Let’s say an NFL game is an entire Rubik’s Cube. Some bettors may prefer not to bet on the entirety of a game result or match but instead on the result of an individual play or player — i.e. prop bets, or one small box of the entire cube. Live betting at books has exploded because of prop bets as they break up games into single real-time plays or results.

How Prop Bets Work

Props are broken up into single players or complete totals for an event. Touchdowns or home runs or goals by a player. Points scored by a team in the first quarter. Props usually are offered as money line bets, totals or yes/no bets. Rewards can be immediate so check out any of our sportsbooks for premium prop betting opportunities. 

      Online proposition betting covers pro sports of all sorts

      Many trace the explosion of prop bets to one offered on whether Chicago Bears defensive tackle William Perry would score a touchdown in Super Bowl XX  against the New England Patriots. After scoring a few regular season TD’s, the “Fridge” became a pop culture icon on an iconic Bears team.

      Perry scoring against the Patriots was originally offered at 40-1 and bettors put so much action down that it closed at 5-1. Perry would score on a one-yard plunge late in the third quarter (at the expense of Hall of Famer Walter Payton).

      While Perry’s touchdown was a major loss for books, the amount of action the prop received drew notice and changed everything. Props have grown to every major sport, buoyed by real-time live betting on a single shot, play, pitch, save, etc. For example: Bet on how many touchdowns will Tom Brady throw against the Broncos. Will Albert Pujols homer in an at-bat against the Rangers? How many points will LeBron James score in the first half against Boston? Will Sidney Crosby score in the shootout vs. Philadelphia? The options are endless!

      If you are looking at making prop bets during a live sporting event, you need to make sure that you are disciplined and keep records of your bets. It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of prop bets while you watch the action unfold in front of you at the stadium or on television, which can lead to placing too many bets, or making wagers that are too high for your bankroll.