Prop Bets That Will Pay Big Bucks On UFC 300

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Prop Bets That Will Pay Big Bucks On UFC 300

The best way to profit from UFC 300 is through the prop betting market. There are hundreds of prop bets available, many with sneaky-good value. We’ve picked out three of those UFC 300 prop bets worth taking and we’re giving them to you for free so keep on reading!

  • What: UFC 300
  • When: Saturday, April 13
  • Where: T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada

Deiveson Figueiredo vs. Cody Garbrandt Prop Bet

Can you believe this fight will open the UFC 300 card? It was not long ago that both of these fighters were world champions — Figueiredo at flyweight and Garbrandt at bantamweight, where this fight is being contested at. The prop bet that sticks out to us between Garbrandt-Figueiredo is to go the distance. The no outcome is favored at the best UFC betting sites right now:


We can see why the odds are it will NOT go the distance. That’s because Garbrandt is as chiny as they come. Only 32 years old, but he’s been rocked on numerous occasions over his career. Four of five career losses have been by knockout for Garbrandt. It’s not just that Garbrandt has a weak chin, but the bigger issue is that he lacks the fight IQ to avoid a big blow. Garbrandt routinely has his chin out just waiting to get pummeled.

Most of the time, that’s a recipe for disaster for Garbrandt, but less so in this specific matchup. That’s because Figueiredo is the way smaller fighter. He’s three inches shorter than Garbrandt, and remember, Figueiredo’s success was at flyweight, ten whole pounds smaller than this weight class. Figueiredo did win his bantamweight debut, but there’s no way his power is translating as much, especially at age 36.

All this is to say this fight is going the distance. Figueiredo is an excellent ground-game guy so he’ll have some success against Garbrandt, but the size difference probably means Garbrandt will be able to escape any dangerous submission holds. Figueiredo is also tough so he’ll be able to withstand Garbrandt’s top-notch boxing. Let the judges decide this and cash in your prop bet in the process.

Yes to go the distance in Figueiredo vs. Garbrandt fight at UFC 300

Bo Nickal vs. Cody Brundage Prop Bet

This is the most one-sided fight on the entire UFC 300 card. Get this, Nickal is a staggering -2100 to win on the moneyline. It’s one of the longest lines we’ve ever seen in the UFC. The thing is there’s zero money to make off that, therefore, we’re betting on the Nickal-Brundage round-by-round prop. The point of this wager is not only to pick who wins, but in what round. Your betting options are as follows:

Nickal Round 1-190-190-190
Nickal Round 2+380+380+380
Nickal Round 3+1200+1200+1200
Nickal by Decision+800+800+800
Brundage Round 1+2500+2500+2500
Brundage Round 2+5000+5000+5000
Brundage Round 3+7000+7000+7000
Brundage by Decision+3000+3000+3000

The fact that this one-sided fight is on the main card and former UFC champions and debuting gold medalists are in the prelims tells you everything you need to know about how UFC views Nickal — a future star. His skill set certainly supports that. Nickal is a three-time NCAA wrestling champion and 5-0 in his career. All five of those wins ended in the first round too, which explains the betting odds seen above.

We do see Nickal stopping Brundage, but not in the first round. Brundage is a major step up in completion for the inexperienced Nickal. Maybe he’s not a world-class wrestler like Nickal, but Brundage is decent at it and he packs power in his fists. With 15 career fights, Brundage is also no spring chicken. That’s why we’re betting on Nickal in the second round after a feel-out process most of the first.

Nickal in second round over Brundage at UFC 300

Justin Gaethje vs. Max Holloway Prop Bet

This might be the most anticipated bout of UFC 300 because of the two competitors — two massive fan favorites. Favorites because they love standing in there and letting their hands go. When it comes to Gaethje vs. Holloway props, we’re throwing money on the method of victory wager. You know how these work, pick the winner and how they win. Betting options are as follows:

Gaethje by KO+150+150+150
Gaethje by Submission+2200+2200+2200
Gaethje by Decision+300+300+300
Holloway by KO+700+700+700
Holloway by Submission+1800+1800+1800
Holloway by Decision+225+225+225

Gaethje is a comfy -165 favorite to win, as he should be. It’s being contested at his natural weight class at 155 pounds. Holloway is moving up (though he’s fought at lightweight once before) and many bettors worry he’s bitten off more than he can chew. That’s because Gaethje, the current BMF champion, hits as heavy as anyone in the division. The thing is Holloway also has a legendary chin and has never once been KO’d.

This is a contrarian way of thinking but we believe Holloway has a real chance at winning this one. He’s an excellent striker with insane cardio. Since this fight is for the BMF belt, it’s a five-rounder, and that benefits Holloway. We could see Holloway piecing up Gaethje for five rounds and winning via decision. Take those +225 odds we say!

Holloway by decision over Gaethje at UFC 300

How To Bet On UFC 300 Props?

Want a complete list of UFC 300 prop bets? Hit one of the bookies below then. All five listed sites are rated highly in our latest sportsbook reviews, partly because of their deep betting menus. Every type of bet imaginable for this show (props, moneyline, over/under, etc.), plus others, will be available. Get in on this before Saturday’s bell time so you can profit bigly off UFC 300!

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