Complete Guide To Betting 2023 Women’s Curling Championship

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Complete Guide To Betting 2023 Women’s Curling Championship

All eyes on Sandviken, Sweden this next week as the women’s best curling teams across the globe compete for the world title. The tournament runs from March 18 and 26, and this article your complete guide to betting on the Women’s Curling Championship. Keep reading for expert picks on which nation is most bet-worthy.

How Does 2023 World Women’s Curling Championship Work?

Thirteen different countries, from the Americas to Europe to Asia, form the 2023 World Women’s Curling Championship tournament. The format of the event is a classic round-robin, meaning each team plays one another. Every team will play 12 games.

The top-six teams after this round-robin stage advance to the playoffs. The top-two teams get an automatic bye straight to the semifinals. However, the other four must square-off in a qualification round. In the playoff stage, it’s win-or-go-home format until a world champion is crowned at the end.

From March 18 to March 26, there’s at least one game every single day. That’s a whole lot of betting opportunities in a week span, all of which you can find available at popular sports betting sites for curling. As of this writing, there’s no futures betting lines on who wins the championship, but we can assume who the usual favorites will be based on history:

Women's Curling World Championship 2023BovadaBetOnlineBetUS

Switzerland will be a favorite for sure, as they are the three-time reigning champions and going for the four-peat. Canada, of course, is another team high on the contenders list. Its 17 goal medals are most all time — and almost double of the next-best country (Switzerland at 8).

Best Bets To Win 2023 World Women’s Curling Championship

The single-elimination format of the playoffs means you probably shouldn’t make a single bet on the 2023 World Women’s Curling Championship. One bad game is all it takes to put you out of contention. So as a way to “hedge” ourselves, we’ll be dropping futures bets on two teams. While odds aren’t up yet. We expect that to change before things get underway on Saturday. Anyway, here’s the two teams we’re most confident backing with a bet:


Folks, there’s no need to overthink this bet. Switzerland has dominated this sport and event since 2019, and we’re not convinced things have changed. They’re must-bet material in our book.

We say that despite the Swiss being stunned in November’s European championship. Denmark upset them in the finals, a matchup that required extra end play. But if anything, the heartbreaking loss might’ve just re-awakened Switzerland. After so much winning, they have something to prove once more in this event.

The Swiss will be led by Briar Schwaller-Hürlimann, with backing from Carole Howald (second), Silvana Tirinzoni (skip), and Alina Pätz (fourth). No matter their odds, we’re taking the champs to pull off a fourth straight win — a feat that hasn’t been pulled off since 1987 by Canada. Speaking of which, that leads us to our next pick.

Switzerland to win 2023 Women's Curling Championship


Alright, we’re probably going to draw flack for betting on the two proverbial favorites, and we’re ok with that. Betting successfully isn’t about being sexy or edgy, it’s about being smart. And Canada, like Switzerland, has a pedigree that’s hard to match in this sport.

Though, some of Canada’s shine has dimmed in recent years. The country can’t catch a break. In 2021, they placed sixth and then bronze in 2022. That’s not good when you’re the historical leaders of this competition and sport.

Regardless, we’re betting on a comeback story. Canada, after all, has a stacked team — Briane Harris (lead), Shannon Birchard (second), Val Sweeting (third), and Kerri Einarson (skip). They all have chips on their shoulders given the country’s recent woes so motivation certainly won’t be an issue here. Bet in both Switzerland and Canada, and let the better team prevail!

Canada to win 2023 Women's Curling Championship

How To Watch 2023 World Women’s Curling Championship?

There’s one place and one place only to watch the 2023 World Women’s Curling Championship if you’re in the United States — and that’s The Curling Channel. This network is exclusively on the little-known Recast streamer, which is free of cost to download but not to use.

Recast has a unique business model that relies on micro-transactions, not a subscription. You can watch content with credits, which you can earn by buying straight up or helping the community (watching ads, sharing the site, etc.). New users get 25 credits off the bat so watching the first few curling games will be free regardless.

Here are a few dates you might want to watch during the tournament:

  • Saturday, March 18 — First Round Robin Game
  • Friday, March 24 — Final Round Robin Game
  • Saturday, March 25 — Semi-Finals
  • Sunday, March 26 — Finals

How To Bet On 2023 World Women’s Curling Championship?

For a one-stop shop to betting the 2023 World Women’s Curling Championship, hit one of the bookmakers listed below. Any one of them will do the trick. Each site rated high in our online sportsbook review section because its betting menu is so deep, which means you’ll find the full gamut of tourney odds here. Heck, leverage a lucrative sign-up bonus, and you could bet on the tourney free of cost. Take a look at the table below to get started right away!

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