Best UFC 278 Bets: Kamaru Usman vs. Leon Edwards 2 Picks

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Best UFC 278 Bets: Kamaru Usman vs. Leon Edwards 2 Picks

Looking to get out in front of your UFC 278 betting? Well, you've come to the right place. The latest betting odds for UFC have been released in advance of the fight card on Saturday, August 20, and we've got picks for all the key matchups.

Most will be drawn to the UFC 278 main event between Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards. We're right there with the majority. This welterweight battle could be one for the ages. But we've also got UFC 278 betting picks for the other four matchups on the main card. The rest of the fight bill includes Jose Aldo vs. Merab Dvalishvili, Paulo Costa vs. Luke Rockhold, Amir Albazi vs. Francisco Figueiredo and Marcin Tybura vs. Alexander Romanov.

Now feels like a good time for us to have a look at the latest UFC 278 betting odds, with lines coming from the folks over at BetOnline:

Kamaru Usman-335+270Leon Edwards
Merab Dvalishvili-108-102Jose Aldo
Pauolo Costa-185+215Luke Rockhold
Amir Albazi-225+190Francisco Figueiredo
Alexander Romanov-135+115Marcin Tybura

Until you actually submit your UFC 278 predictions, continue updating these odds for maximum accuracy. All UFC 278 betting lines are subject to shift right through the opening bell, and the MMA odds we've provided above are accurate entering Tuesday, August 2.

If you haven't yet found a site to bet on UFC 278, we're here to help. We have reviews of the best online sportsbooks as well as organized deep dives into the best mobile apps for UFC betting. We're confident you can find a home for all your UFC wagering—if not all your sports wagering in general—if you head over to either one of those pages.

Kamaru Usman Shaping Up As UFC 278 Betting Lock vs. Leon Edwards


That is the number of consecutive title fights Kamaru Usman has now won. And we think he's about to make it No. 7.

Championship bouts and defenses can breed fatigue. We have yet to see Usman look tired. He is still landing 52 percent of his significant strike attempts per minute, and the three takedowns he's posting on a highly accurate attempt rate are almost unmatched throughout the UFC.

At this moment, sportsbooks have not yet released odds on when or how this match will specifically end. There is only the outright moneyline. But if you can find odds on Usman knocking out Leon Edwards, we'd endorse you jumping on them.

OSB Prediction: Kamaru Usman (-335)

Kamaru Usman To beat Leon Edwards

Can Merab Dvalishvili Make the Most of His Slight Edge Over Jose Aldo?

Let's answer the question right off the bat: It's a no.

Many fans will be shocked to find out we have Jose Aldo among our best UFC 278 bets. Merab Dvalishvili is the more potent striker, and oddsmakers have given him the overall advantage.

Still, you'll notice Dvalishvili is only a slight favorite. There's a reason for this. He is at his peak when he's able to mix in wrestling moves and flat-out takedowns. But there are only a handful of UFC fighters capable of breaking through Aldo's borderline impenetrable takedown defense. And Dvalishvili isn't one of them.

OSB Prediction: Jose Aldo (-102)

Jose Aldo To beat Mera Dvalishvili

Paulo Costa Deserves Your Action vs. Luke Rockhold

Do you know how many UFC fighters have appeared in at least 15 matches and are landing more than 6.5 significant strike attempts per minute while doing so at nearly a 60 percent accuracy clip?

We'll give you a hint: You can count them on one hand in this weight class. And Paulo Costa is among the very few to make the list.

Everyone should stop short of declaring Luke Rockhold a lost cause. Costa has issues defending against quicker combinations, particularly when he's closer to the octagon's barriers. But his own combination of speed, power and accuracy make this a no-brainer pick for us.

OSB Prediction: Paulo Costa (-185)

Paulo Costa To beat Luke Rockhold

Amir Albazi Beating Francisco Figueiredo Might Be Our Best UFC 278 Bet

This might seem a little weird to say given the payout, but we're not sure anyone at UFC 278 is laying more value than Amir Albazi.

Sure, he's a -225. You'll have to bet big to win big. But he's facing a version of Francisco Figueiredo who doesn't seem like a match for his skill set.

Not only is Albazi successfully fending off around 60 percent of opponent strikes and 75 percent of their takedown attempts, but Figueiredo is currently absorbing more significant strike attempts per minute (2.59) than he's landing (1.98). All signs point to Albazi running away with this one—just like he did with each of his past two victories.

OSB Prediction: Amir Albazi (-225)

Amir Albazi To beat Francisco Figueiredo

Put an Alexander Romanov Victory on Your UFC 278 Betting List

Alexander Romanov enters this matchup with Marcin Tybura at 16-0-0 for his UFC career. Our advice? Bank on him getting to a perfect 17-0-0.

The numbers behind this one are overwhelming. Romanov is landing 52 percent of his strikes and 69 percent of his takedowns. And he's actually completing nearly 6.5 takedown attempts overall. That is nearly unheard of in today's UFC.

Skeptics will chalk up his success to a limited sample size against elite opponents. At some point, though, 16 fights needs to count as 16 fights. Romanov has not built up his current resume on accident. And at UFC 278, he should add to it with a decisive victory over Tybura, who just doesn't have the connectivity rate on his takedowns or strikes to warrant an investment of his own.

OSB Prediction: Alexander Romanov (-135)

Alexander Romanov To beat Marcin Tybura

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