The human fascination with gambling is well documented, and it’s ever more obvious when looking at the list of movies that are released every year. Gambling movies have been a staple of Hollywood’s cinematic arsenal since long before drive-ins became fashionable (ie: before your parents were born, millenials). And of course, within the gambling niche of movies exist a whole subset of films dedicated to sports betting, or poker, or casinos, or even just Las Vegas. Regardless of the niche, these films hold a special place in our hearts, so we’re sharing!

List of Gambling Films

Here’s our definitive list of gambling films, organized by sub-category and also by year. If you’re looking for our Top 10 in every category, just click on the parent page and you’ll see it!

Sports Betting Movies

What’s a list of gambling films if it doesn’t feature a solid sports betting movies section? We’re a betting site first and foremost, thus our this showcase, and our creation of this infographic on sports betting in the movies!

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Casino Movies

We took the liberty to include casino heist movies into this list of casino movies, but hey, same thrill, same enviroment, same thing! There’s nothing quite like a casino as a setting for a good movie.

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Poker Movies

I don’t care who you are, if you’re on this website and haven’t been living under a rock for the last ten years, you’ve probably played a ton of poker in your time. These are solid movies, in our books.

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