2022 World Series Futures: Mets, Padres, Dodgers, Yankees, Astros Headline MLB's Best Bets

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2022 World Series Futures: Mets, Padres, Dodgers, Yankees, Astros Headline MLB's Best Bets

Major League Baseball may still, as of now, be embroiled in a lockout over collective bargaining negotiations, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be betting on MLB ahead of the 2022 season. If anything, with a large chunk of games already slated to be lost, this only increases the urgency with which you should bet on MLB 2022 futures. Those aren't going anywhere.

At present, it's betting odds on the 2022 World Series that pique our attention most. There's a lot to parse here in the aftermath of a very busy offseason. But if the 2022 World Series odds are accurate indicators, the Mets, Padres, Astros, Yankees, and Dodgers are entrenched as MLB's best bets.

Do we agree? That's the question we're here to answer—over and over again. And we'll finish up with our official, way-too-early, but still-totally-necessary 2022 World Series prediction. First, of course, we have to preview the latest 2022 World Series betting odds:

Los Angeles Dodgers+480
Toronto Blue Jays+850
Chicago White Sox+950
Houston Astros+1000
Atlanta Braves+1200
Milwaukee Brewers+1200
New York Yankees+1300
New York Mets+1500
San Diego Padres+1600
Tampa Bay Rays+1600
Los Angeles Angels+2500
San Francisco Giants+2500
Boston Red Sox+2500
Philadelphia Phillies+2500
St. Louis Cardinals+3000
Seattle Mariners+3000
Minnesota Twins+4500
Detroit Tigers+5500
Miami Marlins+8000
Cleveland Guardians+9000
Texas Rangers+9500
Kansas City Royals+10000
Cincinnati Reds+13000
Chicago Cubs+13000
Washington Nationals+15000
Colorado Rockies+20000
Oakland Athletics+25000
Arizona Diamondbacks+25000
Pittsburgh Pirates+50000
Baltimore Orioles+50000

Please note these MLB odds on the World Series are accurate entering Monday, March 7. Make sure you're monitoring them prior to settling on any 2022 World Series picks, as all of these MLB betting odds will ebb and flow over the course of the regular season—whenever it actually starts.

And since you have more time to kill now that 2022 MLB Opening Day has been delayed, you might as well check out our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. All of the information we've provided can help you find the best MLB betting sites in 2022.

Should Dodgers Be 2022 World Series Favorites?

It's that time of year again, when we must warn you about big-market bumps. The Dodgers are hugely popular MLB bets because they play in Los Angeles and are one of the most rooted for teams across the United States. They're basically the Lakers (NBA) and Cowboys (NFL) of MLB.

Granted, the Dodgers are going to be good. But we can't help wondering whether their title window is closing, if not already closed. Max Scherzer and Corey Seager are on their way out, and ace pitcher Clayton Kershaw is getting up there in age.

Are the Dodgers a threat? Without question. But these MLB-leading World Series odds feel like a little bit of a stretch.

Los Angeles Dodgers To win the 2022 World Series

Do Braves Have a Chance to Repeat as World Series Champs?

Go check out any 2022 MLB power rankings. Chance is the reigning champion Braves (+950) will be seated at the top.

With a top-notch pitching staff accompanied by the return of injured star Ronald Acuna Jr., Atlanta is well-positioned to make a ton of noise again. This is predicated on their re-signing Freddie Freeman, who batted .300 with 31 homers and 83 runs batted in last season, but that's hardly a lofty assumption.

Atlanta Braves To win the 2022 World Series

Better 2022 World Series Bet: Yankees or Astros?

For so long, the Astros (+1100) have dominated the American League World Series discourse. That might not change this year.

Counterpoint: It also could.

Houston has no idea what's going to happen with star shortstop Carlos Correa, and their offense started to show cracks in the middle of the batting order last season. We prefer the Yankees (+1200) for our money. They weren't great last season, but they're built to be the best long-ball hitters in baseball next year, with a pitching staff that should be much improved through internal growth and free agency signings.

New York Yankees To win the 2022 World Series

Are the Mets Real 2022 World Series Threats?

Has any team enjoyed a larger year-over-year change to their odds on the World Series than the Mets (+800)? We're not quite sure. 

And it doesn't matter. Because the Mets are going to just be flat-out good. Actually, strike that. They're going to be dominant.

Every aspect of their team, from the starting pitchers to the bullpen to the defensive fielding to the batting order, is chock full of star power. They have been aggressive in adding talent (see: poaching Max Scherzer from the Dodgers), and they have an offensive powerhouse unto himself in Pete Alonso.

New York Mets To win the 2022 World Series

2022 World Series Prediction

Brace yourselves, because we're about to double-down on the Padres (+1400).

San Diego was the dark horse to win it all for so many last years—including yours truly. Things looked good through the first half of the season when they were 49-33. Then they went 20 games under .500 the rest of the way, completely imploding and turning into MLB's biggest disappointment.

We can't just throw this collapse out the window. At the same time, the Padres are healthier entering this season and still have Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr.—two of the top-seven players in baseball. 

If you buy into pitchers like Yu Darvish and Blake Snell having bounce-back years, as we do, then it's easy to see the value in making San Diego your 2022 World Series winner pick.

San Diego Padres To win the 2022 World Series

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