March Madness Odds 2020

While staying up to date on players and standings leading up to The Big Dance, sports bettors have their eye on another vastly important factor - the March Madness betting lines.

In the weeks leading up to March Madness, those looking to win big during the NCAA Basketball Division I Championships will be searching for the best March Madness odds, and the best places to play.

Luckily, we have everything you need to bet on March Madness located in one place. We can help you find the best March Madness lines and offer a few betting tips and strategies directly from the pros.

Once Selection Sunday arrives on March 15th, the oddsmakers will all be releasing their 2020 March Madness odds - it’s truly amazing how fast they end up getting the lines set. Now, the lines will change several times before the actual tip-off, so we suggest checking daily for the most accurate and up-to-date lines.


If you aren’t familiar with line shopping - you can shop around at a few different sportsbooks to get the best odds possible. March Madness odds are not uniform - they will definitely be similar, but some sportsbooks offer better lines than others. The pros will shop at a few different sportsbooks to ensure they are getting the best price on the game they want to bet on.

Also, when you see good value on a specific line, lock it in - oddsmakers can change the lines at any time based on where the public consensus is, injuries and more.

When it comes to March Madness, there are 67 games played within a three-week window. That means there will be hundreds if not, thousands of betting opportunities to keep an eye on. Not everyone is a full-time sports bettor, so we understand that it can be difficult to keep an eye on every game line for all 67 March Madness matchups.

If you need help with your March Madness betting or want to learn how to bet on March Madness, head over to our guide for more information!

Odds to Win March Madness 2020

(odds from MyBookie as of March 10th, 2020)

  • KANSAS +500
  • GONZAGA +650
  • BAYLOR +900
  • DUKE +900
  • DAYTON +1000
  • KENTUCKY +1000
  • MARYLAND +1600
  • SETON HALL +1800
  • LOUISVILLE +1500
  • OHIO STATE +2200
  • VILLANOVA +2600
  • AUBURN +3400
  • CREIGHTON +2800
  • MICHIGAN +3400
  • PENN STATE +5000
  • ARIZONA +4000
  • BYU +4000
  • HOUSTON +4000
  • BUTLER +4000
  • IOWA +5500
  • TEXAS TECH +6000
  • WISCONSIN +5000
  • ILLINOIS +5000
  • FLORIDA +6000
  • LSU +6000
  • VIRGINIA +4500
  • COLORADO +8000

Best March Madness Odds

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