These Zuck vs. Musk Bets Will Pay Out Nicely

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These Zuck vs. Musk Bets Will Pay Out Nicely

Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg in a steel cage match — that’s the rumor. If it happens, it might just be the biggest fight that could be made in the world right now. Here’s how to make money off Zuck vs. Musk betting, assuming it happens. We have three free betting picks ahead so keep on reading!

Zuck vs. Musk Fight Preview

Our Zuck vs. Musk preview has to begin with the current betting odds. The MMA fight is listed across the top betting sites for entertainment. Right now, the moneyline favorite across the board is Zuckerberg. Have a look-see at the odds underneath:

Mark Zuckerberg-300-300-300
Elon Musk+200+200+200

Zuckerberg is a lot smaller than Musk. The Meta CEO is a marginal 5-foot-7 and around 165 pounds (we don’t know the weight for sure). Meanwhile, the X (formerly Twitter), SpaceX, and Tesla leader is 6-foot-1 and over 200 pounds.

But here’s why Zuck is likely the favorite: he actually trains. He took up jiu-jitsu in the past few years and has even competed. You can find videos of Zuckerberg choking out his competitors. Musk, on the other hand, has no training to speak of — fighting or general fitness. Zuckerberg is way more fit, and also 13 years younger.

This fight is not official by any means, but the hype is already high. Dana White said UFC will promote and the old Roman Colosseum has been discussed as a possible location. Recently, Musk said X will live stream it and charity will receive all proceeds in the de-facto “battle of the billionaires.”

For what it's worth, Zuckerberg said "he's not holding his breath" on Musk actually agreeing to it. Within days of Musk saying X would be the home of the fight, he then posted on his own platform that he might require neck surgery of some kind. So we wouldn't rush to the bookies quite yet until there's more of an agreement in place. But once there is, these are the bets to look out for.

Zuckerberg vs. Musk Betting Picks

There are more than a dozen different Zuckerberg vs. Musk bets currently available at betting sites. However, we’ve honed in on the following three as the ones most worth putting money on. Prioritize these picks:


Let’s start off with the most straightforward bet: who actually wins this fight? We’re not going to mince words here, and say Musk has little to no chance of winning.

He’s essentially starting at 0 on the fight scale. Moving the scale even marginally — at his age and with this little time — is going to be a tall order. Zuckerberg has such a big head start, that it’s tough to see a scenario where Musk can catch him, little less exceed him.

Zuck is the objective bet to make here. Put aside what you think of either man and their businesses, but on a pure fighting basis, Zuckerberg has just about every advantage besides size. That will make him the best bet to make.

Zuckerberg to beat Musk

Method of Victory

At -300 odds, there’s admittedly not that much money to make on a regular moneyline wager on Zuckerberg. We mean, it’s still worth taking because we really do believe it’s a giant mismatch in favor of the Meta CEO. However, the odds are more bettor-friendly if you can pick how Zuck wins (or Musk if you’re in that camp). Here’s the list of betting options:

Zuckerberg by KO+425+425+425
Zuckerberg by Submission+150+150+150
Zuckerberg by Decision+165+165+165
Musk by KO+850+850+850
Musk by Submission+2200+2200+2200
Musk by Decision+500+500+500

Zuck is going to finish Musk early — he almost has to. Ever since The Social Network movie, Zuckerberg hasn’t exactly been popular. Winning this fight, and doing so in an impressive fashion, is the best bit of PR Zuckerberg could possibly do.

Our money says submission is likely. Again, with that jiu-jitsu training, Zuck will have ample opportunities for chokeholds on Musk, who can’t probably even defend the takedown.

Zuckerberg to beat Musk by submission

Over/Under 4.5 rounds

Over 4.5 rounds+120+120+120
Under 4.5 rounds-165-165-165

Did we mention Musk has zero experience with this fighting thing? We know we sound like a broken record by now, but it seriously can't be overlooked. That's a dangerous position to be in — especially when up against a trained foe. For this reason, we predict the under 4.5 rounds. Getting that outcome at only -165 odds is a steal to us. We're calling a Zuckerberg submission victory in round two. While he could score the win in round one, we think Zuck will want to drag it out for entertainment value alone.

Under 4.5 rounds in Musk vs. Zuckerberg fight

How To Bet On Musk vs. Zuckerberg

You can't just bet on Musk vs. Zuckerberg anywhere. Right now, only offshore betting sites like the ones listed below have it available. We'd start with these bookmakers if we were you. All five listed are top-rated in our newest sportsbook review section so your money is in good hands no matter what!

Better yet, if you want to bet Musk vs. Zuck for free, then look into lucrative betting promotions available from site to site. Bettors stand to gain hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play from this — more than enough to bankroll your fight bets. Our favorite offers are featured below.

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