Francesco Bagnaia Holds Off Quartararo In Spain MotoGP GP

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Francesco Bagnaia Holds Off Quartararo In Spain MotoGP GP

We are a couple of days from the fourth race of the 2023 season, MotoGP fans. This week we preview some numbers for the GP Spain. OnlineSportsBetting's MotoGP Spain GP Picks get ready to roll out.

  • WHAT: 2023 MotoGP Spain GP
  • WHEN: April 30th, 2023 - 9:00 am ET - streamed on Peacock
  • WHERE: From Circuito de Jerez - Jerez, Spain

2023 MotoGP Spain GP Picks - Some Numbers And History

The MotoGP Grand Prix weekend starts in Spain on Friday and ends with the 25-lap feature on Sunday. Meanwhile, a few new numbers and some injury news breaks into the office. Let's rev up those MotoGP online betting Spain GP Picks right now. Even over the past couple of weeks, significant news has occurred.

The speeds attained by these MotoGP bikes become more amplified on a course like the Circuito de Jerez. We love the qualifying, practice, and sprint in Spain for that speed and intensity. It shows us which riders and teams should be on the radar. Can some teams surprise us heading into the race? Now, here are the latest 2023 MotoGP Spain GP numbers for the Sunday morning race.

MotoGP Spain NumbersBovadaBetOnlineMyBookie
Francesco Bagnaia-110EVEN-125
Fabio Quartararo+500+400+450
Maverick Vinales+1000+850+800
Marco Bezzecchi+1100+900+850
Luca Marini+1100+900+900
Jorge Martin+1100+1000+1100
Enea Bastianini+1600+1400+1500
Aleix Espargaro+2000+2000+2000

Online betting sites like Bovada delivered some earlier than usual odds followed by BetOnline and BetUS. The return of Enea Bastianini is great news for a rider like Francesco Bagnaia. Meanwhile, Marc Marquez will still not race in Spain. He is getting closer to a return but is not there yet. This is why it remains vital to watch MotoGP futures. Early on, the futures and races are nearer to each other when it comes to the data.

Finally, there are several great reviews of the top online sportsbooks. These will give you more optimal MotoGP betting sites as the season rolls along plus some quirky value wagers.

2023 MotoGP Spain GP Picks - Some Help For Ducati?

Now, the 2023 MotoGP Spain GP Picks attempt to determine some common impacts from the Bastianini return to what we saw last year too. What changed from mid-April? The problem is the Yamaha from Fabio Quartararo is gaining speed but not where we expect it in relation to the Ducati's. So, the French rider needs to rely more on his instincts and exits on turns. That is what has hurt him this 2023 season.

Again, this 2.75-mile (4.43 km.) Jerez course is lightning quick with some extreme turns. Consider that last year's race was decided on the last lap by a mere 0.285 seconds. Bagnaia and Quartararo were, by far, the fastest bikes on a course. They were gaining more than a second a lap on the field. Total speed favored Bagnaia and in tests leaned more on the Italian when compared to the Frenchman.

Like we mentioned above, some help from Ducati comes from the return of Enea Bastianini. Could the Italian win after returning? His +1600 suggests some intrigue in the betting community. At the least, he entertains a passing fancy as he might aid Bagnaia even more on Sunday.

So, what might happen next this 2023 MotoGP season? Race number four is on the horizon and time is wasting quickly. After all, the sprint and race are expected to feature sunny and warm conditions with temperatures in the 80-85 degree range. Do watch for the breezes from the Northeast side of the track. Wind speeds may gust anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour at times.

Francesco Bagnaia Knows What It Takes To Win In Spain

Francesco Bagnaia knows what it takes to win in Spain. He opens around -125 to EVEN for the 2023 MotoGP Spain GP Picks. In the last month, it seems we have seen it all from the Italian. Bagnaia opened full of glory in Portugal with a sweep of the sprint and race. Then, misfortune befell Bagnaia in Argentina. At Texas, the No. 1 bike never truly factored in the race. Fortunately, Jerez represents a familiar beast.

April keeps teaching the Italian that he must do more than just stay on course. Texas showed that he could not just rev things up and now he knows this repeat defense will be a fight. Marco Bezzecchi and others will not go meekly and the young guard cannot forget Fabio Quartararo or even Enea Bastianini. Bastianini figures to push Bagnaia on Sunday. For better or for worse, the teammates are better off together.

Bagnaia knows the nuances of this track as well as the two racers mentioned above. So, qualifying becomes extra crucial this weekend along with the sprint. Dry and almost dusty conditions could exist at times. With the Ducati faster out of straightaways and turns, Bagnaia is again worth a tiny bet on Sunday to win the race.

Francesco Bagnaia To win the 2023 MotoGP Spain GP

The Fabio Quartararo Or Enea Bastianini Question?

2023 MotoGP Spain GP Picks ask could Fabio Quartararo or Enea Bastianini win on Sunday? The concern with Quartararo is qualifying while Bastianini looks great in simulations. That led to the Italian getting cleared with full marks. Based on previous results, the Frenchman is much shorter in the odds than maybe he should be. At the least, Quartararo believes he can win.

From early data, Yamaha does not have the leg up it did last year. Ducati does not have a dominance over the other bikes, but does possess a slight advantage. This is why leaning a hair towards Bastianini is not completely crazy. Plus, with those kinds of numbers, his claim of "just trying to get back in race shape" may be a smokescreen.

Taking a risk here means looking at Bastianini for Sunday during the race. Do not be surprised if he uses the sprint to round into form.

Enea Bastianini To win the MotoGP in Spain

What About Marco Bezzecchi?

The question gets asked what about Marco Bezzecchi? Again, that +1100 number is intriguing. He has been the most consistent on the bike.

Marco Bezzecchi To win the 2023 MotoGP Spain

Yes, We Like The Italians

The Italians figure to reign in Spain as we like them on Sunday. 

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