MLB Futures: Predicting Every 2022 National League Division Winner

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MLB Futures: Predicting Every 2022 National League Division Winner

Investing in betting odds on MLB futures at the beginning of each season can be an extremely profitable gambling strategy—provided you know which wagers to place. Fortunately for you, in our never ending quest to spot the best MLB futures, we've got predictions for every National League Division Winner in 2022.

Let's begin by having a look at the MLB odds to win the National League East:

Division WinnerBovada
New York Mets-175
Atlanta Braves+170
Philadelphia Phillies+1700
Miami Marlins+15000
Washington Nationals+250000

As with all online betting odds for MLB's National League, you'll want to double-check these lines before committing to any baseball futures. Our MLB betting odds are accurate entering Thursday, April 14 and will continue to shift as we get deeper into the season and linemakers adjust for on-field results.

Of course, this also gives you plenty of time to browse our extensive collection of online sportsbook reviews. All of the information we provide should ensure you have no issue identifying the best MLB betting sites for 2022.

Since we've already gone over the NL East betting odds, our 2022 MLB predictions will begin there. After that, we'll dig into NL West betting odds and NL Central betting odds.

Should the Braves be Favored to Win the NL East in 2022? 

Entering the seasons, oddsmakers hedged their lines on the reigning World Series champion Atlanta Braves (+125) because they lost Freddie Freeman over the offseason. Oh, how quickly things have changed.

Not only is Freeman off to a slow start with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but the Braves are off to a scorching-hot start. Their offense hasn't missed a beat, and Matt Olson, specifically, has entered the onset MVP discussion. What once looked like a team that might've gotten lucky en route to a World Series victory now appears to have real, terrifying staying power.

Still, the Dodgers are not the only viable option to win the NL East. The New York Mets (+200) aren't going anywhere. There are some concerns about how healthy their starting pitchers can remain throughout the season, but they've assembled enough depth in the bullpen to get through problematic outings. 

Truth be told, we wouldn't even fault you for picking the Philadelphia Phillies (+340), who are a bargain at their price when you consider their offensive firepower. In the end, however, we like the 2-to-1 odds on the Mets, who seem undervalued in this discussion despite their injury concerns. 

OSB Prediction: New York Mets (+200) 

New York Mets To win the NL East Division

Are the Brewers Set to Run Away with the 2022 NL Central Division Title?

Here are the latest betting odds on who will win the NL Central Division in 2022:

Division WinnerBetOnline
Milwaukee Brewers-165
St. Louis Cardinals+130
Chicago Cubs+25000
Cincinnati Reds+25000
Pittsburgh Pirates+40000

Don't panic over the Milwaukee Brewers (-170) struggling to cobble together strong pitching outings in the early going. They may have the second-highest ERA in baseball at this writing, but they're going to stabilize in due time.

More than that, they're basically the only reasonable pick to win the NL Central Division. Just consider the other options. The St. Louis Cardinals (+240)Chicago Cubs (+1100)Cincinnati Reds (+1600) and Pittsburgh Pirates (+1600) are all toeing the line of rebuilding or completely non-competitive. It's going to take a minor miracle for any of them to be within five losses of the Brewers entering the All-Star break.

Sure, Milwaukee could suffer a couple of injuries that compromise their standing in the NL Central. But that can't be the expectation. They are by far and away the only choice.

OSB Prediction: Milwaukee Brewers (-170)

Milwaukee Brewers To win the NL Central Division

Can Anyone Catch Dodgers in the NL West Division?

Here are the latest betting odds on who will win the NL West Division in 2022:

Division WinnerBovada
Los Angeles Dodgers-230
San Diego Padres+250
San Francisco Giants+1000
Arizona Diamondbacks+80000
Colorado Rockies+100000

We flirted with picking someone other than the Los Angeles Dodgers (-250) to win the NL West. The San Diego Padres (+380) caught our attention because of their absurd batting order. Ultimately, though, selecting anyone other than L.A. felt futile. 

Just look at the Dodgers' lineup. Seriously, look at it. They're loaded with power hitters as well as guys who get on base. And don't even get us started on the pitching staff, which runs 15-plus guys deep between the bullpen and starting rotation.

If we're being honest, as good as the Padres should be this year at full health, there's probably only one or two teams in all of major league baseball that can come close to sniffing the Dodgers. And none of them are in the NL West.

OSB Prediction: Los Angeles Dogers (-250)

Los Angeles Dodgers To win the NL West Division

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