2022 World Series Futures: Best MLB Title Bets Include Padres, Yankees, White Sox, Phillies

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2022 World Series Futures: Best MLB Title Bets Include Padres, Yankees, White Sox, Phillies

With 2022 MLB Opening Day right around the corner, there is no better time to pounce on some betting odds for the World Series

Sure, there can be a greater risk making championship picks so early into the regular season. But the potential payoff is also worth it. You will never get better World Series betting odds than you do before the regular season ever starts. Plus, with us here to hand deliver our best 2022 MLB title bets, you won't have any issue investing in some 2022 World Series futures.

Let's kick this off by checking out the latest 2022 MLB World Series betting odds:

Los Angeles Dodgers+480
Toronto Blue Jays+850
Chicago White Sox+950
Houston Astros+1000
Atlanta Braves+1200
Milwaukee Brewers+1200
New York Yankees+1300
New York Mets+1500
San Diego Padres+1600
Tampa Bay Rays+1600
Los Angeles Angels+2500
San Francisco Giants+2500
Boston Red Sox+2500
Philadelphia Phillies+2500
St. Louis Cardinals+3000
Seattle Mariners+3000
Minnesota Twins+4500
Detroit Tigers+5500
Miami Marlins+8000
Cleveland Guardians+9000
Texas Rangers+9500
Kansas City Royals+10000
Cincinnati Reds+13000
Chicago Cubs+13000
Washington Nationals+15000
Colorado Rockies+20000
Oakland Athletics+25000
Arizona Diamondbacks+25000
Pittsburgh Pirates+50000
Baltimore Orioles+50000

Always make sure you're rechecking these baseball betting lines prior to making any 2022 World Series picks. All of our betting odds for MLB are accurate entering Wednesday, April 6. These 2022 World Series betting lines will continue to change throughout the season as oddsmakers gain more information on every team and the competitive landscape goes through its annual alterations.

Before you go making your 2022 World Series picks, you should consider heading over to our reviews of the top onlines sportsbooks. These evaluations are teeming with details that can help you identify the best MLB betting sites in 2022.

Should the Dodgers be Favorites to Win the 2022 World Series?

Surprise, surprise. The big-market Dodgers are laying the best World Series odds. Who could have seen this coming, aside from literally everyone?

We've talked a lot in the past about how glamour market franchises receive bumps from oddsmakers because of how many people will invest in them no matter what. That is no doubt at play here...to some extent.

Overall, though, the Dodgers once more profile as authentic World Series contenders, if not outright favorites. They added Freddie Freeman and Craig Kimbrel to what was already a somewhat loaded team, and there's no telling how good their pitching staff will fare if they get better health from ace Clayton Kershaw.

Los Angeles Dodgers To win the 2022 World Series

Are the Yankees Undervalued World Series Bets?

Loads of people think the Yankees are overrated entering 2022. They had an uninspiring offseason and continue to face many questions about their pitching.

And yet, we're inclined to actually think they're undervalued. Oddsmakers don't seem to have caked in the fact they're almost certain to get more appearances from Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Luis Servino this season. That alone is good enough for a major wins bump.

New York Yankees To win the 2022 World Series

Don't be Afraid to Invest in the Padres

We don't blame you if the Padres scared you off during the 2021 season. They verged on abysmal after injuries took hold of their roster, and after many pegged them as genuine World Series threats.

Chin up, though. We believe the Padres will be those World Series threats this season.

With better health from Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado, as well as some key additions to the middle of the batting order and some steadier arms in the bullpen and starting rotations, we view San Diego as a 90-something win team. You'd be wise to jump on them at 16-to-1, as they stand to inch closer towards 10-to-1 over the next month or so.

San Diego Padres To win the 2022 World Series

Better 2022 World Series Bet: Phillies or White Sox?

The Chicago White Sox feel like a forgotten team. Perhaps they deserve that treatment after failing to re-sign star pitcher Carlos Rodon. Last year's stellar rotation is now up against a potentially massive void.

On the flip side, the White Sox still have the makings of a powerhouse offense. If one of their younger pitchers pans out, they could once more hover around the periphery of the World Series discussion.

That's not enough for us to trust them. We are more drawn to the Philadelphia Phillies. They are a frigging steal at 25-to-1. Philly's front office added truckloads of power to the lineup on either side of Bryce Harper, and they have one of the most underrated starting rotations in the game

If this team figures out how to blow fewer leads after turning to their bullpen, we could have a sleeping giant on our hands.

Philadelphia Phillies To win the 2022 World Series

Can the Braves Repeat as World Series Champs?

The reflexive answer here is a resounding "no." How could the Atlanta Braves repeat as World Series champions after letting Freddie Freeman, who was arguably their best player last season, leave for the Dodgers?

While this is a fair critique, it is also an oversimplification. They are still athletic and deep on the offensive side, and what their pitching staff lacks in established aces, it makes up for with relative steadiness. Mark our words, the Braves are going to win a ton of games.

So many, in fact, it'll be a minor shock if they hold at 12-to-1 for long.

Atlanta Braves To win the 2022 World Series

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