For the entire month of March, the NCAA Tournament completely dominates the sports betting landscape. With 67 games packed into a three-week slate, March Madness odds are everywhere. 

If you're looking to capitalize on all the odds March Madness has to offer, you're in the right place. We've compiled the top tips to ensure your college basketball betting success — the best sportsbooks to get March Madness Vegas odds, betting lines explained, and more handy information.

To start things off, here's how the latest odds for March Madness shake out. All betting lines are current as of October 27, 2010:

Odds To Win March Madness Tournament  bovada mybookie betonline


+800 +1000 +750


+800 +900 +700


+1100 +900 +900


+1100 +1000 +1200

If the above chart reads like a foreign language, don't worry, later in this guide, we'll cover how exactly NCAA March Madness lines work. And remember: March Madness is the NCAA Basketball playoffs, played every March. The four survivors go the Final Four round. The winners of the Final Four play for the National Championship.

Top Sportsbooks For March Madness Lines

When we said March Madness lines are everywhere, we weren't kidding. Being as the NCAA tourney is the second biggest betting event of the year, behind only the NFL Super Bowl, hundreds of betting sites try to lure players for the annual competition. 

Heck, lure might be an understatement. A more appropriate word might be "beg" because you'll find a bevy of special bonuses and promotions built around the tournament. We'll cover some of those deals later on, but first, let's focus on which online sportsbooks are best for gambling on NCAA March Madness odds:

NCAA March Madness Betting Lines At Bovada

Bovada's sportsbook seriously has it all — no matter the sport, league, or even country. Its deep betting catalog is apparent, none more than when it comes to NCAA March Madness betting lines.

Hundreds upon hundreds of March Madness bracket odds exist at Bovada. That selection ranges from regular moneylines to props and everything else in between (more on these wager types later on). This level of options means bettors can realistically do all their NCAA tournament betting at Bovada and not miss a beat.

One last thing about Bovada: its user experience is second to none. Despite offering a litany of March Madness lines, the sportsbook is organized neat enough that finding and placing a wager is of no hassle. And that goes whether using a desktop or mobile device as the experience between both is seamless. 

Vegas Line March Madness At WagerWeb

Like Bovada, there's no shortage of Vegas line March Madness inside WagerWeb. Not only is there a slew of options, but the prices are very favorable for bettors.  

However, WagerWeb really shines in the promotions department. Whether it's March Madness or not, there's always a killer deal at this betting site.

Currently, bettors have their pick at one of three sign-up bonuses at WagerWeb. Each deal varies in the amount of free play offered, its sportsbook cashback percentage, and rollover requirement. And no bettors ever complained at having extra options!

GTBets' Vegas Odds For March Madness 

GTBets is a haven for NCAA basketball odds year-round but especially come March Madness. But the bookie really sweetens the deal with its GameTimeRewards program.

Essentially, it's a loyalty program. Every bet made at GTBets — whether that's on Vegas odds for March Madness or another sport — earns you points. These points can be used for cashback, sweepstake entries, merchandise, and other goodies. 

The GameTimeRewards service is especially beneficial for bettors that will be busy come the NCAA tourney and even beyond. In theory, GTBets is paying bettors to play there, and what's not to like about that?

March Madness Betting Contests & Promotions

Outside of the regular wagering on the March Madness games themselves, bookmakers also roll out once-a-year promotions directly tied to the tournament. Most of these are centered on filling out a tournament bracket. While hundreds of these contests exist, here are some noteworthy examples:

  • Bovada: historically, this site hosts a "celebrity bracket challenge." Prior contestants include Snoop Dogg, Chad Ochocinco, and Lisa Ann. Users simply pick between them and are automatically entered into a randomized raffle. Fifty users will be chosen for $100 cash vouchers. 
  • WagerWeb: What are the odds of a perfect March Madness bracket? One in nine quintillions, according to mathematicians. Any player that can defy those March Madness perfect bracket odds stands to win one million dollars from WagerWeb in its pick-em contest. 
  • BetOnline: Here's another bracket challenge, however, you don't need to overcome the staggering odds of perfect bracket March Madness to profit. For an entry fee of just $15, players submit their bracket picks. The top 300 pickers earn prizes, none bigger than the first-place reward of $15,000 cash.  

Those looking for more sportsbooks to get Las Vegas odds March Madness, peak the table below. Also included are long-form site reviews, plus sign-up bonuses currently offered at each. Having all these extra options can maximize the Vegas odds March Madness you get so long as you compare betting prices between each.   


    Types of March Madness Betting Lines

    Given the almost impossible odds of picking a perfect March Madness bracket, you'll be much better off gambling on the NCAA tourney in the traditional sense. Here's the type of betting options you'll have:

    March Madness Moneyline Betting

    Moneyline is the simplest bet in the book. Here, you're simply picking the team that will win straight up. Each team will have March Madness odds to win (which we cover in the next section) so it's a 50-50 chance. 

    March Madness Spread Betting

    The point spread March Madness is also concerned with which team will win, but this bet cares by how much points a team wins or loses by. That's because a "handicap" is added to the favorite and underdog.

    The handicap is measured in points. Therefore, if you hear the spread is five points, it means the favorite needs to win by six or more to cover. Whereas the underdog can either win outright or lose by four or fewer points to cover their spread. 

    Let's say the game in the above example ends with the favorite winning by exactly five, then the bet is considered a "push." This effectively means it's a tie and all money is returned to bettors on both sides. 

    March Madness Over/Under Betting

    Betting on how much points two teams will combine for is a favorite among bettors. Bookies pre-set a point figure and it's on players to choose "under" or "over" that sum. Like spreads, if the final point totally matches the over/under figure exactly, then the wager ends in a push. 

    March Madness Prop Betting

    More or less, props are side bets on mini-outcomes within a March Madness game. Many deal with individual players — such as how many rebounds they'll grab by game's end, for example. But there's also team-specific props like how many turnovers they'll commit. 

    March Madness Point Future Betting

    Futures bets are focused on long-term outcomes such as who'll win the national championship. Odds on winning March Madness are available almost year-round and it's the most popular bet type with bettors to make. Given how hard it is to pick the exact winner, futures are very high-risk, high-reward plays. 

    Understanding March Madness Betting Odds

    If you've ever bet on any other sport before, you'll have no trouble with Vegas odds for March Madness. That's because they're carbon copies of one another. If you are versed in this, you can skip ahead. But for the unfamiliar players just getting into betting, here's how March Madness Vegas lines work:

    By and large, most sportsbooks use the American odds system, as opposed to decimal or fractional lines. Odds like these are displayed as a whole number, with either a negative (-) or positive sign (+) attached to it. The symbol denotes whether one side is the favorite (minus sign) or the underdog (plus sign). 

    Moreover, the exact odds listed indicates just how much of a favorite or underdog one side is, which has consequences on the payout. Let's use an example to illustrate the point.

    Say Syracuse and Kansas are meeting in the Sweet 16 round. If you're betting the moneyline, the Orange might have +175 odds. As the underdogs, bettors stand to make $175 for every $100 wagered on Syracuse if they do pull off the upset. In turn, the Jayhawks could have a -205 line. As the favorites, players earn a lesser payout if Kansas wins, which is only a $100 profit for every $205 wagered. 

    The above example applies to moneylines and futures betting. However, spreads, over/unders, and props are a little different. That's because most these lines will always be 110 going both ways.

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