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2020 College Football Playoff Odds: Betting Lines and Championship Predictions

2020 College Football Playoff Odds: Betting Lines and Championship Predictions
The 2020 college football playoffs are almost here. Can you believe it? Well, you better, because it's time to get your bets in for which team you think will win the championship. Ohio State continues to be the odds-on favorite, but there are plenty of other great values floating around. Let's assess your best betting options.

Here are the latest college football odds for the five betting-line favorites to win the 2020 National Championship, courtesy of the fine folks over at Bovada

  • Ohio State (+170)
  • LSU (+250)
  • Clemson (+250)
  • Georgia (+800)
  • Alabama (+1200)

As usual, please remember to double-check these NCAA football odds before deciding on your wagers. Vegas odds on college football will shift right up until the playoff field has been settled.

These NCAA football futures will also vary depending on the sportsbook you use. So if you're using, say, the highly rated BetNow sportsbook instead of Bovada, you'll want to check out their lines.

On the bright side, though, NCAAF vegas odds are seldom massively different from sportsbook to sportsbook.

The NCAAF odds you see here will be eerily similar if not identical to what you find elsewhere. Our preview will cover all of the following to make sure you're in good hands:

  • Top college football National Championship odds
  • Best value bets
  • Analysis of favorites
  • National championship picks
  • more

2020 College Football Playoff Betting Breakdown

Updated National Championship Odds

Here are the National Championship odds for every school in the AP's to 25:

  • Ohio State (+170)
  • LSU (+250)
  • Clemson (+250)
  • Georgia (+800)
  • Alabama (+1200)
  • Oregon (+2500)
  • Oklahoma (+3000)
  • Utah (+5000)
  • Penn State (+10000)
  • Auburn (+15000)
  • Florida, Oklahoma City State (+20000)
  • Memphis, Michigan, Minnesota, USC (+25000)
  • Iowa, Virginia Tech (+30000)
  • Baylor, Boise State, Notre Dame (+50000)
  • Cincinnati, Wisconsin (+100000)
  • Appalachian State, Navy (Off)

Best Bets: Playoff Locks

These three teams should be on your radar by virtue of their being near locks to snag one of the four playoff spots.

LSU (+250)

Though Ohio State continues to be billed as the championship favorite, it is LSU who sits up atop college football's AP poll this late into the season. Their chances are only looking better after their latest beatdown over Arkansas.

It helps that Ohio State nearly squandered the game away against Penn State this past weekend. Mostly, however, their offense is that terrifying. They rank second in the nation in points scored per game and are averaging nearly 400 yards through the air each week.

Ohio State (+170)

Anyone will be forgiven if they believe Ohio State should be ranked ahead of LSU in the current poll. They have an airtight case.

Not only are they averaging more points per game than any other school, but they're also first in points allowed per game. That isn't just a balanced profile. That's complete and utter dominance.

Clemson (+250)

For all this talk about LSU and Ohio State, we must not forget about Clemson. They've been a lock to sew up one of the four playoff spots for just as long, and their stock didn't suffer an iota coming off a bye week.

Clemson has spent a great deal of their season destroying the ACC. All of their wins this year have come by an average of 32.2 points per game. There's absurd, and then whatever that is.

Best Bets: Longer Shots

None of these teams are guaranteed to land the playoff spot up for grabs, but they're definitely squads you should be keeping an eye on.

Georgia (+800)

Georgia's path into the playoffs remains clear: Win the SEC championship, and they're probably in.

That, mind you, is easier said than done. They'll need to go through LSU to get the SEC title, and it remains to be seen whether they have the firepower to do so. They're a mere 54th in points scored per game this season.

Alabama (+1200)

A season-ending injury to quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was supposed to shudder Alabama's championship chances. But they're not dead yet.

Calls for them to sneak into the playoff picture are mounting after Oregon's latest loss. They'll need some help to enter the fray, but it should be noted Tagovailoa's absence has not prevented them from ranking among the top three in points per game.

Utah (+5000)

If the college football playoff field was being set today, many believe Utah would be the team to snare that fourth and final spot. That gives them beyond great value at +5000.

Don't get us wrong. Other teams are very much in play. But Utah is now 10-1 with the fourth-best defense in the nation after steamrolling Arizona. In the event they bulldoze Colorado and waltz their way to the Pac-12 championship, their success will be tough for the college football playoff committee to ignore.

Baylor (+50000)

Baylor made life difficult on itself after suffering their first loss of the season, but they bounced back for a win against Texas. They're now set for a date in the Big 12 Championship with Oklahoma.

This is a great opportunity for Baylor leaves their mark. Many have dubbed them mediocre relative to the other immediate contenders, but the committee will have a tough time ignoring a potential Big 12 Championship.

National Championship Prediction

Get ready for zero surprises. We're picking Ohio State to win it all.

It just doesn't make sense to go with anyone else right now—though, for the potential return, we're not opposed to small-time investments in Utah or Baylor. Ohio Sate has only won a single game by fewer than 24 points, and all of their victories have come by double digits.

Right now, for all the hype about LSU and Clemson and other possible contenders, Ohio State is a team without a real equal.

OSB Prediction: Ohio State (+170)

Check out the below list of the best online sportsbooks so you can decide which one to use for your 2020 college football playoff betting:

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