Bank Wire Sports Betting

Bank Wire Sports Betting
  • No transaction fee
  • Automatic
  • Straightforward process

Betting Sites that take Bank Wire

Many popular sportsbooks offer bank wire as a form of deposit, including Bovada, TopBet, and BetOnline. If you already have an account on any of the sites listed below, simply log in to them to retrieve your account details. Input the account details into the transfers section of your bank account and you will get a new balance on your sportsbook.


When it comes to depositing money for a sportsbook, every bit of time wated while waiting is worrisome. For many methods of online payment, there is almost always a transaction fee that applies, which isn’t ideal for payments amounting to hundreds or thousands of dollars. [+]

Bank Wire provides sports bettors with an easy solution. On Bovada, BetOnline, and other sportsbooks that do support this method of payment, you just need to make a deposit, go onto the transfers section of your bank account and enter the account details of the sportsbook. From there, you will be only one click away from making your payment happen.


Why Players Use Bank Wire as Preferred Payment Method

Bank wire offers the distinct advantage of no transaction fees along with its capacity to automatically process payments. Since larger payments translate into higher transaction fees, the best way to get around these fees is just to avoid them altogether.

Transactions are almost immediate with a bank wire. One click to confirm, once you have entered all the account details of your sportsbook, is all it takes. From there, you can be sure your payment has processed, sparing you from any undo anxiety.