Early MotoGP Season Picks Bet On Bagnaia And More For 2023

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Early MotoGP Season Picks Bet On Bagnaia And More For 2023

It feels like forever, MotoGP fans. This week we look at some of the opening numbers for the 2023 season. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting's early MotoGP Season Picks for the upcoming campaign.

  • WHAT: 2023 Early MotoGP Season Picks
  • WHEN: March 26th, 2023 - November 26th, 2023
  • WHERE: From Europe to Asia and beyond

Early MotoGP Season Picks - Some Opening Numbers

The MotoGP Grand Prix season starts at the end of March in Portugal. Meanwhile, let us dive into MotoGP betting early season picks this time while we can.

This crazy little thing called racing on motor biles has us hooked. We are quite fascinated with how 2023 could start, especially after the year 2022 has ended. What was looking like a Fabio Quartararo runaway took an undeniable twist in the Netherlands and ended in a Francisco Bagnaia triumph. Now, here are the newest 2023 MotoGP overall numbers for some of the top riders heading into this season.

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Another rule of thumb when betting on MotoGP futures? Watch to see how some of the trends go. Finally, do not forget to check out the layout of the race schedule. Previous track knowledge and research are always useful along with taking some time off to rest. A bettor's mind is his most important asset. Never underestimate that. Ever.

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Early MotoGP Season Picks - When It Comes For 2023?

There is a reason why racing can be so chaotic. Who are we kidding? Sometimes, everything hits critical mass. Despite qualifying going well, races can unleash a flurry of mechanicals, accidents, and worse. Now, the early MotoGP season picks to try to pick up the pieces from what happened in 2022. Could that have any impact at all when it comes to the 2023 campaign? On the surface, it might.

So, our recommendation says to wait a little closer to the start of the season. These early numbers represent a framework of who could be the favorites, err, and contenders for the 2023 MotoGP crown. Again, look to form and late testing from last season. It dictates somewhat may occur at the start of 2023 and beyond. Will Ducati carry its second-half dominance into the first half of 2023? Can Yamaha find a way to bounce back? Do we see the return of Marc Marquez and Honda to prominence?

Naturally, there come a bevy of questions even with 2 1/2 months to go until the first race in Portugal. A full 21-race schedule greets us in 2023. It's time to peek at a few contenders.

Francesco Bagnaia - The Hunted In Early MotoGP Season Picks

Francesco Bagnaia stands at around +175 or so, picked as "The Favorite" for the early MotoGP season picks. Why? Bagnaia nailed the second half and easily held off Fabio Quartararo to win the 2022 World Championship by 17 points. It doesn't remain easy to fathom that the Italian was more than 100 points out of first in the standings midway through last year.

That is no misprint. Arguably, the summer portion of the season changed during the extended break. It was where the Ducati showed more and more lap speed. As long as Bagnaia stayed on the track, he was the fastest on the track. Most of his seven wins came during this run, and then Bagnaia managed to stay on the track racking up points. This was all while Quartararo could not keep up.

By the last race, the Italians kept things smart and stayed ahead. He knew the strategy and showed restraint. That was in far contrast from the start of the season, where that well-publicized blowup occurred. A lot has changed in a year for "Pecco". Now, he is hunted and not the hunter. It expects to be fun during this early portion of the schedule how Bagnaia handles things this time around. The 25-year-old is a different racer now. Stay tuned.

Francesco Bagnaia To win the 2023 MotoGP World Championship

The Frenchman Looks To Rebound But...

This will be an interesting season. Early MotoGP season picks zeroes in on Fabio Quartararo and his season chances as the Frenchman looks to rebound after losing the 2022 World Championship in such a brutal manner. Can he put what happened last season behind him and concentrate on trying to start fresh in 2023?

From there, the questions keep mounting. Can Yamaha be trusted here? There are ramifications when a rider watches his team squander that kind of lead during the season. No matter how positive Quartararo is now, how rosy will his demeanor be after a few early poor results? That may happen, which concerns us.

Fabio Quartararo To win the 2023 MotoGP World Championship

What About Marc Marquez or Jack Miller?

One of the more pleasant surprises was the performance of Jack Miller despite some unluckiness. That fifth by Miller may have been the performance that shocked the most pundits. Miller enjoyed the form of someone who could have easily finished third or better in the standings. Though the Australian rider won only once in 2022, he did wind up with seven podiums. That could be the harbinger of an even better 2023. However, what about Marc Marquez?

Now, the tough thing with Marquez is guessing how the good testing results from the end of 2022 work into 2023. Is the racer truly healthy? If he is, the Honda rider can be surprised. However, is he even on the level of a Jack Miller? Honestly, that answer is no. Jack Miller has better equipment and solid form, with good testing numbers heading into 2023.

Jack Miller To win the 2023 MotoGP Title

Our MotoGP Early Season Pick

For Online Sports Betting, our MotoGP Early Season Pick for the title is Francesco Bagnaia. Good luck, all!

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