetong of China (+800), and she's an 8-to-1 underdog.

Certain bettors will see value in pivoting away from Kim. She took two years off after bursting onto the scene as a teenager. The spotlight became too much for her, and she wanted to focus on school. But that doesn't change the fact that Kim became the youngest female to win a gold medal in snowboarding at the 2018 Olympics.

For anyone still doubting her star power, you only need to look at the resume she's racked up since returning to the powder. Kim has won every competition in which she's participated between January 2021 and January 2022—a full calendar year. She is not the No. 1 ranked female snowboarder by accident.

OSB Prediction: Chloe Kim (-300)

Chloe Kim of USA To win the 2022 Women's Halfpipe Snowboarding Event

2022 Olympics Snowboard Cross Prediction for Women's Division

Below you'll find the latest betting odds for the 2022 Olympics snowboard cross event. Please note only the women's division is taking place on Tuesday:

Pick to Win Women's Snowboarding CrossBetOnlineBovadaBetNow
Charlotte Bankes (GBR)+120+100+125
Michela Moioli (ITA)+450+450+450
Chloe Trespeuch (FRA)+550+550+550
Bella Brockhoff (AUS)+750+750+750
Faye Gulini (USA)+800+750+750
Lindsey Jacobellis (USA)+900+750+850
Julia Pereira de Sousa Mabileau (FRA)+1600+1500+1500
Audrey McManiman (CAN)+3300+3300+3500
Stacy Gaskill (USA)+3300+3300+3500
Tess Critchlow (CAN)+3300+3500+3500
Manon Petit-Lenoir (FRA)+5000+5000+5000
Lara Casanova (SUI)+5000+5000+5000
Josie Baff (AUS)+5000+5000+5000
Pia Zerkhold (AUT)+5000+5000+5000
Mariia Vasiltcova (ROC)+6600+6000+6600
Meghan Tierney (USA)+6600+6600+6600

For anyone new to the snowboarding cross event, it is essentially a course that runs from the top of a mountain down towards the finish line. In the 2022 Olympics, participants will begin more than 2,000 meters above altitude and gradually work their way down more than 167 meters. That doesn't sound like a lengthy run, but the course in Beijing is rife with twists, turns and, above all, bumps that have been known to throw off certain athletes.

Charlotte Brankes from Great Britain (+120) is billed as the odds-on favorite. She has fared well on more difficult cross courses in the past. But we've grown enamored with Michela Moioli from Italy (+450)

While she can be erratic when trying to take sharp turns, the speed and aggression with which she attacks steeper drops and navigates bumpy surfaces is nearly unparalleled. She is a very high risk, but also extremely high reward.

OSB Prediction: Michele Moioli (+450)

Michela Moioli To win the 2022 Women's Snowboarding Cross Event

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