Olympics Betting 2022: Gold Medal Predictions for Freestyle Skiing and Speed Skating

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Olympics Betting 2022: Gold Medal Predictions for Freestyle Skiing and Speed Skating

Some of the most anticipated speed skating and freestyle skiing events are getting set to take place in the coming days, so now's the time to dive headfirst into some 2022 Olympics betting in Beijing.

Over the next week or so, beginning on Friday, February 11, there will be five events that should catch your attention: women's speed skating, team freestyle skiing, men's freestyle skiing, women's freestyle skiing and men's ski jumping. Our latest 2022 Olympics betting primer features gold medal picks for all these freestyle skiing and speed skating events.

To start us off, here's an overview of the latest Olympics betting odds for team freestyle skiing:

Pick to Win Freestyle SkiingBovada

All of these betting odds on the 2022 Olympics are accurate entering Thursday, February 10. Make sure to double-check all of these Olympics betting lines, as they are liable to shift right up until the start of each competition.

You should also be checking out our online reviews of the top online sportsbooks. They will help you find the best 2022 Olympics betting sites for the remainder of the games. Last, but certainly not least, all of our 2022 Olympics predictions will focus solely on moneyline odds. If you need a refresher on how to invest in outrights, feel free to look at our explainer on moneyline betting.

Who Will Win Gold for Olympics Team Speed Skating in 2022?

Team skiing (and bobsledding or luging) events usually favor the home country in the Olympics. The thinking goes they have more time to practice on the court and are therefore more familiar with it. That's why it's not surprising that China (-110) entered this event as the heavy favorite.


The Russian athletes making up the ROC (+250) have been on a relative tear when it comes to events so far, and they've shown some promise throughout select other snowboarding and skiing events that require them to navigate a course.

OSB Prediction: ROC (+250)

ROC To win Gold in Team Speed Skating

Gold Medal Prediction for Men's Olympics Ski Jumping

Here are the latest Olympics betting odds for the gold medal winner in men's ski jumping:

Pick to Win Ski JumpingBovada
Ryoyu Kobayashi (JAP)+150
Marius Lindvik (NOR)+650
Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)+650
Karl Geiger (GER)+800
Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)+1200
Manuel Fettner (AUT)+1400
Stefan Kraft (AUT)+1600
Peter Prevc (SLO)+2000
Jan Hoerl (AUT)+2500
Timi Zajc (SLO)+2500
Cene Prevc (SLO)+2500
Kamil Stoch (POL)+2800
Markus Eisenbichler (GER)+3300
Anze Lanisek (SLO)+3300
Evgeniy Klimov (ROC)+3300
Lovro Kos (SLO)+4000
Piotr Zyla (POL)+4000
Robert Johansson (NOR)+4000
David Kubacki (POL)+5000
Daniel Huber (AUT)+6600
Stephan Leyhe (GER)+10000
Yukiya Sato (JAP)+10000
Constantin Schmid (GER)+15000
Gregor Deschwanden (SUI)+15000
Killian Peier (SUI)+20000
Daniel Tschofenig (AUT)+20000
Naoki Nakamura (JAP)+25000
Daiki Ito (JAP)+25000
Antti Aalto (FIN)+25000

Oddsmakers have given the edge to Ryoyu Kobayashi of Japan (+150), which makes sense given his reputation for generating serious lift and perfecting his balance on landings. There are many who would think he should be even money rather than a 1.5-to-1 payout.

For our money, though, we like Daniel Andre Tande of Norway (+1200). He's really improved the distance on his jumps, and his form while in the air offsets any struggles he continues to have when it comes to sticking the landing.

OSB Prediction: Daniel Andre Tande of Norway (+1200)

Daniel Andre Tande of Norway To win Gold in Men's Ski Jumping

Gold Medal Pick for 2022 Olympics Women's Speed Skating

Here are the latest Olympics betting odds for the gold medal winner in women's speed skating:

Pick to Win Speed SkatingBovada
Irene Schouten (NED)-500
Isabelle Weidemann (CAN)+600
Martina Sabilkova (CZE)+800
Natalia Voronina (ROC)+1800
Ragne Wiklund (NOR)+2000
Sanne In 't Hof (NED)+2500
Francesca Lollobrigida (ITA)+3300
Misaki Oshigiri (JAP)+20000
Maryna Zuyeva (BLR)+20000
Mei Han (CHI)+50000
Momoka Horikawa (JAP)+50000
Magdalena Czyszczon (POL)+50000

Imagine picking against Irene Schouten of Ireland (-500). Not only is she the betting favorite by a mile, but her average speed from start to finish is the stuff of legend. She also excels at navigating turns without losing too much velocity.

OSB Prediction:  Irene Schouten of Ireland (-500)

Irene Schouten of Ireland To win Gold in Women's Speed Skating

Who will Gold in Men's Olympics Freestyle Skiing?

Here are the latest Olympics betting odds for the gold medal winner in men's freestyle skiing:

Pick to Win Freestyle SkiingBovada
Nico Porteous (NZL)+165
Aaron Blunck (USA)+325
Alex Ferreira (USA)+450
Brendan Mackay (CAN)+500
David Wise (USA)+600
Birk Irving (USA)+1000
Noah Bowman (CAN)+1400
Simon D'Artois (CAN)+1600
Gus Kenworthy (GBR)+4000
Miguel Porteous (NZL)+4000
Kevin Rolland (FRA)+6600
Ben Harrington (NZL)+8000
Jon Sallinen (FIN)+10000

Nico Porteus of New Zealand (+165) is a legend when it comes to freestyle skiing. He is well-known for his packages of tricks that don't include much repetition.

But his reign will not go unchallenged. Aaron Blunck of the United States (+325) has generated buzz over the past two years for the lateral coordination and flair he's honed at top speed. We like him for the upset.

OSB Prediction: Aaron Blunck of the United States (+325)

To win Gold in Men's Freestyle Skiing

Predicting Winner of Women's Olympics Freestyle Skiing

Here are the latest Olympics betting odds for the gold medal winner in women's freestyle skiing:

Pick to Win Freestyle SkiingBovada
Eileen Gu (CHI)-200
Kelly Sildaru (EST)+250
Rachael Karker (CAN)+750
Brita Sigourney (USA)+1600
Cassie Sharpe (CAN)+1800
Valeriya Demidova+2200
Hanna Faulhaber (USA)+2500
Zoe Atkin (GBR)+2800
Zhang Kexin (CHI)+4000
Devin Logan (USA)+5000
Li Fanghui (CHI)+6600
Amy Fraser (CAN)+6600
Carly Margulies (USA)+8000
Saori Suzuki (JAP)+8000

Go ahead and give the gold medal in this event to Eileen Chu of China (-200). We don't even need to watch the event. She is going to do what she always does: ski in a mistake-free fashion, and obliterate the competition with her best score.

As it stands, most expect Eileen Chu to leave Beijing with three gold medals. This will be one of them.

OSB Prediction: Eileen Chu of China (-200)

Eileen Chu To win Gold in Women's Freestyle Skiing

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