Bet On These Countries To Win 2023 World Men’s Curling Championship

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Bet On These Countries To Win 2023 World Men’s Curling Championship

All the best men’s curling talent are in Ottawa, Canada (at the TD Place Arena) to crown the next 2023 World Men’s Curling Championship. The 13-team tourney runs from April 1 to 9 and we have a complete look at it right here. Stick with us to get our trusted 2023 World Men’s Curling Championship advice.

But before we go any further, it would pay to know the latest curling odds. These are available at the top sports betting platforms, and as it stands, these five countries are favored to take the gold most:


Who’s Playing At The 2023 World Men’s Curling Championship?

As we eluded to before, there are 13 teams playing at the 2023 World Men’s Curling Championship. These teams span the entire globe, and include the following:

  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Scotland
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • United States

All teams will play each other once in a round-robin stage. There are no separate groups, it's all just one pool that involves each team playing 11 games.

At the conclusion of this stage, the top-six teams points-wise go to the playoffs. The top two seeds get automatic buys into the semi-finals, whereas seeds three to six must go to a qualification round against one another. Winners go on to face the two bye teams. It's single-elimination the whole way until a world champion is crowned.

In the event of a tie on the standings, there are no statistical tiebreakers. Who advances is determined by the tied teams' head-to-head matchup. Whoever won that game moves on, simple as that.

Best Bets To Win 2023 World Men’s Curling Championship

Because you're getting plus-money odds all around, you have some cushion to make two different bets on the 2023 World Men's Curling Championship winner — anything more and you're killing your profit margins in all likelihood. While there's arguments to be made for several teams, it's our job to narrow down to the most worthy teams. With that in mind, we kept coming back to these two countries:


We'll be completely honest and say we're stunned the Swedes are not the betting favorites. Yes, we get it, Canada is at home, and well, it's the sport they've long dominated in. However, Sweden has taken the men's game by storm over the past four years — a stretch where they've won the world championship every single time.

The nation is going for five in a row, and are returning the players that've put them in this position to begin with. Skip Niklas Edin, third Oskar Eriksson, second Rasmus Wranaa, and lead Christoffer Sundgren have "been there, done that" with Sweden already. This tried-and-true experience makes them an easy bet here, especially at +260 odds.

Sweden to win 2023 World Men's Curling Championship


If there's one team that can snap the Swedish's streak, we're betting it's Scotland — not Canada. Why? Because the Scottish went to Sweden when they hosted the 2022 European Curling Championship and left with a gold medal. Who's to say that can't happen again?

Leading the charge for Scotland will be the Olympic silver medalist — Bruce Mouat. He did not partake in the 2022 event with Scotland, but is back in the mix, and for the better. Flanking him will be Grant Hardie, Bobby Lammie and Hammy McMillan. This is as good of a team as Scotland could assemble and we expect them to turn heads in Canada.

Scotland to win 2023 World Men's Curling Championship

How To Watch 2023 World Men’s Curling Championship

The Curling Channel is a one-stop shop for watching the 2023 World Men’s Curling Championship. The network is available on a little-known streaming app called Recast. It’s an unorthodox streamer in that you don’t pay a reoccurring subscription price. Instead, you make or earn micro transactions which allow you to stream live content, whether that’s curling or something else they offer.

New users do get free content off the bat, though, so you can start there before learning how to maneuver through the system. But anywho, you better get moving fast cause it’s go-time with the competition beginning Saturday. Pay attention to these dates over the next week:

  • April 1 — Opening game
  • April 8 — Qualification and semi-finals playoff round
  • April 9 — Gold-medal game

How To Bet On 2023 World Men’s Curling Championship

Every single day from April 1 to April 9, you’re going to have multiple betting opportunities from this tournament — and what’s not to like about that? To get every single 2023 World Men’s Curling Championship bet you can think of, we encourage you to hit one of the bookmakers listed below. All five featured were top-rated sites in our newest sportsbook reviews.

Here's one important thing you should be aware of: each of these sites is currently offering killer promotional bonuses of some sort. If you leverage these offers, you stand to gain hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play, which could fund your bets for the whole tournament. Here again, the table underneath details what bonuses are available where. Click one and voila, you're betting with "house money" the rest of this tourney!

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