Expert Betting Predictions On WWE WrestleMania 39

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Expert Betting Predictions On WWE WrestleMania 39

WWE’s biggest show of the year — WrestleMania — isn’t until April 1. However, the card is largely penciled-in and betting odds are available for a slew of matches. You’re going to want to read this for expert betting predictions on the top WrestleMania 39 matches, which can make you a good chunk of cash come early April.

WrestleMania 39 Betting Picks

There are going to be a dozen or so WrestleMania 39 matches to bet on when it's all said and done. However, we want to focus only on bets we feel are most worthwhile — either due to the odds or just the profile of the match itself. With that in mind, we've made three different WrestleMania betting picks below:

Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns Betting Pick

Roman is currently embroiled in a red-hot feud with Sami Zayn, however, oddsmakers don’t believe Zayn will find himself into the Wrestlemania title picture. Rhodes vs. Reigns is the sole line available at top entertainment betting sites, as seen below:

Cody Rhodes-300-300-300
Roman Reigns+200+200+200

Reigns has been booked to the moon. He’s been the WWE champion for around 900 days now — one of the longest title reigns in modern history. This run has made Reigns an unquestioned superstar. However, the man that ends that impressive streak is automatically thrust into that same top spot. Who else on the WWE roster is made for such a lofty spot? To us, it’s really only Rhodes.

For one, Rhodes has the story going for him — fulfilling a family destiny of being WWE champion, which eluded his legendary dad, Dusty. Two, he’s mega over with the crowd. Unlike previous WWE baby faces, Rhodes doesn’t feel forced and the fans have embraced him since returning to WWE. Three, he has a classic look that WWE wants out of the face of their promotion. Rhodes is a guy that could appear on national talk shows and come across as a superstar with his persuasive talking.

So yes, we’re fully behind Rhodes -300 moneyline, which admittedly isn’t too rich in betting value. Therefore, you might want to parlay a Rhodes win with another one of our picks below to increase the potential payout. This next choice is a good contender to parlay with.

Cody Rhodes to beat Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39

Seth Rollins vs. Logan Paul Betting Pick

Most betting odds for WrestleMania are one-sided, sans this one. It’s close to a pick ‘em, however, Rollins is the slight betting favorite:

Seth Rollins-130-130-130
Logan Paul-110-110-110

WWE has been smart with its use of Logan Paul up to this point. The social media star is always given a “moment” that will turn heads online — whether it’s frog-splashing Reigns through the announcer table (while holding an iPhone) or colliding mid-air with Ricochet in the Royal Rumble. Surely, he’ll get a moment versus Rollins, and that moment we predict comes in a victory.

The thing about Paul is he’s a special attraction, used sparingly at big shows. Those types of acts have to be protected or else the attraction wears off. Paul losing to Reigns makes sense (he’ll never be at Reigns’ level), but losing to Rollins doesn't if they want to keep Paul's star power intact.

And here’s the other thing: Rollins is in that tier that Shawn Michaels was in toward the second half of his career. That tier where you have show-stealing matches every big show but in mostly losing fashion, but don’t lose your status in front of the fans. Rollins jobbed out to Rhodes and Edge the last two years and never missed a beat. He can lose to Paul at WrestleMania and the same will happen. That's why we're taking Paul as the slight underdog here.

Logan Paul to beat Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 39

Edge vs. Finn Balor Betting Pick

Rumors are swirling that these two will meet in a Hell in a Cell match, with Edge bringing his Brood character and Balor returning as The Demon. That would be the perfect conclusion to a rivalry that's lasted much of the last year. Here's how the betting odds shake out if it happens:

Finn Balor+150+150+150

Edge has to win this right? He's been on the losing end much of this feud — first with the Judgment Day turning on him, then he and his wife being con-chair-toed, and losing to Balor in an I Quit match. Like Logan, Edge is another special-attraction character that can't just keep losing. We'd bet the house on Edge getting his long-awaited revenge in a Hell in a Cell.

Edge to beat Finn Balor at WrestleMania 39

How To Bet On WrestleMania 39?

The WrestleMania 39 card is filled with other matches to bet on — from John Cena vs. Austin Theory to Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair. To get in on all of the WrestleMania 39 bets, hit one of the underneath sportsbooks from now until April 1 (odds will likely fluctuate during this timeframe).

Pay close attention to the table below. We've featured up-to-date sportsbook reviews and current betting bonuses on the top-used bookies in the space. Pouring over both will help you choose the best site to bet on WrestleMania and even future WWE events.

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