Money Order Sports Betting

Money Order Sports Betting
  • No credit card or bank account information needed
  • Safe and secure
  • Large deposit and withdrawal limits

Betting Sites that take Money Order


Any sportsbook that doesn’t welcome deposits and withdrawals in the form of money orders most likely isn’t worth using. All the reputatable sites are money-order friendly, including Betonline, Bodog, Bovada, GTBets, Pinnacle Sports,, Sports Interaction, TopBet, 5Dimes, Bet365, Williams Hill, SportsBettingReview and pretty much every other sportsbook worth its salt. [+]

Now, money orders, unlike credit card and PayPal payments, can be irreversible. Most stores won’t refund them, and while the sender-to-recipient namesakes provide an ancillary layer of security, it’s important to know that you’re mailing money to the right place and to a respected company. Always do your research before making deposits.

These deposits typically start by speaking with a representative from your sportsbook, either by phone or instant messenger. They will provide you with an address and sender’s name for the money order, though that information is sometimes available in the “FAQ” and/or “Support” sections of certain sites. 

Upon receiving that info, you’re free to buy a money order wherever they’re sold—which is basically everywhere—and then mail it in. From there, it should only be a few business days until your deposit is available.



Funding sportsbooks accounts with money orders is the preferred method for many, be they frequent bettors or occasional wagerers, and it’s not difficult to see why. The entire process, while time consuming, is easy, secure and doesn’t entail divulging any bank account or credit card information. [+]

There are fees involved when sending money orders, and sportsbooks may even charge another fee to process withdrawals, but these added fares are negligible. And while money orders take time to reach their recipient, it’s often worth the extra security of knowing only the person on the money order, which is essentially a cashier’s check, can do anything with it.


Why Players Use Money Order as Preferred Payment Method

Money orders, when used properly, can offer unparalleled security. It is a way of bankrolling sports betting without registering your credit card, bank information or even PayPal accounts. Some issuers even accept debit and credit card payments for money orders, so you still have a litany of options even if you're tethered to money order transactions.

This is one of the preferred deposit and withdrawal methods for gamblers in the United Stats. Transactions are seldom voided, because you don't have to deal with the prospect of a bank putting a stop on your wire transfer or credit card purchase.

The one and only downside is time. You have to go buy your money order, and then you need to mail it, at which point it could take a while before its processed by the recepient.

Deposits are usually accessible within a few business but can take longer. Withdrawals, meanwhile, often take additional time, depending on where your sportsbook is located and how quickly they process and sign off upon requests. Do not be surprised if it takes weeks for your money to reach you. Some sportsbooks will offer tracking numbers in these situations, and you can mitigate the wait time by researching which sportsbooks promise, and execute, the quickest payouts.

Overall, though, money orders are a sound payment and withdrawal option for betters who are familiar with their sportsbook and value safety and security over instant gratification.

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