Undercard Bets That Will Pay Out At UFC Fight Night

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Undercard Bets That Will Pay Out At UFC Fight Night

If you’re not even looking at betting on the undercard of the next UFC Fight Night event, you’re leaving money on the table. You see, some of the best bets of UFC Fight Night are on the undercard. Allow us to give you three picks we’re most confident in for the show!

  • What: UFC Fight Night
  • When: Saturday, February 3
  • Where: UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Thomas Petersen vs. Jamal Pogues Betting Pick

This fight is scheduled to open the entire show, which goes to show you how deep we’re looking for betting value. This is a heavyweight fight between two fellas not far removed from Dana White’s Contender Series. Let’s take a stab at the Petersen-Pogues moneyline. Available at the best UFC betting sites, here’s how it’s being pegged:

Thomas Petersen-170-170-170
Jamal Pogues+140+140+140

Both fighters are 28 years of age, but Petersen is a little greener with more potential. He’s 8-1 and won via submission in his only UFC contest. Pogues, on the other hand, is going on three UFC fights. He won his first two but did lose last time out to Mick Parkin. It was a unanimous decision defeat and Pogues looked way off. His grappling and striking were missing left and right.

It’s hard to have confidence in Pogues after that recent performance. We will say though, he has the advantage on the feet in this matchup. Petersen’s striking is quite frankly bad. It’s so bad, he’s a KO waiting to happen for a fighter with dangerous power. Unfortunately for Pogues, that’s not really him. His striking power is only so-so.

Petersen is our pick and here’s how we see him winning: wrestling Pogues to death for three rounds. His takedown ability contrasts his striking skills cause Peterson can absolutely maul opponents on the ground. We fancy Petersen to wear Pogues out for the full length of the fight and win on the scorecard. The Petersen moneyline pays more than the over 1.5 rounds so stick to this wager for max value.

Thomas Petersen to beat Jamal Pogues

Jeongyeong Lee vs. Blake Blider Betting Pick

This fight might very well steal the show. You have two exciting fighters going at it in a bout that can go either way. That’s reflected in the moneyline odds where Lee is a marginal -130 favorite. The fight feels a tad too close to call which is why we’re jumping on the Blider-Lee over/under instead. Here’s how those odds shake out:

Over 2.5 rounds-115-115-115
Under 2.5 rounds-115-115-115

Lee is also a prospect. The 28-year-old won his first-ever UFC fight the last go-round. Striking is Lee’s forte. With a 73-inch reach, he’ll be at an advantage against moth featherweights. Lee uses that length to press forward when on the feet. He does have a tendency to hang his arms too low so he’s vulnerable to the counter-attack.

Bilder’s 8-1 over his career, not far behind Lee at 10–1. Here’s the thing though: Bilder is 33 years old. So in a way, he’s an old prospect, which usually isn’t a good combo. The last time we saw Bilder he lost for the first time against Kyle Nelson. Bilder’s usual grappling wasn’t going for him. If he can even get that back to normal, the takedown and control ability will be Bilder’s leg-up over Lee in this one.

Like we said, we’re not entirely sure who wins. We like Lee, but he’s also super raw. Bilder is a high IQ fighter so we doubt he’ll want to get into a fistfight with Lee. We could also see Bilder use his bigger body and grappling to wear down Lee. To us, the safest bet to take is the over 2.5 rounds. We see this one going the distance.

Over 2.5 rounds in Lee vs. Bilder fight

Randy Brown vs. Muslim Salikhov Betting Pick

This welterweight fight will be on the main card. It was a late addition to the show but a goodie matchup. Brown is a comfy -240 favorite to win, but we’re more inclined to bet the over/under between Salikhov and Brown instead. Here’s the odds:

Salikhov has a shot in this one for one major reason: the guy has power in his hands. Thirteen of 19 career wins have by way of KO for Salikhov. It’s truly one-punch power if he connects it right.

At the same time, Salikhov is 39 years old. He’s on the decline and we could see Brown finishing him as well. Brown is a 6-foot-3 welterweight who knows how to use his length when striking. All things considered, we sense under is the bet to make here. Someone is getting stopped early is our prediction.

Under 2.5 rounds in Brown vs. Salikhov fight

How To Bet On UFC Fight Night?

UFC Fight Night has more than a dozen fights. That means the UFC Fight Night betting opportunities are far and wide beyond what we covered above. To get a full list of every type of bet — moneyline, over/under, props, etc. — start with one of the bookies below.

The best part about using these bookmakers is the lucrative promotional bonuses they offer. Deals can pay out bettors hundreds to even thousands of dollars in free play — money that can fund your UFC betting. Some of our favorite offers are listed below for your convenience.

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