Las Vegas Cosmopolitan

Shopping for Las Vegas hotels and sportsbooks can be a repetitive task. Even the most exceptional locations, such as the Bellagio, offer many of the same amenities. Every so often, though, you stumble upon a casino that promises a truly unique experience. 

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas sportsbook is one such establishment that gives its guests and players such a thrill. Everything from their rooms to their casino experience deviates from the norm, in large part because they were never initially meant to be a touristy location. Does this unique setup translate to one of the best places to visit in Sin City? You better believe our Cosmopolitan Las Vegas review will let you know.

This assessment of the Cosmopolitan sportsbook will cover everything from the betting opportunities and hotel stays to location and hours of operation. We even have some ideas on how you can improve your visit – or, if you please, your full-on stay at the Cosmo sportsbook!

The Cosmopolitan Sportsbook Experience

As we've already said, the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino in Las Vegas offer a genuinely off-beat experience. We weren't kidding, and we're going to show you why.

Pros of Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

  • Spacious rooms
  • Extensive Cosmopolitan sportsbook hours 
  • Centrally located on the strip

Cons of Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

  • Pricier than other hotels during peak season
  • Fewer than 100 sportsbook seats
  • Below average number of TVs in sportsbook

Cosmopolitan Sportsbook Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Friday-Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Sunday: 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Location of Cosmopolitan Sportsbook

The Cosmopolitan sportsbook is located at 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South—just over a quarter of a mile from the exact center of the strip. It also just so happens to be around three miles from McCarran International Airport, which means you can drive, take a shuttle, or hail a taxi or rideshare and be at the hotel in under 10 minutes.

Those looking to save money needn't worry about trying to figure out how to avoid parking fees at the Cosmopolitan. Guests of the hotel can park their own cars for free, and as of the beginning of 2021, even non-guests have had their parking fees waived. So, regardless of how you visit the Cosmopolitan sportsbook, you can arrive there without incurring any extra charges.

cosmopolitan bar

"Fancy Bar in Cosmopolitan Hotel" by Photomatt28 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Place Your Bets at the Cosmopolitan Sportsbook

As is the case with all other Vegas sportsbooks, you must be 21 years of age to enter the Cosmopolitan. Even if you're able to walk through the casino while under the age threshold, you should not be expected to gain entry into the sportsbook.

Players will be able to access the sportsbook directly from the Cosmopolitan's main entrance, right off The Strip. Once in there, they will find a bunch of comfy couches and tables that are designed to accommodate groups. You also have the option of reserving seats at the central bar in the sportsbook, though you will have to meet a betting minimum to do so.

While the Cosmopolitan sportsbook does have fewer TVs than other sportsbooks, they have stocked the room with a handful of can't-miss 150-inch screens that will air the most hot-button sporting events. In recent years, the Cosmopolitan has also expanded the sportsbook area to include not only more lounge seating but standing room. It can now hold up to around 200 people at once.

Don't fret if the game, race, tournament, or whatever you're looking to see isn't on one of the main screens. The Cosmopolitan has many smaller TVs littered throughout the area to ensure comprehensive coverage of all that's happening in professional and college sports. Anyone interested in horse racing will most likely find their event on one of these smaller screens unless it's the weekend of the Kentucky Derby or a similarly popular competition.

The Cosmopolitan sportsbook is, not surprisingly, a great place to kick back and enjoy college football Saturdays and NFL Sundays after placing your bets. They even open earlier for the latter, allowing wagers around 7:30 a.m. for anyone who likes to beat the pregame rushes.

Live lines are posted on screens, both large and individual-sized so that players can have the latest intel on what's available while keeping track of investments they've already made. If you're not necessarily interested in sitting around and watching your wager unfold, that's no problem at all. One unique feature of the newly renovated Cosmopolitan sportsbook is that it has a series of blackjack and roulette tables off to the side right next to a handful of LED TVs. It's one of the few hotels that allows you to play live table games while keeping an eye on the biggest sporting events.

Comps are not usually offered at the Cosmopolitan sportsbook unless there is some kind of racing special. They also, like most places in Vegas, don't offer a sportsbook-specific rewards system. You can, however, join their Identify program. This gives you points on bets placed in the casino and money spent at restaurants that you can eventually cash in for special perks—free meals, comped bets, special events, etc.

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    The Cosmopolitan Casino

    Relative to other Vegas casinos, the Cosmopolitan's runs a little small. That's not a problem in our book.

    So many Vegas casinos are difficult and confusing to navigate. The Cosmo is much easier to digest for the newcomer. Everything is in plain sight when you first walk in, and they offer clear lines of view throughout the casino floor, making it even easier to navigate your way from the section.

    All the usual gaming options can be found here: slots, video poker, automated roulette, and table games like craps, blackjack, roulette, poker, etc. High-rollers will have no issue finding their own section either. The minimums and maximums on both the table games and slots are clearly marked.

    Those who join the Identity program will be eligible to earn special perks if they use their card at any virtual games or tables. These points can be redeemed for a number of different things, including room discounts and entertainment.

    Drinks are both permitted and served on the casino floor—and they are complementary. That said, you'll have to head up to a bar and pay if you're looking for cocktails made with top-shelf liquor. Also, and this is important, here's the one Vegas hack we offer to everyone: Tip your servers who bring the drinks! It ensures they will come back for additional orders in a timely fashion, if not keep the cocktails coming without having to ask for them.

    One wrinkle to note: Many casinos, like the Cosmo, have gotten in the habit of using a drink ticket system. You get your first complimentary drink after wagering at least $20 and then must continue playing at least $1 per hand to make sure you keep receiving them.

    cosmopolitan side view

    "Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada" by MortAuPat is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Staying at the Cosmopolitan

    Much of what makes the Cosmopolitan so unique is the room setup. The hotel was originally constructed to be an aloft- and penthouse-type apartment building.

    Since it never caught on, many of the rooms, including non-suites, include their own private balcony. Guests will be entitled to all the typical amenities and some not-so-usual benefits on top of them. These include pet-friendly rooms, free wifi, access to a gym and spa, two different pools, 24/7 room service, and much more.

    The aesthetics of everything from the casino to the hotel rooms is very modern and chic. You feel like you're in a post-contemporary castle.

    Chances are you won't want to leave—and technically, you don't have to. The Cosmopolitan has a whopping 26 different dining options, ranging from upscale restaurants and family-friendly eateries to grab-and-go places like Starbucks.

    Some guests may also be interested to know the Cosmopolitan is a popular spot for professional NBA players and star media members. They elect to stay there mostly during the NBA summer league, which takes place usually in late July or early August, so you might see some familiar faces walking around!

    Anyone looking to enjoy the Vegas nightlife will have a little issue doing so here. The Chandelier Bar is a glamorous and laid-back place to order some cocktails, and it's decorated so splendidly—with a huge chandelier draping down from the ceiling—that it's a major draw to passerby on the street and not just hotel guests. The Cosmo also has the Marquee Nightclub and Lounge, along with the Clique Bar and Lounge, for those interested in more of a clubby feel.

    With so much modernity comes high price points. You will have to pay significant room rates at the Cosmopolitan during peak seasons—mostly May through September. However, if you go during the off-season, you should be able to scoop up a standard room for under $100 per night, plus the daily resort fee that runs a little over $50 a day.

    Regardless of what you're paying, our bet (pun intended) is the experience will be worth the cost. It almost always is at the Cosmopolitan.