Formula 1 Futures: Lewis Hamilton to Seize 2022 Drivers Championship from Max Verstappen

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Formula 1 Futures: Lewis Hamilton to Seize 2022 Drivers Championship from Max Verstappen

And just like that, it's once again time to resume online Formula 1 betting. The 2022 season begins on Sunday, March 20, with the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix, and will run through Sunday, November 20.

Naturally, then, we're foaming at the mouth to talk about 2022 Formula 1 futures. And even more naturally than that, we're incredibly excited to see whether Lewis Hamilton can seize the Drivers Championship back from Max Verstappen, who took home the honor in 2021 for the first time in his career.

Of course, prior to doing anything, we need to go over the latest 2022 Formula 1 Drivers Championship betting odds:

Championship PickBetOnline
Lewis Hamilton+135
Max Verstappen+250
George Russell+500
Charles Leclerc+650
Carlos Sainz+1200
Lando Norris+1400
Sergio Perez+6600
Esteban Ocon+6600
Daniel Ricciardo+15000
Sebastian Vettel+20000
Pierre Gasly+20000
Lance Stroll+25000
Alex Albon+50000
Valtteri Botta+50000
Yuki Tsunoda+50000
Mick Schumacher+50000
Nicholas Latifi+100000
Guanyu Zhou+100000
Nikita Mazepin+200000

If you are not used to these types of wagers, we explain how to bet on futures hereIn essence, though, you are making a moneyline investment in the entire season. If you correctly choose the 2022 Formula 1 Championship winner, your bet will cash. If anyone other than your specific Formula 1 pick wins, your bet will fold.

Because odds on the 2022 Formula 1 Drivers Championship will move throughout the entire season, you should also make sure you're double-checking all Formula 1 futures for accuracy before settling on any picks. And prior to even doing that, it's a fantastic idea to take a stroll through our reviews of the top online sportsbooks, as they are designed to, among other things, help you spot the best Formula 1 betting sites in 2022.

After Losing in 2021, Should Lewis Hamilton Be Favored to Win It All in 2022?

Pretty much the entire Formula 1 world was shocked when Lewis Hamilton (+135) didn't take home the Drivers Championship in 2021. Not only has he won each of the past four, but he's secured six of the last seven, putting together a stretch of dominance unlike anything else the sport has ever seen.

Oddsmakers clearly envision him recapturing form in 2022. They have billed him as the heavy favorite over reigning champion Max Verstappen (+250) and the rest of the field. And look, it's tough to blame them. 

Hamilton has basically run the tables on Formula 1 for the past decade. Even last year, there are many who think he should've won his fifth straight title. Verstappen just barely beat him in the 2021 season finale to secure his first-ever Drivers Championship.

Perhaps Hamilton, 37, is at a point in his career in which there's nowhere to go but down. We're not ready to say that. His combination of aggression on inside turns and overall handle through traffic is unparalleled. He deserves the favorite status he's getting here.

Lewis Hamilton To win the 2022 Formula 1 Drivers Championship

Can Max Verstappen Repeat as Formula 1 Champion in 2022?

Team Red Bull clearly believes the answer to this question is an overwhelming "Yes." They gave Verstappen a brand new deal over the offseason worth a reported $74 million per year. You don't shell out that kind of cash unless you have a top championship candidate on your hands.

More than a few people would point out Verstappen's 2021 title was dripping in controversy. Big deal. It's not like one questionable end-of-season call was the difference between his finishing first and, like, 15th. Even if Verstappen lost, he still would have finished second in the standings, with more first-place finishes on the season than anyone else not named Lewis Hamilton. 

That doesn't just happen by accident, so we can't assume his reign is necessarily a flash in the pan.

Max Verstappen To win the 2022 Formula 1 Drivers Championship

Are Formula 1 Oddsmakers Sleeping on Sebastian Vettel's Chances in 2022?

Frankly, these Sebastian Vettel betting odds (+20000) are almost insulting. 

Indeed, we get that people are concerned about how he'll handle driving his new Aston Martin. And sure, he tumbled to 12th in the standings last year while failing to pick up top-10 placement in roughly half of the races. But we're also talking about someone who, at only age 34, has already won four Drivers Championships.

Maybe you're of the mind his prime is gone. That's not unreasonable. He won all four of his titles in succession, the last of which came during the 2013 season. He has not lived up to that billing since. But he has been a steadying presence on the leaderboards. Last year's letdown was the anomaly, not the rule. At +20000, he offers great value.

Sebastian Vettel To win the 2022 Formula 1 Drivers Championship

Predicting the Winner of the 2022 Formula 1 Drivers Championship

In all honesty, who else are we supposed to pick? 

Lewis Hamilton is still last year's champion in many peoples' minds. Beyond that, he has turned first-place finishes into a recurring standard. No other driver is as dominant at so many of the technical aspects of Formula 1 racing, right down to his knack for avoiding costly penalties.

Now, imagine that exact version of Hamilton with a chip on his shoulder, because he didn't win a Drivers Championship he believes should have been his last year. Yeah...that's scary. We're not betting against him.

OSB Prediction: Lewis Hamilton (+135)

Lewis Hamilton To win the 2022 Formula 1 Drivers Championship

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