Francesco Bagnaia To Edge The Spaniards In Australia

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Francesco Bagnaia To Edge The Spaniards In Australia

We head into the home stretch of the 2023 season, MotoGP fans. This week we look at some new numbers for the race in Australia. OnlineSportsBetting's 2023 MotoGP Australian Bets are coming in hot.

  • WHAT: 2023 MotoGP Australian Grand Prix
  • WHEN: Saturday, October 21st, 2023 at 11:00 pm ET
  • WHERE: From Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia - Phillip Island GP Circuit

2023 MotoGP Australian Bets - Getting Closer To The End

The MotoGP Grand Prix in Australia means there are only five races left in the 2023 season. As always, the numbers reflect some potential further change. Now, the expectation is for quite a wild ride. Let's charge into MotoGP online betting MotoGP bets on the double. A significant thing occurred in the last race that leads to this one.

The speeds attained by these MotoGP bikes gets us cranked for the new season. We enjoy the shakedowns and the various testing exercises. It shows us which riders and teams may be on our radar. Can some teams surprise us enough to change our picks? Now, here are the latest 2023 MotoGP Australian Bets and numbers for the race from down under.

MotoGP Australia NumbersBovadaBetOnlineMyBookie
Francesco Bagnaia+150+175+150
Jorge Martin+200+225+175
Marco Bezzecchi+400+450+400
Brad Binder+600+625+650
Marc Marquez+1200+1600+1400
Alex Rins+1600+1600+1000
Maverick Vinales+2000+2000+2200
Aleix Espargaro+2200+2500+2800

Online betting sites like BetOnline took on some intriguing numbers for this week. They reflect a bit on how Spaniards have won five of the past six races here. Also, 2020 and 2021 did not have an event due to COVID-19.

When making bets on MotoGP events, it is essential to keep in mind the latest changes including the weather. Weather becomes a great equalizer on a course like Phillip Island. The 4.445 kilometer course has 12 turns in all and can be a nasty track with some technical spots.

Yes. do not forget to examine our reviews of the best online sportsbooks. They will give you solid MotoGP betting sites as the final races unveil a potential repeat or new world champion.

2023 MotoGP Australian Bets - Entering A Crossroads

So, idle time can be very dangerous. Now, the 2023 MotoGP Australian Bets attempt to figure out which teams and riders are positioned well heading to Phillip Circuit. Are we entering a crossroads of sorts? The problem is just when Jorge Martin thought his charge would continue, he hit the ground. Francesco Bagnaia took advantage of the opportunity to win in Indonesia and take a fragile lead of 18 points. Marco Bezzecchi is now 63 points back and probably out of reach.

Our rationale to wager here comes from looking at weather forecasts, historical data from 2022, 2019, and 2018, plus current form. Unfortunately, the two year break distorts some of the data as well. Keep this in mind as the early odds may not have as much correlation as one may expect.

Even Marc Marquez could be on better footing for this race. Last year, Marquez was a considerable threat as three of the top four qualifying spots featured riders from Spain. Spanish riders take some crazy risks on this track. The race featured much the same as Alex Rins and Marc Marquez battled for victory. Ultimately, Rins surprised everyone and came out on top. Francesco Bagnaia managed to stay upright and finish third. He gained ground of Fabio Quartararo on the way to his first World Championship.

Now, we are 3/4 of the way through the 2023 season, the final quarter awaits.

Francesco Bagnaia - 2023 MotoGP Australian Bets Favorite?

Francesco Bagnaia opened the early numbers at +150 to +175 for the 2023 MotoGP Australian Bets. In the last month, the points race drew closer which might be good news. The Ducati rider came in at almost +200 to win last week at Indonesia. Plus-money for a defending champion is a nice departure from say Formula 1. Hey, Max Verstappen comes in at -350 or shorter every week now. What fun is that?

Arguably, the Italian keeps feeling the pressure but so far he has not completely cracked. He carried speed well last year around Phillip Island but lost some acceleration early. He had to fight back to get to third. Jorge Martin snagged the pole for the race but finished almost a full second back. It was one of the closest races of the 2022 season. Could it happen again and will Bagnaia stay disciplined? Those are excellent questions.

One of the biggest differences between 2022 and 2023 is the fact that the Italian is the favorite. Anyone who is anyone knows how hard it is to repeat. Four previous riders tried and all failed. Fabio Quartararo has had a miserable season with Yamaga after last year's squandering of nearly a 100-point lead. Bagnaia is one of our top choices to find a way in Australia.

Francesco Bagnaia To win the 2023 Australian Grand Prix

The Spanish Armada Comes To Australia

2023 MotoGP Australian bets wonder about the Spanish Armada as they head to Australia. Can Jorge Martin bounce back after what happened in Indonesia? He likely had the world championship lead on his bike and then it slid away. Martin also had the pole in Australia but finished off the podium. However, two of his countrymen swept the top two spots. It is a bit more than just speed as positioning is important.

From early tests, Ducati ruled the roost but again Phillip Island can even things quickly. Seven racers were within a second of victory in 2022. That can happen again and it is where the Spanish riders have some advantage. Marc Marquez said it as such as their ability to lean into turns cannot be underestimated. So, did a rider like Martin learn his lesson. He is in the +175 to +225 range when it comes to the odds.

Naturally, there are so many choices but Martin seemed primed for the task after his mistake.

Jorge Martin To win the 2023 MotoGP Australian Grand Prix

Any Other Choices?

Alright, are there any other choices? Yes, Alex Rins won last year and might have a shot again.

Alex Rins To win the 2023 MotoGP Title

Our Top Pick

There lies no change in our MotoGP bets as Francesco Bagnaia remains our top pick. 

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