Early Pick To Win 2024 Women’s World Curling Championship

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Early Pick To Win 2024 Women’s World Curling Championship

We’re a few short months away from the annual championship tourney in women’s curling. Who’s going to win the gold medal? That’s the question we’re diving into in this article. Keep on reading to get our best bet to win the 2024 Women’s Curling Championship!

  • What: 2024 World Curling Championship
  • When: March 16 - 24
  • Where: Centre 200 in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Women’s World Curling Championship Preview

While we’d love to preview the 2024 Women’s World Curling Championship with a look at the betting odds, we can’t do so — not now at least. This is because the most-used sports betting sites have yet to drop lines. We expect that to change soon, but for now, we can only speculate on who the betting favorites will be. It’ll likely be the usual suspects:


Let’s shift our attention to what we do now, and that’s who’s competing for gold in Canada come March. Per usual, it’s a 13-team bracket. Canada earned an automatic qualification as host. But let’s be real, the 17-time gold medalists — most in women’s history — would’ve qualified if they had to.

Outside of Canada, every nation had to earn a ticket to the competition. Eight spots were earned in the 2023 European Curling Championship. The top-8 placers got a bid to World, and the countries are as follows — Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey. Surprisingly, Germany missed out entirely. For what it’s worth, Switzerland defeated Italy in the European finale.

Then there was the Pan Continental Curling Championship. The 2023 event automatically qualified the best-four teams. This time, it was Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, and the United States. South Korea won the event, besting Japan in an all-Asia final. Canada competed in the event despite the automatic qualification and finished fourth overall.

Per usual, the 13 teams will play in a round-robin tourney. That means every single team will play each other at least one time. After this stage, the top-six squads get a playoff spot with the No. 1 and No. 2 teams getting a bye into the semis. From here, it’s a single-elimination tournament until a champion is decided. Speaking of which, let’s make our championship predictions below.

Best Bets To Win 2024 Women’s World Curling Championship

As strongly advise against making only one bet on the Women’s World Curling Championship winner. This sport is too damn unpredictable to go “all in” — especially because of the single-elimination tourney style.

You’re better off making at least two picks. Once odds are released, all teams will likely be plus-money. Therefore, you have some betting cushion to take two teams without eating all your profits. That’s what we’re doing and these two teams are our priority picks:


All right, this is pretty much your no-brainer bet. We mean, the Swiss have dominated this sport for the past five years. Until they’re dethroned, it’s hard to back them.

The No. 1 ranked nation in the world has won gold every year since 2019. The event was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, but that’s four championships in a row for the Swiss.

Moreover, the core of the championship team is still intact. That starts with skip Silvana Tirinzoni, who’s led the team every single time. Alina Patz and Carole Howard have also been consistent fixtures. We’d expect all three to give it another go in March. In the words of the famous Ric Flair, “to be the man, you have to beat the man.” Women in this case, but you get the gist with Switzerland.

Switzerland to win 2024 Women's World Curling Championship


We have to put money on the home team — despite less-than-stellar results as of late. The powerhouse Canadians have looked anything but since Switzerland began its reign of dominance. Canada last won gold in 2018, and hasn’t even been to a final since then. They’ve settled for bronze for the past two years. That’s good for most countries, but not Canada given its history.

Still, we’d favor them if skip Rachel Homan is representing the Canadian team. They are ranked third in the world. But better yet, Homan just bested the aforementioned Tirinzoni at the Grand Slam of Curling's WFG Masters. In the recent final, Canada toppled Switzerland 8-4. Talk about momentum before the world stage.

We honestly don’t know who will win a rematch between Canada and Switzerland if and when they duel at the world competition. That’s why a two-pronged bet makes so much sense here. Let the best team win and keep at least one of your bets alive.

Canada to win 2024 Women's World Curling Championship

How To Bet On 2024 Women’s World Curling Championship?

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