UFC Fight Night 2022: Picks for Donald Cerrone vs. Joe Lauzon, Kevin Holland vs. Tim Means

UFC Fight Night 2022: Picks for Donald Cerrone vs. Joe Lauzon, Kevin Holland vs. Tim Means

Everyone loves a good UFC Fight Night. And that's just what's in store for us this Saturday, June 17. From Donald Cerrone vs. Joe Lauzon to Kevin Holland vs. Tim Means, the main card for this UFC Fight Night is jam-packed with intriguing matchups that will invariably have an impact on which participants get larger-profile bouts in future UFC main events.

With so many tantalizing head-to-heads on the board, we feel inclined to drop picks for every single one. Let's begin by looking at the latest betting odds on UFCin advance of Saturday's fight card:

Gregory Rodrigues-215+164Julian Marquez
Damir Ismagulov-170+132Guram Kutaeladze
Albert Duraev-210+162Joaquin Buckley
Kevin Holland-245+186Tim Means
Donald Cerrone-184+142Joe Lauzon
Calvin Kattar-245+186Josh Emmett

Make sure you're double-checking these UFC betting lines prior to making any of your predictions. All UFC betting odds are subject to shift right up until the opening back, and our predictions are based on lines that are accurate as of Tuesday, June 14. 

As usual, we also strongly recommend going through our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. With all the information we've provided, you should have no issue spotting the best UFC betting sites in 2022. It's also a great idea to browse through our list of the best betting apps for UFC. These sportsbook operators tend to run the best specials ahead of UFC Fight Nights, as well as main events.

Donald Cerrone Easy Choice vs. Joe Lauzon

Donald Cerrone is at the point in which he's trying to salvage his UFC career. The 6'1" hard hitter has now lost six consecutive matches, half of which have come by knockout. During this lamentable stretch, we have seen Cerrone struggle to land his big-time strikes as accurately, all but torpedoing his own ability to land his trademark knockout bunches.

Fortunately for him, though, Joe Lauzon is just the opponent he needs to face in order to get back on track. Lauzon lands less than half of his significant strike attempts per minute, and he isn't someone who's going to beat Cerrone with superior speed or wrestling ability.

OSB Prediction: Donald Cerrone (-184)

Donald Cerrone To beat Joe Lauzon

Kevin Holland Poised to Beat Tim Means

Bettors with the stomach for intense risk might consider Tim Means a worthy option entering this UFC Fight Night. He's landing more than five significant strikes per minute, and his grappling technique is much improved over his past three matches‚ÄĒall of which were victories.

Still, we can't shake the feeling that Kevin Holland is finally back on track.

After losing three straight matches, Holland is working off a victory over Alex Oliveira at UFC 272, a fight many didn't think he would win. That win included all the hallmark harbingers of Holland at his best: precision with his punches, and flawlessness with his footwork. He may be a touch slower than Means, but Holland's armory of moves and power is also slightly deeper. He's the much safer pick for this match.

OSB Prediction: Kevin Holland (-245)

Kevin Holland To beat Tim Means

Will Dami Ismagulov Have Tough Time Against Guram Kutaeladze?

Damir Ismagulov isn't especially well-known among the most casual UFC fans. That should probably change.

With a 23-1-0 career record in the octagon, Ismagulov has established himself as a legitimate threat. Granted, you won't be blown away by his fighting style. He isn't searching for knockout blows, and his vertical combinations can be on the inefficient end.

Overall, though, Ismagulov is one of the better balanced fighters The Company has to offer. So few can win matches in so many different ways. It doesn't matter whether he needs to rely on striking combinations, well-timed kicks, wrestling or evasive maneuvers, Ismagulov has what it takes to beat just about any fighting specialty.

OSB Prediction: 

Kevin Holland To beat Tim Means

Albert Duraev Feels Like Sure Thing vs. Joaquin Buckley

It's pretty hard for us to envision Joaquin Buckley upsetting Albert Duraev.

Sure, Buckley is working off a few consecutive victories, and he does rank among the most dangerous left-right-left punchers in the sport. But he's wildly inaccurate. Buckley lands just 36 percent of his strike attempts per minute, one of the worst marks among qualified UFC fighters.

Duraev, on the other hand, lands more than half of his significant strike attempts, all while playing better vertical and wrestling defense.

OSB Prediction: Albert Duraev (-210)

Albert Duraev To beat Joaquin Buckley

Gregory Rodrigues with Clear Edge Over Julian Martinez

Don't let Gregory Rodrigues' most recent loss, at a UFC Fight Night in February, scare you out of investing in him now. Rodrigues is still connecting on more than five of his significant strike attempts per minute, at a better than 50 percent clip.

Indeed, skilled wrestlers tend to give him trouble, in large part because they're adept at slowing things down. Rodrigues doesn't have to worry about that against Julian Martinez. The latter is one of the worst wrestlers in the sport at the moment, averaging fewer than 0.1 takedowns.

OSB Prediction: Gregory Rodrigues (-215)

Gregory Rodrigues To beat Julian Martinez

Josh Emmett Needs Luck to Win Against Calvin Kattar

When people watch Calvin Kattar fight, they tend to think he's eminently beatable. He isn't particularly explosive or mobile, and his accuracy on kicks and strikes hovers between average to slightly above average.

What he lacks in flair, though, he makes up for with incredible defense. Opponents are landing just 11 percent of their takedown attempts against Kattar, as well as fewer than 40 percent of their strike attempts. That's ultimately bad news for Josh Emmet, as the odds here clearly show.

OSB Prediction: Calvin Kattar (-245)

Calvin Kattar To beat Tim Means

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