UFC Betting Odds and Picks for July 17 Fight Night

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UFC Betting Odds and Picks for July 17 Fight Night

If you're not already aboard the UFC fight night bandwagon, it's time to hop on. And there's no better slate, to begin with than the first one scheduled for after UFC 264. Don't worry about going in cold, either. We already have your UFC betting odds and picks for July 17 fight night.

Indeed, most consider UFC fight nights below their attention. They care more about the pay-per-view-type events. We get it. But fight nights always have a few tantalizing matchups, in addition to some showdowns between up-and-comers. The July 17 fight night is an anomaly in that there's plenty of big names across the card, on top of all the usually lower-key bouts. 

Here are the latest UFC fight night odds, courtesy of BetOnline:

Max Holloway-375+285Yair Rodriguez
Islam Makhachev-450+350Thiago Moises
Miesha TateTBATBAMarion Reneau
Mateusz Gamrot-245+210Jeremy Stephens
Daniel Rodriguez-125+105Abubakar Nurmagomedov
Khalid Taha-150+130Sergey Morozov
Guram Kutateladze-195+170Don Madge
Francisco Figueiredo-280+240Malcolm Gordon

These UFC betting lines are accurate as of June 21. Since that's almost a month away from the fight-night card, you'll want to recheck these odds before deciding on a wager.

July 17 UFC Fight Night Breakdown

Fasten your seatbelts, folks. With eight fights on the UFC's July 17 slate, we'll be moving through every matchup extremely quickly.

Also, because the UFC is still waiting on Miesha Tate to complete her post-retirement probationary period, there are not yet public betting lines on this matchup. We will still predict the outright winner, but you'll want to monitor the top online sportsbooks for actual odds on the fight.

Max Holloway (-375) vs. Yair Rodriguez (+285)

Max Holloway is still trying to regain momentum after consecutive losses to Alexander Volkanovski and a hard-fought decision win over Calvin Kattar.

Some believe he's on the decline. Not us. He's still landing nearly 7.5 significant strikes per minute. In our book, Yair Rodriguez doesn't stand a chance.

OSB Prediction: Max Holloway (-375)

Max Holloway To beat Yair Rodriguez

Islam Makhachev (-450) vs. Thiago Moises (+350)

Islam Makhachev has not lost since all the way back at UFC 192, a stretch that spans seven consecutive wins. Don't bet on that streak ending here.

Though Makhachev can be a little slow with his combinations, his vertical and takedown defense are nearly unparalleled, and he packs a lot more power than Thiago Moises.

Islam Makhachev odds

OSB Prediction: Islam Makhachev (-450)

Islam Makhachev To beat Thiago Moises

Miesha Tate (TBA) vs. Marion Reneau (TBA)

Talk about your bookend fights. Tate is returning after an extensive time away from UFC while Reneau just recently announced this would be her last fight before retiring.

Oddsmakers will probably favor Tate once the lines are released. She hasn't fought at the UFC level in quite some time, but she's kept herself in shape by remaining close to the sport and training. Don't be surprised if she doesn't miss a beat.

OSB Prediction: Meisha Tate (TBA)

Miesha Tate To beat Marion Reneau

Mateusz Gamrot (-245) vs. Jeremy Stephens (+210)

Even as the underdog, Jeremy Stephens seems overvalued here.

Not only have his past five fights ended in a loss or no decision, but Mateusz Gamrot sports just one loss on his record, is landing 4.26 significant strikes per minute, and has yet to be taken down to the mat for more than a couple of seconds.

OSB Prediction: Mateusz Gamrot

Mateusz Gamrot To beat Jeremy Stephens

Daniel Rodriguez (-125) vs. Abubakar Nurmagomedov (+105)

Daniel Rodriguez is working off an impressive victory over Mike Perry, but his favorite status, while slight, truly puzzles us

Oddsmakers are probably drawn to the nearly eight significant strikes per minute he's landing. And yet, he gives up almost as many as he dishes out. That strike defense makes him uniquely vulnerable against a savvy, power-hitting vet like Abubakar Nurmagomedov.

Abubakar Nurmagomedov odds

OSB Prediction: Abubakar Nurmagomedov (+105)

Abubakar Nurmagomedov To beat Daniel Rodriguez

Khalid Taha (-150) vs. Sergey Morozov (+130)

Sergey Morozov does not have a large enough official UFC sample size off which to pass judgment. He has an 18-4 lifetime record, but just one of those fights has come under the UFC umbrella—and it was a loss to Raoni Barcelos back in January.

While Khalid Taha has dropped or no-contested in three of his past four fights, we have no choice but to roll with experience, as well as the fighter who projects to be more efficient with their combos.

OSB Prediction: Khalid Taha (-150)

Khalid Taha To beat Sergey Morozov

Guram Kutateladze (-195) vs. Don Madge (+170)

Consider us highly intrigued by Don Madge. His first official UFC fight ended with a knockout victory, and he took his second opponent to a decision win at UFC 242. 

That mini sample lines up with his style. This is someone who can both one-punch his way to Ws yet also has the stamina to go the distance. Guram Kutateladze's power interests us, but he's not diverse enough with his offensive stances to be viewed as this clear of a favorite. Take the upset.

OSB Prediction: Don Madge (+170)

Don Madge To beat Guram Kutateladze

Francisco Figueiredo (-280) vs. Malcolm Gordon (+240)

A southpaw who plays excellent defense, Francisco Figueiredo warrants his heavy-favorite status.

Even if you don't trust his offense, there's less to trust with Malcolm Gordon. His last two fights ended in TKO and submission losses, respectively. This one may follow a similar script.

OSB Prediction: Francisco Figueiredo (-280)

Francisco Figueiredo To beat Malcolm Gordon

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