Early Predictions On 2024 World Men’s Curling Championship

Early Predictions On 2024 World Men’s Curling Championship

As we soon turn to year 2024, all eyes are ahead to the World Curling Championship. We know who’s going to be competing and we have a pretty good idea of which teams will potentially win the men’s curling championship. You’re going to want to read this for way-too-early betting advice.

  • What: 2024 World Curling Championship
  • When: March 30 - April 7
  • Where: KSS Sports Complex in Schaffhausen, Switzerland

2024 World Men’s Curling Championship Preview

Typically, we’d start our preview of the World Men’s Curling Championship with a look at the betting odds. However, the best betting sites for sports haven’t put those up yet. We’d expect that to change in the next couple of weeks, but for now, things are to be determined. Still, we can imagine all the usual betting favorites will be frontrunners once the odds do drop:

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Here's what we do know about the 2024 event — who’s competing, where, and the format of it all. Allow us to delve into this since betting details are sparse.

Thirteen different teams qualified for the men’s event already — and all of ‘em had to earn it. Eight sides are from Europe. To qualify, those eight had to run the gauntlet per se at the European Curling Championships which concluded in November. Qualified teams are as follows: Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Scotland, Sweden, and Switzerland.

The Swiss will own home-ice advantage at the entire 2024 tournament. For the first time ever, the Swiss city of Schaffhausen will host a world curling event of this caliber — though the country has done it multiple times elsewhere. However, playing hosts hasn’t been favorable in recent years. The last host nation to end up winning the championship was Canada way back in 2017.

The other five qualifying teams came from the Pan Continental Curling Championships, which finished in early November. Earning a spot here were Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, and the United States.

These 13 teams will be thrown into a round-robin tournament where they all play each other once (12 total games per team). The top six teams from this stage go into the postseason — with number one and two finishers earning a direct bye into the semi-finals. The playoffs is a classic single-game elimination bracket until there’s a 2024 champion. We have an idea of who that may be, which we cover next.

Best Bets To Win 2024 Men’s Curling Championship

You probably shouldn’t make a single bet on the 2024 World Men’s Curling Championship. With the one-and-done nature of the playoffs, it’s just too damn risky. At a minimum, you want at least two bets — one priority pick and one backup. Heck, maybe even three if the odds are long enough, which we expect they will be. Anywho, we got two solid bets to start with right here:


The narrative is starting to turn on the Italians. Here you have the No. 1 ranked team in the sport, but they’re earning the reputation for coming up short in big moments. They’ve gotten bronze and fourth place at the world championships the past two seasons.

However, this reputation really stuck at the most recent European championship. Italy went an impressive 9-0 during the round robin, then proceeded to lose its semi-finals and third-place game to Sweden and Switzerland, respectively.

But honestly, it’s for this reason we’re confident the team led by Joel Retornaz can turn things around in 2024. The pressure isn’t really on them anymore, and it’s not like the talent isn’t there. Don’t write off the Italians at the 2024 event, this just might be their year once bettors have given up on them.

Italy to win 2023 World Men's Curling Championship


The most successful team in men’s history is never a bad bet. The Canadians own a whopping 36 gold medals at this event — 25 more than the next-best team, Sweden.

Nevermind the all-time history though because Canada has recent history going its way too. Behind skip Brad Gushue, the Canadians just triumphed at the Pan Continental competition, losing only once en route to a gold medal.

Canada has finished runner-up two times in a row at the world championship so you’ll know they’ll be in the thick of it. This is a no-brainer bet, as it seemingly always is. Canada and curling just go hand-in-hand and you don’t want to fade that as a bettor.

Canada to win 2023 World Men's Curling Championship

How To Bet On 2024 World Men’s Curling Championship?

Once odds are released for the event, you’ll want to lock in your 2024 World Men’s Curling Championship bets at one of the bookmakers below. Per our latest sportsbook reviews, these sites are industry leaders because of how deep their betting menus are. That definitely applies to the sport of curling as they’ll have every type of bet you’re looking for once the tourney begins.

What’s great about these sites is also the quality of their betting lines. Choose one of these bookmakers and you’re almost assured of getting the fairest prices on bets. That way, you’re never leaving any money on the table.

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