Best UFC Fight Night Bets: Marlon Vera vs. Dominick Cruz Picks

Best UFC Fight Night Bets: Marlon Vera vs. Dominick Cruz Picks

Strap into your seatbelts, folks. The next UFC Fight Night has an incredible main card waiting for you. The primary draw, of course, will be the main event of Marlon Vera vs. Dominick Cruz, but the schedule for Saturday, August 13, is actually loaded with other tantalizing matchups.

David Onama will be taking on Nate Landwehr in the co-main event showdown. Bruno Silva will be going up against Gerald MeerschaertNina Nunes will take a crack at Cynthia Calvillo while Azamat Murzakanov dances with Devin Clark. And this says nothing of the pending battle between Yazmin Jauregui and Iasmin Lucindo. Like, we said, Saturday's fight card is caps-lock LOADED.

But before we dig into our latest MMA predictions, let's have a look at the latest betting odds for UFC, courtesy of the folks over at BetOnline:

Yazmin Jauregui-225+172Iasmin Lucindo
David Onama-295+220Nate Landwehr
Bruno Silva-295+220Gerald Meerschaert
Cynthia Calvillo-180+140Nina Nunes
Azamat Murzakanov-170+132Devin Clark
Marlon Vera-235+180Dominick Cruz

Remember to recheck these UFC betting lines for Marlon Vera vs. Dominick Cruz and the other fights until you actually place your wager. All odds on UFC will continue moving through the opening bell, and our lines and predictions are accurate heading into Thursday, August 11.

If you haven't already found a home for all of your UFC betting, be sure to check out our reviews of the top online sportsbooks as well as our list of the best betting apps for UFC in 2022. We're confident we've provided all the information needed for you to identify a permanent spot for all of your UFC betting.

On to the UFC Fight Night predictions!

Marlon Vera Should Be Heavier Favorite vs. Dominick Cruz

Given the fighting style championed by Marlon Vera, we would typically be more open to considering an upset on the part of Dominick Cruz.

For as much power as Vera is able to generate on his combinations, he is still absorbing m0re significant strikes per minute than he's landing. More than anything, this speaks to the risks he takes, where he's oftentimes sacrificing his footing and positioning for a shot at death knells.

This approach invariably gets him into trouble versus certain opponents. But Cruz shouldn't be one of them. His slower reaction time should be catnip that Marlon Vera inevitably gobbles up.

OSB Prediction: Marlon Vera (-235)

Marlon Vera To beat Dominick Cruz

David Onama's Victory Over Nate Landwehr Feels Like a Formality

Stylistically speaking, David Onama and Nate Landwehr are functional equals. They are both landing and absorbing more than five significant strikes per minute.

Such dramatic similarities can be difficult to distinguish between. Either one of these fighters could get on a combination heater and land their punches at an even higher clip.

Ultimately, though, we think this head-to-head will come down to who ekes out more winning plays as a grappler. And without question, the better fighter in those positions is Onama.

OSB Prediction: David Onama (-295)

David Onama To beat Nate Landwehr

Bruno Silva to Make Mincemeat of Gerald Meerschaert

There might not be a more lopsided match on this fight card, aside from perhaps Marlon Vera vs. Dominick Cruz.

Bruno Silva is currently landing nearly five significant strikes per minute at a better than 50 percent clip. That is volume and efficiency Gerald Meerschaert just isn't good enough to keep up with.

OSB Prediction: Bruno Silva (-295)

Bruno Silva To beat Gerald Meerschaert

Can Nina Nunes Steal a Win From Cynthia Calvillo?

Linemakers seem to love Cynthia Calvillo's more reserved approach to fighting inside the octagon. We can understand that. Patience and stamina are virtues in the UFC, and she's got plenty of both.

Still, when you don't actually implement much offensive aggression, you need to make the most of the opportunities you take. Calvillo struggles to do that. She's landing only 40 percent of her strike attempts and roughly 35 percent of her takedown attempts.

Nina Nunes is both more aggressive and slightly more accurate on her combinations. We're calling for the upset here.

OSB Prediction: Nina Nunes (+140)

Nina Nunes To beat Cynthia Calvillo

Azamat Murzakanov Stays Undefeated with Victory vs. Devin Clark

Rolling with Devin Clark in a (slight) upset is tempting. He has more experience than Azamat Murzakanov and is also the more accurate striker.

But Clark's spotty defense has us second-guessing that pick. He is liable to get caught off balance even after he lands a strike, and opponents have historically found some success with their kicks and grappling maneuvers in those situations. 

It just so happens Murzakanov excels in both of those areas. And in the end, we believe that's more than enough to offset the better striking we're bound to see from Clark.

OSB Prediction: Azamat Murzakanov (-170)

Azamat Murzkanov To beat Devin Clark

Yazmin Jauregui Wins UFC Fight Night Debut Against Iasmin Lucindo

Who doesn't love a pair of UFC debuts?

Yazmin Jauregui vs. Iasmin Lucindo is the perfect opening act for the Marlon Vera vs. Dominick Cruz extravaganza. Neither has any UFC experience, and they're both renowned for their blend of verticality and power.

Since we can only choose one, we're inclined to go with Jauregui. Over the course of her career inside the Octagon, about 75 percent of her victories have come by KO or TKO. Though we don't expect her to knock out Lucindo early (or even at all), the velocity she generates on both her strikes and kicks has us absolutely smitten—and entirely in her corner.

OSB Prediction: Yazmin Jauregui (-225)

Yazmin Jauregui To beat Iasmin Lucindo

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