These Early 2024 Oscars Bets Will Make You Money

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These Early 2024 Oscars Bets Will Make You Money

With the year 2023 windowing down, the entertainment world is dimly looking ahead to early 2024 — when it's award season. Of course, nothing is bigger than the Oscars (Academy Awards officially). Let’s look into our crystal ball and make early picks to win 2024 Oscars Awards!

  • What: 2024 Academy Awards
  • When: March 10, 2023

2024 Oscars Predictions

Nominations have yet to be announced for the 2024 Oscars. That won’t come until January 23 after official nominations are made. But hey, we can still speculate on the 2024 Oscars winners. The best betting sites on entertainment have released betting odds on the major categories, which we’ll use to level-set our picks. Lets analyze the top awards:

Best Director Betting Pick

If the betting odds are any indication, picking Best Director will be one of the more difficult bets. It’s a competitive race, but as it stands, these directors are leading the way:

Christopher Nolan (Oppenheimer)-150-150-150
Martin Scorsese (Killer of the Flowers Moon)+200+200+200
Jonathan Glazer (Zone of Interest)+500+500+500
Greta Gerwig (Barbie)+600+600+600
Alexander Payne (The Holdovers)+1200+1200+1200

Will this finally be Nolan’s year? Amazingly, one of the most revered directors of the last 20 years has yet to win an Oscar of any kind. He’s been nominated once for best director (Dunkirk), two as a writer (Memento and Inception), and two as a producer (Inception and Dunkirk). He came up empty-handed each time. We expected him to be nominated in all three categories again for Oppenheimer, but will he win?

Our money says no, at least in the Director category. It seems like the Academy (who votes on this) has something against him, hence why he only has one previous nomination. Nolan has also recently been very vocal about “evil streaming services” which might not win him any favors in the votes.

Our bet here is on Barbie’s Gerwig. She’s only the fifth woman ever to be nominated for this award — which she did with “Lady Bird” and will surely do with Barbie again. A woman earning double-nominations for Best Director has been done only once (Jane Campion). Let’s be honest, Hollywood loves championing diversity, and Gerwig — who is also gay — checks that box. Plus, Barbie was really good too. We’ll take her to upset Nolan here.

Greta Gerwig to win Best Director at 2024 Oscars

Best Picture Betting Pick

Another major category, another heated battle. Here are the betting frontrunners to win Best Picture in 2024:

Killer of the Flower Moon+250+250+250
Poor Thing+300+300+300
American Fiction+800+800+800
The Holdovers+900+900+900
Past Lives+1000+1000+1000

We said Nolan would get screwed over by voters, but not Oppenheimer. Our money says the movie, which pulled in over $1 billion at the worldwide box office, will be an Oscars darling with the most award nominations of all. But it’s this award that’s most worth winning, and we’re betting it does.

Oppenheimer’s success caught everyone off guard. We mean, three-hour biopics that are rated R and partially shot in black and white aren’t exactly the ones that go on to become the third-highest-grossing movie of the year. Yet, Oppenheimer did, striking a nerve with audiences in a way modern movies don’t. That has to mean something to the voters, right? Nevermind that it’s a well-made movie.

If Oppenheimer wins, it would snap a recent streak of indie titles of taking home the award. Recent winners include small-budget flicks like Parasite or Nomadland — not big-budget ensemble casts like Oppenheimer. But with a chaotic 2023 that was marred by a writer and actor strike almost half the year, those types of independent titles are few and far between this time around. This opens the door for Oppenheimer in our book.

Oppenheimer to win Best Picture at 2024 Oscars

Best Actor Betting Pick

Just look at the who’s-who list of candidates for Best Actor. It’s filled with stars, but as it stands, these actors are ahead in the Best Actor odds:

Cillian Murphy(Oppenheimer)-150-150-150
Bradley Cooper (Maestro)+300+300+300
Leo Dicaprio (Killers of the Flower Moon)+325+325+325
Colman Domingo (Rustin)+500+500+500
Barry Keoghan (Saltburn)+800+800+800

Here again, we’re sticking with Oppenheimer and Cillian Murphy’s portrayal of the “Father of the Atomic Bomb.” It truly was a masterful job by the actor, who’s never been nominated for Best Actor before. The script was famously written in first person, which speaks to just how central the character was to the self-named movie, and Murphy delivered in every way. You can most visibly see that in how much weight Murphy lost to look like the thin-weighing Oppenheimer.

Historically speaking, the winner of this award is famously tied to the biopic genre, especially recently. Six of the last 10 award winners portrayed a real-life person in the movie they won, including Will Smith for King Richard and Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody.

Again, we predict a strong showing from Oppenheimer — not a sweep, but multiple wins in the huge categories including this one.

Cillian Murphy to win Best Actor at 2024 Oscars

How To Bet On 2024 Oscars?

You can bet on possible 2024 Oscars at one of the betting sites below. Not only will you find odds on the three awards we covered, but other ones too. Heck, there’s even a bet on who will be the last person shown on the annual “in memory” sequence that remembers actors who died the past year. It’s all there for the taking right now!

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