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Miss Universe 2019 Betting Odds and Predictions

Miss Universe 2019 Betting Odds and Predictions
The 2019 Miss Universe pageant will mark the 68th running of the wildly popular competition. Catriona Gray of the Philippines took home the title last year. Could the Philippines be due for repeat? Or should another country catch your eye? We've got the latest odds for Miss Universe 2019. Make sure you use them to place your best possible bet.

Here are the seven countries laying the best Miss Universe 2019 betting odds, courtesy of BetOnline:

  • Thailand (+300)
  • Philippines (+500)
  • Brazil (+600)
  • El Salvador (+600)
  • Portugal (+600)
  • Puerto Rico (+600)
  • United States (+600)

Be sure to double-check these Miss Universe 2019 odds before deciding on a wager. They will shift leading into the competition on Dec. 8, and they will also vary by sportsbook. If, for instance, you're using the highly rated BetNow sportsbook, you'll want to go over their lines. Our preview has you covered with all of the following:

  • Best Miss Universe 2019 odds
  • Analysis on top contenders
  • Names of participants for the best bets
  • Picks
  • More

Miss Universe 2019 Betting Breakdown

Latest Miss Universe Betting Odds

Below you'll find a more extensive overview of the odds to win this year's Miss Universe competition. We've included every country laying a +5000 or better

  • Thailand (+300)
  • Philippines (+500)
  • Brazil, El Salvador, Portugal, Puerto Rico, United States (+600)
  • Colombia (+700)
  • Australia, Chile, Iceland, Venezuela (+800)
  • Bolivia, Costa Rica, France (+900)
  • Mexico (+1200)
  • Finland, Poland, Sweden (+1400)
  • Bangladesh, Germany, India, Spain (+1600)
  • Israel, Namibia (+2000)
  • Angola, Argentina, Japan, Panama (+2200)
  • Canada, Indonesia, South Africa (+2500)
  • Barbados, Malaysia, Myanmar, Norway (+3300)
  • Albania, Armenia, Bahamas, Belgium, Belize, Cambodia, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Greece, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, Mongolia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Slovakia (+4000)
  • Aruba, Cayman Islands, China, Czech Republic, Haiti, Italy, Jamaica, Kosovo, Laos, Mauritius, New Zealand, Saint Lucia, Turkey (+4400)
  • British Virgin Islands, Curacao, Guam, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lithuania, Peru, Singapore, Uruguay, Vietnam (+5000)

Best Miss Universe Winner Bets

Thailand: Paweensuda Drouin (+300)

Thailand has not won a Miss Universe pageant since 1988. Oddsmakers believe that's set to change with Paweensuda Drouin.

This is a gut-feeling inclusion. Odds-on favorites typically fair pretty well in Miss Universe. And since the return is way better than even money, we're all for you going after it.

United States: Chelsie Kryst (+600)

Chelsie Kryst is already turning heads before the contest. People are over the moon about her national costume for the Miss Universe pageant, and she left a great impression on judges during her Miss USA victory.

Venezuela: Thalia Olvino (+800)

Thalia Olvino is a really interesting dark horse that isn't getting talked about enough. She has a background in tech and sciences, and she speaks with an authenticity that makes judges and viewers feel like they really know her.

Not to be forgotten, Venezuela has typically performed well in this competition. They've had three Miss Universe winners since 2008, including back-to-back victories in 2008 and 2009.

Canada: Alyssa Boston (+2500)

Sign us up for this dark-horse pick. 

Alyssa Boston is already grabbing attention for what preparing to deliver what she deemed a "weed-like surprise" during the competition. It's not quite clear what that will be, but contestants who shake things up are always interesting options.

Miss Universe Prediction

With that said, our pick to win Miss Universe is, in fact, Alyssa Boston.

Indeed, these competitions are an inexact science. The field is too damn large and the criteria too subjective to get a firm hold on the results. But we like the idea that she's prepared to shake things up. 

OSB Miss Universe Prediction: Canada's Alyssa Boston (+2500) 

Check out the below list of the best online sportsbooks so you can decide which one to use for your Miss Universe 2019 betting:

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