Table Tennis Picks; Get behind Denis Hofman in the Czech Pro Liga on Friday

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Table Tennis Picks; Get behind Denis Hofman in the Czech Pro Liga on Friday

It’s time for another round of Czech Pro Liga betting picks. There’s another full day of action taking place on Friday with Denis Hofman’s match against Martin Huk looking one of the stand out fixtures of the day. Here we’ve checked out the odds for the big matches and we’re going to tell you the best value bets in our latest Table Tennis betting picks.

  • Denis Hofman, Radek Rose, Martin Huk and Rostyslav Kliuchuk are all in action on Friday, and we’re following the quartet’s matches for our picks
  • Martin Huk had a tough Wednesday, winning three of seven on what was a tough and hectic day
  • Denis Hofman lost twice to Rostyslav Kliuchuk on Monday. He will be looking for revenge when the two men meet on Friday
  • Elsewhere, Martin Huk will fancy his chances of a clean sweep on Friday. But his greatest obstacle on the day will be Denis Hofman

Our odds table below covers the top matches involving Martin Huk and Denis Hofman. We’ve taken our odds from BetOnline, who are one of the best online table tennis betting sites. For more information on this sportsbook, please check out our BetOnline sportsbook review page.

Czech Liga Pro Fixtures For 5-5-2023BetOnlineBetOnline
Martin Huk-275+200Rostyslav Kliuchuk
Denis Hofman-120-120Radek Rose
Denis Hofman-120-120Martin Huk
Martin Huk-334+240Radek Rose
Denis Hofman+125-175Rostyslav Kliuchuk

Everyday BetOnline and top rated online betting sites offer bets on Table Tennis. The most popular competitions are the Czech Liga Pro and the Russian Pro League. Both these competitions have matches that can be bet on daily, and often through the night.

Other popular Table Tennis competitions that can be bet on are the Setka Cup and the TT Elite Series. There is basically Table Tennis every day that can be wagered on with the top betting sites. To read more about these sites, please check out our sportsbook reviews page. Now, onto the day’s top matches.

Denis Hofman -120 vs Radek Rose -120

The match between Hofman and Rose is the first we are looking at. On Monday, Hofman played four times. He lost twice, and won twice. The two wins were over Jiri Louda (3-0) and Jiri Ruzicka (3-0). The two losses were against Rostyslav Kliuchuk, both 3-1.

As for Radek Rose, he last played on Wednesday, winning three and losing one. The three wins were against Jiri Louda (3-2), Martin Bittner (3-2), and Rostyslav Kliuchuk (3-2). The loss came in his second match against Jiri Louda, which was also by a 3-2 scoreline.

Denis Hofman defeated Louda in three sets. The scores were 11-8, 11-6, and 11-9. Rose won one and lost one to Louda, we feel this gives Denis Hofman the edge and he is our pick to win the opening match.

Denis Hofman To beat Radek Rose

Denis Hofman -120 vs Martin Huk -120

We know all about Denis Hofman’s form from Monday, but what about Martin Huk? Well, Huk had two four-match sessions in the arena on Wednesday. In his opening session (on the night shift), he lost all four. Then when he came back in the afternoon, he managed to win three from four.

The fact that Martin Huk played eight matches across two sessions on Wednesday highlights the continuous grind that is the professional Czech league.

But where does this leave us with regards to this match? Well, Martin Huk bounced back well on Wednesday afternoon, but is that enough to see him win this match? We’re not so sure. His wins over Zdenek Bilek (3-2), Jiri Nesnera (3-1), and Michal Zahradka (3-1) didn’t come easily, and we think his hard 24 hours might count against him. We’re backing Denis Hofman to come out on top.

Denis Hofman To beat Martin Huk

Denis Hofman +125 vs Rostyslav Kliuchuk -175

The final match we’re looking at is Denis Hofman against Rostyslav Kliuchuk. We think the odds are very favorable to Kliuchuk in this matchup. Kliuchuk lost three of his four matches on Wednesday. His only win came over Martin Bittner in his opening fixture of the night.

But when these two players met on Monday, it was Kliuchuk who came out on top in both encounters. This seems to have influenced the table tennis betting sites.

Rostyslav Kliuchuk is on the night session on Friday night, so when he comes to play his Friday evening matches, he may not be at his sharpest. This obviously gives Denis Hofman an advantage, and we are disagreeing with the sportsbooks here and make Hofman our betting pick to beat Rostyslav Kliuchuk.

Denis Hofman To beat Rostyslav Kliuchuk

Whether you want to place these three bets in a parlay, or just place them as three single wagers is up to you. Just be aware, placing them in a Parlay means you only need one bet to lose, for the whole bet to lose.

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