Francesco Bagnaia Still The One For 2024 MotoGP Glory

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Francesco Bagnaia Still The One For 2024 MotoGP Glory

We are a mere two races into the 2024 season, MotoGP fans. This week we examine some more updated numbers for the new season. OnlineSportsBetting's 2024 MotoGP Season Bets come at you with some numbers and much more.

  • WHAT: 2024 MotoGP Season Outlook
  • WHEN: Now - November 17th, 2024
  • WHERE: From Austin, Texas to Valencia, Spain

2024 MotoGP Season Bets - New Numbers

The MotoGP Grand Prix started last month at Qatar. Now, this weekend was supposed to see a race from Argentina. Sadly, the race had been canceled due to civil and political unrest. MotoGP online betting season bets saw enough changes to warrant an update. Also, it was a good time to examine some longer shots and more.

Speeds attained by these MotoGP bikes are amazing and the drivers get more and more talented every year. We love the shakedowns and the various testing exercises. It tells us which riders may be on the cusp of some incredible performances. Also, some teams have surprised with solid performance in the early going. Alright, here are the latest 2024 MotoGP overall numbers for the perceived contenders heading into this season.

2024 MotoGP April UpdateBovadaBetOnlineBetUS
Jorge Martin+140+150+125
Francesco Bagnaia+175+150+200
Marc Marquez+450+475+500
Enea Bastianini+600+800+700
Pedro Acosta+1100+1100+1000
Brad Binder+1200+1400+1200
Maverick Vinales+3300+3500+4000
Aleix Espargaro+6600+6000+6500
Fabio Quatararo+8000+9000+8500

Online betting sites such as BetOnline offered some interesting numbers and the idea that Jorge Martin and Francesco Bagnaia are co-favorites currently. The two-time World Champion (Bagnaia) is a bit behind after two races but this has been a familiar position for him early in the season. This is why it remains vital to watch when betting on MotoGP futures. Trends change all the time and all it takes is an injury or a major problem with team dynamics and testing to alter numbers.

Finally, do take a second look at those reviews of the top online sportsbooks. They help provide some MotoGP betting sites as the season will get going once again on April 14th from Austin, Texas.

2024 MotoGP Season Bets - What Changed From Early March?

Maybe, the season opener was more intriguing than expected. Now, the 2024 MotoGP Season Bets attempt to figure out, after two events, what changed from early March? The problem is these opening races often feature a mixed bag of results that do not always get us closer to a season winner. All it does is create more intrigue. Honestly, that keeps the fun level way up!

Our ideas to wager come from the following. Two races did provide some interesting data and maybe a few lessons for Francesco Bagnaia. The current standings after Race 2 of 21 are as follows:

  1. Jorge Martin - 60 points
  2. Brad Binder - 42 points
  3. Enea Bastianini - 39 points
  4. Francesco Bagnaia - 37 points
  5. Pedro Acosta - 28 points

While Marc Marquez has shown flashes, that has not translated to a podium spot yet. However, the Spaniard now riding a Ducati is sixth with 27 points. The Sprints have again helped Jorge Martin pad his lead as he has been pretty dominant in the shorter discipline. If the season was based on sprints alone, Martin would win and the proceedings would not be close. Thankfully, the main events are 25 laps.

So, a full 22 race schedule is not in the cards for 2024. However, there will be 21 races this season and 19 left to go. It will be interesting to see if anyone can take on the Ducati bikes and come out on top.

Francesco Bagnaia - 2024 MotoGP Season Bets Mixed Bag?

Francesco Bagnaia has extended numbers ranging from +175 to +200 for the 2024 MotoGP Season Bets. In the last month, it seems things have gone longer which is kind of a mixed bag. The Ducati duo of Bagnaia and Bastianini have combined for 76 points already. If not for a few mistakes, Bagnaia might be leading the standings at this moment. As it is, we know that his Ducati bike is even better than 2022 and 2023.

Arguably, the Italian was taught a harsh lesson with the race in Portugal. Speed and accelerations have been with the Italian factory bikes. It will be interesting what this means for Texas and beyond. Few would be surprised to see Bagnaia win 5+ times once again in 2024

By the end of 2023, pundits knew there was a slight chance that Bagnaia could win a third straight title. Now, the differences in performance are closing, but the Italian has shown he can overcome that. The +200 number from BetUS carries much value.

Francesco Bagnaia To win the 2024 MotoGP Championship

Jorge Martin, Can He Keep It Up?

2024 MotoGP season bets asks could Jorge Martin keep it up? Marc Marquez and Pedro Acosta have been very good in the early going. However, Martin is the only racer with podium results in both main events. Has he put last year's mistakes to bed in an emphatic way? So far, that answer is yes.

From early numbers, Martin appears to have his Ducati bike on the fast track to success. Point leads in the infant stages of a season seem to mean little. Even late last year, Martin snatched the lead from Bagnaia only to lose things at the tail end of the campaign. Can Martin hold up? Can he avoid the problems like late drops in speed and mechanical issues that plagued his November?

It does feel like the numbers are shortening to what feels like another Martin-Bagnaia battle. The Spaniard resides as the current, slight favorite

Jorge Martin To win the 2024 MotoGP Title

What About The Sensation?

Okay, what about the sensation? Again, Pedro Acosta has not looked out of place and comes off a podium result (third) at Portugal.

The young Spaniard has not looked out of place and seems to do things on a bike that a young Marc Marquez could. It may be a bit early to anoint him at that level but the early returns are impressive.

Pedro Acosta To win the 2024 MotoGP Title

Some Debate Exists With 2024 MotoGP

Some debate exists with 2024 MotoGP. Francesco Bagnaia remains our choice. Again, there are some nice long shots out there like Maverick Vinales and Aleix Espargaro. However, the top six likely at the only real racers with a shot.

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