F1 2021 Austrian Grand Prix Bets To Win

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F1 2021 Austrian Grand Prix Bets To Win

2021 Austrian Grand Prix Betting Picks

The looming Austrian GP will be the ninth race in the Formula 1 season, while the second straight in the same track. This past weekend's Styrian Grand Prix also took place at the Red Bull Ring.

Max Verstappen won the aforementioned competition in Styria, or better yet, we should say he absolutely cruised to victory. He finished 35 seconds ahead of runner-up and rival Lewis Hamilton. It should come to no surprise that the online bookmakers are again backing Verstappen to win. Here are current odds to win the 2021 Austrian GP:

Max Verstappen-165
Lewis Hamilton+200
Sergio Perez+1100
Valtteri Bottas+1100
Lando Norris+4000

The drivers featured above are the front-runners to win, but of course, every competitor in the field has their own betting line. But let's be real, any betting discussion has to begin with Verstappen or Hamilton, which is where we'll begin our picks, too.

f1 australian grand prix odds

Austrian GP Betting Pick — Verstappen

You saw the headline, rather than drag out our betting choice, we're going to tell you exactly why we're taking Verstappen to win over Hamilton or anyone else in the field come the next event.

Verstappen is, dare we say, running away with the Driver's Championship? He's been on an absolute tear since winning at Monaco a month ago. If not for an unfortunate tyre failure at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix — a competition that Verstappen was leading the way at — he'd now have four straight victories to his name. If disaster hadn't struck at Azerbaijan, Verstappen could realistically have a 25-point lead over Hamilton right now

Instead, Verstappen has won three of the last four races and holds an 18-point edge over Hamilton. Admittedly, for an all-timer like Hamilton, that's a makeable deficit. Still, it really does feel like Verstappen is currently in a league of his own.

As has been said all year long by drivers and pundits alike, Verstappen's Red Bull car is the best in the entire circuit. Hamilton has said so on multiple occasions, including right after Styria. He was quoted as saying, "naturally, they are just faster than us." Re-read that last sentence. Does it sound like Hamilton believes he can beat Verstappen this season?

It sure doesn't to us. We're going to be "doubling down" on Verstappen, whether it's this race or any down the line, he's destined to win the world championship in 2021. 

Max Verstappen To win the Austrian Grand Prix

Darkhorse Betting Pick?

We get it, it's not "sexy" to bet alongside the favorite. For those that like "going against the grain", then the only other betting choice we'd be comfortable advising at the Austrian GP would be Verstappen's Red Bull teammate, Sergio Perez

Like we said, the Red Bull Ring plays hosts for a second week in a row. This high-speed track is tailor-made for Verstappen and Perez, as we saw in the Styrian GP. That will remain the case in the follow-up weekend.

While Verstappen smoked his teammate by 47 seconds the first time around, it's not unthinkable for Perez to make up ground in week two. Though, if you are betting Perez, we do advise making it a smaller wager. As we've said all article long, Verstappen is the favorite to win by a mile given recent events.

Sergio Perez To win the Austrian Grand Prix

How To Watch The F1 2021 Austrian Grand Prix

For those that want to follow the action unfold in real-time, we have pertinent viewing details:

  • TV channel: ESPN
  • Streaming: It will not be broadcasted on ESPN+, but it can be streamed from the ESPN app. Though, to do so, you'll need login credentials for a satellite or cable package that carries ESPN already.
  • Start time: 9 am EST
  • Date: Sunday, July 4

Looks like you now have plans bright and early on July 4th! Of course, you know what would make a Formula 1 race even more thrilling? Having money on the line. Whether you're backing Verstappen along with us or another driver, you can lock in your bet at the table below. The listed bookmakers are among the best the Internet has to offer.

f1 australia prix odds

These betting sites are your go-to for Formula 1 betting odds, whether that's futures betting or weekly races, they have you covered. Betting prices offered are very respectable, too, so you won't be getting ripped on value. 

One more thing about these bookmakers: they all offer huge sign-up bonuses to first-time bettors. Current promotional offers are detailed in the table below. See that dollar figure next to the "play now" button? Welp, that's the max bonus currently available at the respective bookie, so we're talking free play worth thousands of dollars

The bonus is unlocked upon creating a new account and topping it off with your own money (which is matched in free play). Two easy steps that take a matter of minutes, and boom, you have free play in your account and ready to wager on F1 or any other sport of your choosing! Click the offers below to get started before the Austrian GP kicks off. 

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