Money-Making Betting Predictions For 2023 Royal Rumble

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Money-Making Betting Predictions For 2023 Royal Rumble

Outside of WrestleMania, the Royal Rumble is the most well-known WWE event. The 2023 iteration — happening January 28 in San Antonio — is also a must-bet opportunity. Read this to get our expert betting predictions on who wins the Royal Rumble, both for the men’s and women’s match.

2022 Men’s Royal Rumble Betting Pick

As you can see in the betting odds below, it’s a two-horse race in the men’s Royal Rumble bet. Here are the current lines across the top entertainment-based betting sites:

Cody Rhodes+150+150
The Rock+350+350
Sami Zayn+900+900
Drew McIntyre+1200+1200
Seth Rollins+1200+1200
Bray Wyatt+1600+1600

Perhaps the best way to bet this wager is to be honest about your own gambling tendencies. You see, most bettors fall on opposite ends of the extreme with few being in-between. On one end, you have the ultimate risk-takers that chase high payouts over everything. On the flip side, you have conservative bettors that want to protect their current money at all costs. These varying risk tolerances line up perfectly with this match.

The high-risk, higher-reward bet is without question, The Rock. His odds are more than double of the betting favorite, Rhodes. That makes sense since, well, the Rock hasn’t wrestled in 10 years. Almost 50 years old now, there’s a strong chance he never will again. Especially since he doesn’t have to get in the ring since his movie and entrepreneurial success keeps him more than busy.

Still, talk of Rock vs. Roman Reigns has been ongoing for years. If you believe longtime wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer, then Rock purposely held off on doing it because he wanted the dream match to take place at this upcoming WrestleMania 39, which takes place in Los Angeles. If that’s accurate, then it really is now or never. On paper, meeting at the 2024 WrestleMania in Philadelphia just doesn’t have the same wow factor as LA.

Then there’s Rhodes, the safer betting choice. Safe because Rhodes is an actual full-time wrestler and in the prime of his career. He is injured at the moment, but all signs point towards Rhodes being ready to return by January — perhaps as a surprise entrant in the Rumble match. Before his injury, Rhodes was the top “babyface” in the company, which makes a match against mega-heel Reigns all the more natural.

We’ll be honest, our own betting instincts lean on the risky side. That’s why we’re choosing The Rock. Not only does the box-office potential of this match make sense for Dwayne Johnson, but also the personal side. As Reigns’ cousin, Rock would be doing Reigns a massive favor by going through with it. The Rock has a selfless reputation and we think he’ll put his busy life on pause to put Reigns over.

The Rock to win the 2023 men's Royal Rumble

2022 Women’s Royal Rumble Betting Pick

The first thing you’ll immediately notice about betting on the women’s Royal Rumble is how wide open it is — especially compared to the men’s match. You could make the case for at least five different wrestlers winning this match and a shot at the women’s championship at WrestleMania 39. Here’s where the odds currently stand:

Becky Lynch+250+250
Rhea Ripley+450+450
Charlotte Flair+650+650
Sasha Banks+1000+1000
Alexa Bliss+1200+1200

Just as Rock-Reigns has long been rumored for Wrestlemania, so has Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey. The storyline has called for this eventual match too. If you remember, Lynch won the women’s title at WrestleMania 35. It was a triple-threat match that also included Rousey (the champ beforehand) and Charlotte. Lynch controversy pinned Rousey to take the title. A singles match between the two never happened, but one has to imagine it’s in the cards.

But despite that, we’re once again going with our risky tendencies and picking someone else to win this match other than the favorite. And that someone is Rhea Ripley. Her star has ascended this year, and a Royal Rumble win would only boost her career more — certainly more than other betting candidates who are established stars already. Seriously, the likes of Charlotte and Sasha Banks don’t need a Rumble moment like Ripley does.

Plus, we have to remember this is Triple H’s first-ever Royal Rumble as the head booker. Giving wins to The Rock and Lynch would be too obvious. If he’s looking for a surprise to “throw off” the fanbase, then Ripley might just be it.

Rhea Ripley to win the 2023 women's Royal Rumble

How To Bet On 2023 WWE Royal Rumble

Many bettors are surprised to learn that betting on WWE is a thing. Welp, it is — despite its scripted nature. However, you can’t just bet on WWE at any sportsbook. No, no, it has to be an offshore betting site, like the ones listed below. Royal Rumble betting is available at each of these, along with other WWE events.

The table underneath has two key pieces of information. The first is unbiased sportsbook reviews. You can read these to compare and contrast the sites against each other. The second are details on current sportsbook bonuses. With these bonuses, you could earn enough free play to bet on the Royal Rumble completely free of cost. See the table below for full details!

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